Aeon Genesis: The Lord of Servants

by NaoKat6848

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Grimdark Harem Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Mythos Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The First Paradox Project titled Aeon Genesis that focuses mainly on Vixon's Story.

"Be a king and rule or be a servant and be ruled?"

Vixon Wildrow, a commoner and a low-born who desires to become a king and create a kingdom where commoners and low-born can live in peace and prosperity. Vixon has to live where nobles oppressed those who were born outside the walls, giving him the ambition to be a ruler.

During his journey to reach his dream, he meets a bishop. The Bishop predicts that Vixon will be a king far more powerful than any other rulers of this world. Vixon also faces several tribulations in his life, making him have to decide whether he abandons his comrades for his dream or the opposite. Will he reach his ambition and be a king, or will he fail and stays a servant?

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