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1-4 & 5: Choosing My Initial Traits and Skills


A note from 0xReki

Many games offer a lot of choices, but usually, I manage to choose one of the few combinations that make the game almost impossible to finish. In other cases, the choice ceases to be one because it’s mathematically provable a certain combination is better than another. Is it still a choice?

For the best experience, please do read Chapter 1-4 & 5: “Choosing My Initial Traits and Skills” on my homepage.

I sit down and take a look at my char­ac­ter in­for­ma­tion.

Char­ac­ter Info

Name: Swift Mittens
Age: X
Race: Neotes Ail­u­ran­thrope

Ti­tles & Bless­ings


  • Menu (Hid­den Trait)
  • Mys­tic Eye of Analy­sis (Menu Trait)
  • Mys­tic Eye of Knowl­edge (Menu Trait)
  • In­fi­nite Stor­age (Menu Trait)


That’s a very bare char­ac­ter win­dow. It looks like there are no char­ac­ter lev­els. Cur­rently, I have no traits but Menu, Mys­tic Eye of Analy­sis, Mys­tic Eye of Knowl­edge and In­fi­nite Stor­age. I have no ti­tles or bless­ings. I guess the Menu traits are my gam­ing in­ter­face. From read­ing the glos­sary en­tries of my races, I would have guessed I’d have some racial traits. So they didn’t even choose those for me. But that just means I don’t have any ex­ist­ing traits to con­sider when choos­ing my ini­tial traits and skills. So let’s have a look at the racial traits I can choose from.

Book of Choice: Racial Trait

Choose one racial trait from this fixed se­lec­tion.

Ail­u­ran­thrope Racial Traits

  • Ac­cel­er­ated Re­cov­ery:
    in­creases re­cov­ery speed of all kinds
  • Adapt­abil­ity:
    tem­porar­ily in­creases sta­tus of choos­ing
  • Fe­line Form:
    pro­vides abil­ity to shapeshift into a fe­line

Neotes Racial Traits

  • Mas­tery Ob­ses­sion:
    in­creases max­i­mum skill level to level 10
  • Quick Learner:
    in­creases ex­pe­ri­ence gained
  • Lucky Devil:
    in­creases luck by a big amount

Neat! Let’s see. Since I have four books, I can choose four of those. To max­i­mize my sur­vival chances, I’m going with Ac­cel­er­ated Re­cov­ery, Fe­line Form, Quick Learner, and Lucky Devil. Let’s have a look at the reg­u­lar traits I can choose from next.

Book of Choice: Trait

Choose one trait from this fixed se­lec­tion.

  • Adren­a­line Rush:
    boost in­creases speed when health is low
  • Ap­peal­ing Charisma:
    in­creases charisma by a big amount
  • Book Smart:
    in­creases un­der­stand­ing of the­o­ries
  • Nim­ble­ness:
    in­creases agility
  • Nim­ble and Pre­cise:
    in­creases agility and dex­ter­ity

I can choose two of these. Again, to max­i­mize my sur­vival chances, I’m going with Ap­peal­ing Charisma and Nim­ble & Pre­cise. The lat­ter sound like a typ­i­cal trait that thieves have, though in this day and age, you’d rather call them spe­cial­ists for spon­ta­neous in­vol­un­tary own­er­ship trans­fer. I can’t say I dis­like the sound of it. Every job sounds bet­ter if it’s called a spe­cial­ist! Let’s have a look that the skill I can choose from.

Book of Choice: Skills

Choose one skill to gain at level 1 from this fixed se­lec­tion.


  • Fight­ing Skills
  • Magic Skills
  • Pro­duc­tion Skills
  • Sur­vival Skills

I quickly scroll over the cat­e­gories to get an overview. Meta-​skills? Wait a minute… I can­cel the se­lec­tion and try choos­ing a skill to mas­ter.

Book of Choice: Skill Mas­tery

Choose one skill to gain at max­i­mum level from this fixed se­lec­tion.


  • Fight­ing Skills
  • Magic Skills
  • Pro­duc­tion Skills
  • Sur­vival Skills

I can choose two skills to mas­ter and it looks like I can mas­ter meta-skills. I grin. I guess I’ve found my cheat! It’d been bet­ter if I had cho­sen Mas­tery Ob­ses­sion ear­lier… I mean I fi­nally get to live in an RPG world and com­pletely for­got about min-maxing! Some­thing I tend to do. I should have put more thought into that… It’s no use cry­ing over spilled juice! So which ones do I choose? Sur­vival Skills sound good. Let me check.

Book of Choice: Skill Mas­tery

Sur­vival Skills

  • Camp­ing
  • Dan­ger Sense
  • Fish­ing
  • For­ag­ing
  • Pres­ence De­tec­tion
  • Pres­ence Iso­la­tion
  • Trap De­tec­tion
  • Trap Dis­arm­ing
  • Trap Set­ting
  • Stealth
  • Weak­ness De­tec­tion

For some rea­son, half of the skills in this skill tree sound like thief skills. Any­way, I’ll go with that. I think I’m good with sur­vival chances, so I should be choos­ing some other skills as well. Magic sounds nice.

Now that I’ve spent my skill mas­ter­ies, I spend the re­main­ing books to get all fight­ing and pro­duc­tion skills at level one. I should take a look at my char­ac­ter win­dow now.

Char­ac­ter Info

Name: Swift Mit­tens
Age: X
Race: Neotes Ail­u­ran­thrope

Ti­tles & Bless­ings

  • Mas­ter of Magic (Magic Skills Level X)
  • Sur­vival Artist (Sur­vival Skills Level X)
  • Jack of All Trades (Fight­ing Level 1, Magic Skills Level 1, and Pro­duc­tion Skills Level 1)


  • Menu (Hid­den Trait)
  • Mys­tic Eye of Analy­sis (Menu Trait)
  • Mys­tic Eye of Knowl­edge (Menu Trait)
  • In­fi­nite Stor­age (Menu Trait)
  • Ac­cel­er­ated Re­cov­ery (Racial Trait: Ail­u­ran­thrope)
  • Quick Learner (Racial Trait: Neotes)
  • Fe­line Form (Hid­den Racial Trait: Ail­u­ran­thrope)
  • Lucky Devil (Hid­den Racial Trait: Neotes)
  • Ap­peal­ing Charisma (Trait)
  • Nim­ble & Pre­cise (Trait)


Fight­ing Level 1

  • Blunt Weapon Mas­tery Level 1
  • Short Blade Mas­tery Level 1
  • Long Blade Mas­tery Level 1
  • Spear Mas­tery Level 1
  • Hand-​to-Hand Com­bat Level 1
  • Bow Mas­tery Level 2
  • Shield Mas­tery Level 1

Magic Skills Level X (ten)

  • Mana Per­cep­tion Level X (ten)
  • Mana Con­trol Level X (ten)
  • Fire Magic Level X (ten)
  • Water Magic Level X (ten)
  • Wind Magic Level X (ten)
  • Earth Magic Level X (ten)
  • Light­ning Magic Level X (ten)
  • Light Magic Level X (ten)
  • Dark Magic Level X (ten)
  • Fa­mil­iar Magic Level X (ten)
  • Space Magic Level X (ten)

Pro­duc­tion Skills Level 1

  • Alchemy Level 1
  • Car­pent­ing Level 1
  • Com­pound­ing Level 1
  • Cook­ing Level 1
  • Leather­work­ing Level 1
  • Smithing Level 1

Sur­vival Skills Level X (ten)

  • Camp­ing Level X (ten)
  • Dan­ger Sense Level X (ten)
  • Eva­sion Level X (ten)
  • Fish­ing Level X (ten)
  • For­ag­ing Level X (ten)
  • Pres­ence De­tec­tion Level X (ten)
  • Pres­ence Iso­la­tion Level X (ten)
  • Rid­ing Level X (ten)
  • Trap De­tec­tion Level X (ten)
  • Trap Dis­arm­ing Level E (eleven)
  • Trap Set­tingLevel E (eleven)
  • Weak­ness De­tec­tion Level X (ten)

What’s this? While most of the max­i­mum level skills are level X (ten), some of those skills are level E (eleven). My guess is one of my traits in­creases the skill level limit on those.

I have magic skills now, plus I have the Camp­ing skill on level X (ten). I should try mak­ing a camp­fire. I should be able to build a camp­fire using magic. But I still don’t have any idea how to do it. I don’t know even how to use magic at all… Let’s try it any­way… cre­at­ing a stone frame… I touch the ground.

“Cre­ate Rock!”

A ring of sand forms around where I touch the ground. I feel it’d too small and shal­low for a camp­fire if that sand were to com­pact to stone. So I imag­ine a slightly big­ger and higher stone frame. The ring changes size and the sand slowly com­pacts to stone. Yeah, this looks like the stone frame of a typ­i­cal camp­fire. Is it done? No, some­thing in my mind tells me it’s not. So I keep at it. After I get the feel­ing it’s fi­nally done, I stop and put in some wood.

Now I need to light it. I could just ig­nite the wood di­rectly. What could go wrong? I put my hands over the wood and imag­ine fire: hot and blaz­ing. I mut­ter the word that sud­denly comes into my mind.


Oh! I get star­tled and flinch. Good thing I do, the next mo­ment I see a flash and all the wood I put in has com­busted. The smell of burnt wood fills the air. That was dan­ger­ous! I should be more care­ful. Let’s try again. I put in some more wood. This time I put in some tin­der as well. I should light it care­fully. I put my hand over the tin­der and image it smoul­der­ing.


After a while, it starts glow­ing and smok­ing. Now, I can ei­ther fan it until it turns into a fire or I pour more en­ergy into it until it turns into a fire. Let’s do the lat­ter. I imag­ine slowly putting in more en­ergy into the smoul­der­ing. It in­ten­si­fies. The wood also starts smoul­der­ing on the place where it touches. After spread­ing for a while, it starts burn­ing. Neat, I have made fire! I sit down and ad­mire my cre­ation. It was sur­pris­ingly dif­fi­cult. Good thing I started early.

Due to the mishap just now, I’m al­most out of wood. I need to gather more. I go back into the for­est and gather lum­ber. I can’t help but no­tice the an­i­mals in the for­est now, I guess it must be due to the skills I gained. Since I’m not feel­ing any dan­ger from them I ig­nore them for now. I like the at­mos­phere of this for­est. Maybe I should set­tle down here! The cliff where my tent cur­rently is seems to be a good place to dig a cave. Let’s do that to­mor­row!

A note from 0xReki

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