"Merope" shouted an old man sitting at a dilapidated table

"Where's my food, you damn useless" grumbled the old man

"I'm going father" was heard from the kitchen, an almost imperceptible noise as if it were a whisper.

Moments later, a disheveled and skinny young woman comes out of the kitchen, while looking towards the floor, she goes to the dining room where there are 3 more people waiting.

An old man who kept grumbling and whispering things like "stupid girl, it's a curse on our glorious family"

A rather ugly young man, with a crossed eye and missing several teeth, this one looked carefully at the "food" dishes

A small boy who did not seem to fit in with that family, because although he was only 2 years old he was an attractive boy, blond hair and black eyes like darkness, he looked at the situation in silence, as if it were a scene from a movie.

As the young woman approached with a tray of dishes, the old man yelled at her "stupid, use magic to bring food, you look like a damn muggle"

The young woman said nothing, while placing the dishes on the table she looked at the boy, her son Alexander, as if trying to find out what was going through her thoughts.

Alexander watched the scene while thinking "what an interesting family, I would almost think that my mother is a humble servant and not the daughter of the old man"

Meanwhile the old man said "finally we can have the heir of our famous family, hahaha I never thought that this old favor that we should be paid in this way, you have a great legacy in your hands Alexander, you will be the resurgence of our family" The old man said while laughing and in a very good mood.

"It seems that I'm definitely not in the same universe, this thing they call magic is very interesting, I wonder when I can start learning, I'd better ask the old man" Alexander thought.

"Grandpa, I want to learn about magic, when will you teach me?" Alexander said to the old man as he looked at him with those deep black eyes.

"Excellent, without a doubt the best bloods in the magical world run through your veins son, since you are already interested in magic, I do not doubt that you will be a great magician, tomorrow I will give you some books from our family" said the old man.

After that, they continued eating in complete silence, when they had finished, the old man said to the young woman "useless, clean up this mess" as he went to sit in a large chair.

Meanwhile Alexander walked to his room, where there was only a small bed and a desk.

When he sat up in bed he thought "it seems like two years have passed since I came to this strange world, it seems like a medieval world, very primitive, but it seems that they dominate something called magic, an incredible phenomenon that I never imagined could exist"

While reflecting on what would be his next steps in this new world, he fell asleep.

The next day the old man woke him up very early, when darkness still reigned.

Entering the room and pulling the boy said "wake up Alexander, today I will start teaching you about magic"

As they were leaving the old man was heading towards a nearby forest, when they reached an old tree the old man took out his wand and said in a low voice "Accio &% $ •!" something Alexander couldn't hear clearly.

seeing that nothing happened, Alexander wondered if it would be a good idea to learn magic from his grandfather, since it did not seem that he was very skilled.

After waiting a few minutes, some books were approaching very quickly towards the old man, who grabbed one by one to form a stack of books.

"Very good boy, it is time for you to learn some magic, but first you will learn about our glorious family" said the old man while smiling.

A note from Exluthor

a very short chapter, but it is a second introduction, I think it is very clear which family it belongs to, right?
however just in case remove the name to give some suspense in case you are not very well versed in the story

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