The old man passed me a book, I tried to read the cover but it is so old that it was impossible, while reading the book I understand a little about who my new family are and what they represent, or rather they represented for the magical world many years ago.

According to the book, we are known as the Gaunt family, one of the oldest families in the wizarding world, descendants of a famous wizard known as Salazar Slytherin, a wizard who was one of the founders of the Hogwarts school of wizards, according to the The book seems to be that there is some kind of conflict between magicians and people who do not have the power to cast magic.

"How strange, I thought that everyone could learn to perform magic, I will have to study that in more depth in the future" thought Alexander Gaunt

It also seems that our family was immensely rich many years ago but that the inept descendants squandered all the money, "no wonder we are so poor then," thought Alexander.

It seems that there are only three living relatives of this family without including me,

This old grumpy man is called Marvolo Gaunt

That other poor wretch seems to be my uncle Morfin Gaunt

And the young woman who would be my mother is Merope Gaunt.

A very close family without a doubt, it seems that this family has a serious problem dealing with Muggles, it seems a very dangerous world in which you can die at any time, magic seems very interesting, I wonder if it will allow me to return to my universe.

After reading the book I think I understand a little about the history of the Gaunts, so I close the book and look at my grandfather, waiting for the next step.

"Because we are incredible boy, descendants of Salazar Slytherin himself, one of the best magicians that have ever existed in our lands, feel proud to be able to represent one of the best if not the best blood that can ever exist! Thoroughbred, you should be proud of it, never forget it "said Marvolo

"This will be your new place of study child, if you want to move home to your desk you must bring the books yourself, WITH MAGIC!" Marvolo said as he stared at him

As I watched the old man leave, I saw him cast a spell, Repello Muggletum, "I wonder what it will do," Alexander thought as he continued to assimilate the story from the book.

"It seems that an interesting future awaits me, without money, without a father, with a destroyed family that only survives under the name of an ancient magician, it seems that I will have to focus on magic to survive" Alexander thought as he leaned against that old tree.

After some time he went to the pile of books to inspect them and see what was in them at the same time that he decided his plans.

"I'm surely too young to be able to cast spells, I don't want to accidentally kill myself or mutilate myself for rushing things, I hope to find a book on the history of this world and magic," said Alexander.

While rummaging through the books, he found the one he was looking for, a summary of the history of magic and its development in this world.

While studying the book it was getting dark, when he felt his stomach growling, it was when he realized that he spent all day reading that book, he realized that he had to go home, but before heading to that place he tried to do a kind of roof with leaves and branches to the books, just in case it rained the books did not get wet.

As I walked towards the house I thought "it seems that magicians have gone through many stages throughout history, currently it seems that they are hiding from the Muggle population, I wonder why they are so afraid of them, it is assumed that those of the magic is us, they should have every chance to win, curious, one more thing to continue studying, it seems that the magic ministry will be a problem for me in the future. "

When he arrived at the house, he saw who his mother would be, looking out the window in the distance, he approached her and whispered "mother I'm hungry"

Merope reacted scared, it almost seemed that his heart was coming out of his mouth, he didn't even look at who his son would be and ran in terror to the kitchen, to prepare something to eat safely.

Alexander surprised by that reaction, he looked out the window and what he saw made him draw a smile in his small mouth, in the distance, a man was seen riding on his horse along a stone path, Alexander had no idea who that man was. but what he did know was that at some point that man would mean a problem for his mother, since the only magicians who lived in that place were currently in this cabin.

After his mother brought something to eat, he went to his room while thinking about the stories he had read, he fell asleep.

From that day on, a routine began, every day he woke up early and went to the forest to read the books and learn a little more about magic and the world he lived in, although he never dared to practice with spell books for fear to get hurt.

He spent almost a year in that routine, until one day when he finished his daily routine, while going home, he heard loud noises, "it seems like an argument" Alexander thought.

The closer he was to the house he could begin to hear his grandfather scream "You are a damn disgrace to this family, how dare you fall in love with a dirty muggle, where is my wand! I will kill you right now.

When Alexander arrived at the house, the image he saw was of his grandfather trying to strangle his mother, meanwhile his uncle is standing watching the scene with indifference, what caught Alexander's attention was that there was another man in the house.

Almost immediately, the man used a spell on his grandfather "Relashio" when the purple sparks touched his grandfather. He released Merope immediately and was stunned for a second, when he saw that the subject cast a spell, he went mad.

Seeing this situation Alexander walked away from the door quickly and went to a window to observe everything from security and with expectant eyes to what could be his first magical battle.

"Who do you think you are to prohibit me from punishing my family members and you even dare to cast a spell on the descendants of Salazar Slytherin, Accio Wand" Marvolo shouted

Seeing the situation, the intruder quickly cast another "Desmaius" spell, pointing his wand at Marvolo.

Marvolo Skillfully dodged the spell as if it were a blow in a street fight and when his hand reached his wand he said "Expulso"

A blue light came out of his wand and hit the intruder and it shot out into the distance.

Alexander saw how the man shot out from the door of the house at a great distance, that scene seemed extremely interesting, "I knew magic would not disappoint" Alexander thought.

Meanwhile, old Marvolo approached the door and shouted "damn ministry dog, don't you dare go back to my house or don't expect me to treat you with so much respect"

"So that man works for the magic ministry, it looks like I will have to take some action," Alexander said as he watched the man stand up with difficulty and hobbled away.

While Marvolo was also looking at the man he said "boy come into the house"

When Alexander entered the house what he saw was his mother on the floor huddled trembling while his uncle Morfin looked at the window with one eye and his sister with the other, "a curious scene at least" Alexander thought

Meanwhile his grandfather entered the house and before he could say anything Alexander asked him "grandfather who just happened and who was that man"

While his grandfather remembered what just happened, he said "a stupid worker for the magic ministry, he came looking for your uncle because he had supposedly attacked a damn muggle, damn ministry rules, he didn't even kill him, then they do not have to worry, they will be the downfall of us wizards, with so much protection from Muggles, "said marvolo as he took a continuous breath.

"And now it turns out that my stupid daughter fell in love with a goddamn muggle, by Salazar Slytherin beard she must be a curse to our family, WITH A DEMON!, I'm going to kill that goddamn muggle."

Hearing this, Merope reacted and held her father while pleading with her "don't do it, dad, I beg you, it's just a mistake by my brother, I never looked at that guy"

While this scene was unfolding Alexander approached the main chair and said "calm down grandpa, come and sit in your favorite chair while you tell me how the magic fight happened"

Hearing this, Marvolo shoved his daughter and said as he approached the chair "yes, this must be your first time seeing a magical battle"

As Marvolo explained the ins and outs of the fight, Alexander deftly removed his magic wand in a moment of carelessness and tucked it into his sleeve.

After about 10 minutes, Marvolo frowned and said "Damn stupid people won't leave me alone for a minute." Then he got up from his chair and went to the door.

Seeing this, Alexander approached the window and what he saw was 10 people with wand in hand, pointing at the house, among them was the man who had confronted his grandfather a minute ago.

Seeing this, Morfin came out with his wand and before he could cast any spells the other men cast several spells, Alexander could hear them screaming "desmaius", spells that hit Morfin and Marvolo and then passed out.

Faced with this situation, the men approached the cabin and the one who came before said "greetings, my name is Bob Ogden and I am the head of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad. I regret that this situation had to arise but in view of the lack of cooperation We had to use force from your family, they will be brought before the wizengamot to be tried for their crimes, with their permission. "

Alexander watched that scene carefully and with great interest, meanwhile he clutched his wand at his sleeve, his mother was still huddled on the ground trembling, as if she were alone in another world, oblivious to everything that was happening.

Faced with this situation and after thinking carefully about what her next step to follow would be, Alexander concluded that the most sensible thing at that time was to go to sleep.

A note from Exluthor

It has been interesting to investigate everything about the Harry Potter universe, I hope you like the chapter.

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