I'm Just the Guard!

I'm Just the Guard!

by Commander Kane

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

When an NPC in the MMORPG game Raidscape achieves sentience, he desperately tries to level up to stop Players from raiding the castle.

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Commander Kane

Commander Kane

[Founding Member of the Zard Skwad]

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Table of Contents
73 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Wake Up! ago
2: Something's not quite right... ago
3: Status ago
4: Player Encounter ago
5: Revenge ago
6: Level Up! ago
7: Skill Tree ago
8: 1 v 2 ago
9: Names ago
10: Low Charisma ago
11: Underestimated ago
12: Taking Care of Business ago
13: Battle Tactics ago
14: 1 v 3 ago
15: After the Battle ago
C.1 ago
16: He's Strong ago
17: Separate Ways ago
18: Item Identification ago
19: Training Montage ago
Interlude: P!gL3t ago
20: A New Co-Guard ago
21: Kill Steal ago
22: Establishing Order ago
23: Repressed Trauma ago
24: Things Are Fair ago
C.2 ago
Interlude: Barracupid ago
25: You Again? ago
26: Guard's Strength ago
27: Level 5 ago
Author to Reader ago
Interlude: Discord DMs ago
28: Bodily Functions ago
Interlude: Hypothermia ago
29: Bite Your Words ago
30: Open the Gates ago
31: New Blood ago
Tavern Talk ago
32: Rightie and Leftie ago
33: You're Bluffing ago
34: Acolyte ago
Reader's Choice ago
35: Mace Guards ago
36: Mini Tour ago
Interlude: Infectious Disease ago
37: Dead Man ago
38: Finally, the Debriefing ago
39: The Donjon ago
40: Gnome ago
Interlude: Message from the Devs ago
C.3 ago
41: Everything's Just Fine, Fine, Fine ago
Exclusive Content Sneak Peek ago
42: Convict Conversations Consists of Colloquial Confusion ago
Wednesday Recap #1 ago
43: Freedom ago
44: Freedom, but for real this time ago
45: Guard Barracks ago
46: Getting to Know You ago
Interlude: Frost Exists ago
47: Pleasant Conversation ago
48: Trapped ago
Interlude: Some Minor Reconstruction ago
49: Knight in Rusted Armor ago
50: Chat in Storage ago
Author to reader #i'm not going to bother ago
51: Supernatural Children ago
Character List ago
C.4 ago
52: The Final Countdown pt. 1 ago
Completely Hypothetical Problem ago
The Rewrite Is Here ago

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What can i say, i like it

Reviewed at: 9: Names

Seems pretty good to me. I like the npcs becoming sentient type stories. 

I also like that main character seems pretty clueless yet inteligent. 

Anyway give it a read 


A simple story, but a funny one

Reviewed at: 18: Item Identification

It's the story of a NPC guard gaining sentience, and trying to do his job better. 

That's all... 

He's a battlemaniac with a narrow spirit (Mission: Guard the keep, redo, try again, and again...) and so far that's all.

In the future he can become far more than just a guard, and that's what can be really interesting (nop, not trying to put pressure on the author... 🤗).

It's not as flamboyant than many stories, but it interest me and I followed it 😁


was good timewaster. got worse

Reviewed at: 45: Guard Barracks

It started of with a standared npc awakens in a game story. The system is kinda wierd but i guess its acceptable.


The MC meets a other guard who also awakens names crystal. They eventual argue because mc wants to stay and guard keep. Crystal is like no thanks freedom! Then we return to mc fighting invaders untill suddnly we are fourced to endure the Crystal point of view. it does not really seem to have a purpose just occasional a chapter from her point of view that has nothing ot do with the story comes up rather boring and annoying to say the least. Okey the way MC interacts with Frost awakened guard number 2 is fun. deals with him like a subordinate.

Then a bunch of stuff happenes for as far as i can tell no reason. The perpetual blizzzard they are in for some reason starts freezing them to death. so they head inside. After bullshiting there way in with MC system bullshit. they go to get debriefied because MC created shifts with MC system bullshit. MC then gets annoyed and attacks the Debrifer in his own office... GENIUS.

He gets thrown in dungeon and kills the other prisoner. We then get treated to what feels like 10 chapters of dungeon POV and Crystal POV and someother guy that i started skimying over POV. Then the entire system is changed because the author felt like it. I now dont want to read any more. Need to actually keep writing the story not just a bunch of events at least thats what it reads like to me.

Good luck to the author

Mark Long

A great story that actually make sense

Reviewed at: Reader's Choice

A good story that really dives into the virtual reality of npc

Tim McClain

i have read about half the posted chapters (45+)
still waiting on the story to develop a plot
the fact it is on hiatus makes me think as soon as i find one the series will end and then ill just be upset, or after 90some chapters it still \wont have one


This story here doesnt do too much, honestly. It plays its card straight, and there aren't too many points that I can original, But... it works nonetheless. I just loved it, no matter what parts may have been inspired from other stories. 

5/5 from me. I can't say anything bad about this.


but at some point the auther start braking the 4th wall, and the story sort of gets lost


So. Overall, I like it. Some people may not, but they are wrong. Ignore them.

Style: it's funny. Kane does a good job of keeping it interesting and engaging. And funny. Good job Kane.

Story: Not too much has actually happened so far, but I feel like the slow pacing fits the story premise, so it's all good.

Grammar: Mwah. Love it. So many times an otherwise decent story is completely ruined for me by crappy grammar. Not here. Grammars great. Keep it up Kane.

Characters: I'm not too far in yet, so nothing special has happened in regards to character development, but the base is there, and I'm ready to see which way they'll be taken. 

In short: Good Job!

Keep it up. You write, I will read.

Hope Bones5

Short but a good light read

Reviewed at: 33: You're Bluffing

While this story started off good it doesnt deviate quite a bit by the end and goes from measured to a bit rushed but overall a good light read, no qualms besides the lack of detail and length of the chapters.


A light-hearted novel with light-hearted characters and premise.

Reviewed at: Crystal.1

The thing about npc novels most of the time is that they fail on the realism part. This doesn't really. Which makes it make a lot more sense. A couple of things though, the guards use slang every now and then and not just like {Guard} slang but American English slang. Kinda takes away from the story.

Characters are likable and easy to connect to. The read doesn't take a lot of mental energy, it's something that you can just sit down click on, and just... read. 

I recommend it.