When I opened my eyes it was still dark, while reviewing what happened yesterday, the first thing I thought was "now we should have a little more food for us"

After getting up and getting dressed I decided to continue with my study routine, when I got to the dining room it seemed strange not to see my mother in the cabin.

Hmmm, there were two notes on the table, "This doesn't seem like a good sign," Alexander thought.

When I take the two cards on the table, I look at them carefully and they said the following

One was addressed to his father Marvolo, the other was for me.

Although I could already imagine the content of the letter, I decided to read it and see what my adorable mother had written.

"As I had thought, Merope left, he just said to take care of me and not forget to feed myself every day. It seems that my mother forgot that I am a child of almost 2 years old, it is my luck to being born into this family. " Alexander said while sighing.

"Although she did not say it, I imagine she went to look for the Muggle who always looks out the window, I wonder how he will convince him to be together, my mother is not exactly a beauty, will there be any magic to make people fall in love?" Alexander thought

As he headed toward his place of study, where he has spent most of his time this past year, he thought about what his next steps should be.

Currently I have no one in charge of me, they took the old man and my uncle, it seems that they are going to be sentenced, it will be difficult to know how long before they return, if they return.

My mother disappeared, it doesn't seem like a good idea to go looking for her without knowing anything.

There doesn't seem to be any money in the house, I wonder how they bought the food.

It seems that I will have to rush with the practice of magic before I run out of food.

I will have to practice a spell in order to steal something.

When I get to the forest, near the old tree, it was no longer what it was a year ago, there was a makeshift chair, although in reality it was 3 pieces of wood making a bench.

Also a desk, which really was also 3 pieces of wood but a little higher than the chair.

In addition, above the place, there was a large net covered with many leaves that seemed to protect the place from the rain.

As I looked at the spell book I thought "it seems the ministry has some way of detecting when people do magic, I wonder if it will be the wand or something else" Alexander thought, as he looked at the book, he stopped to look at the magic wand.

"I better not use it at the moment, I wonder if it will be possible to cast spells without a wand" said Alexander while still looking for a spell that could work for him and was easy to use

"Should I choose some deadly spell or something lighter?" Alexander thought

"I should probably dismiss that idea, if I kill a Muggle the ministry would take the situation very seriously and could get me in serious trouble, Discarded."

"There are some spells that can help me to try to survive alone, I like the Confundo spell, but it seems very difficult to be my first spell, Mhhhh."

"This spell seems interesting, although it has no name, its result seems interesting, it causes an irritation in the eyes and forces the person to close their eyes, I wonder if it worked correctly for my plans."

After reading the explanation of the spell carefully Alexander decided to try casting magic for the first time.

"I think I will try to do it without a wand to avoid problems with the ministry."

After knowing what figure he had to perform to cast the spell, he closed his eyes and breathed softly but deeply.

After a few moments he opened his eyes and determinedly made an oval with his right index finger and before closing it he made a line down while saying "conjunctivitis".

After a moment while looking with his eyes sideways, he saw that nothing happened and said "well, not everything can be that easy."

"It seems I'm not a genius at casting magic hehe"

After practicing a hundred times and seeing that there was no result, he decided to stop.

"I still have a couple of days to practice, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it is just too difficult to cast spells without a wand. Mhhhhh "thought Alexander

He decided to sit for a while and meditate.

As he closed his eyes and breathed softly, he began to feel slight vibrations through his body, almost imperceptible.

Alexander opened his eyes and thought "what an interesting feeling, this must be what they call magic"

A note from Exluthor

if anyone has any doubts about spells, all i am thinking of using so far are actual spells that were used at some point or talked about in the world of harry potter

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