The Milostiv

by fawks

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

       This is the journey of a Young Doctor named Gabrio who was assigned to the Grand Fleet of the Reconnoiter Company, aboard the Grand-Galleon called the Milostiv, which is set to sail to the lands that could not be traversed before the invention of the armaments that could penetrate the scale of the monsters living there. They hope sail to the thousand islands to find wonders and new lands to settle. The Grand Fleet would leave Old Carthan in hopes they could expand their horizons. But then a sudden loom hanged above the Bay of Old Carthan as the Grand Fleet sails for the islands...Thrown into the affairs that will change his life, how could a Doctor keep himself out of the destinies of those who would save the world?

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Word Count (17)
Top List #2000
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Prologue - An Empty Book ago
Chapter 1 - A Grand Fleet ago
Chapter 2 - Thoughts To Brew ago
Chapter 3 - The Crowding Grand-Galleon ago
Chapter 4 - Gathering of Fools ago
Chapter 5 - Departure of the Old World ago
Chapter 6 - The Unknown Destruction ago
Chapter 7 - The Serpent ago
Chapter 8 - The Left Behind ago
Chapter 9 - The Maw Of The World ago
Chapter 10 - Into the Dread Line ago
Chapter 11 - The Surgeon 1 ago
Chapter 12 - The Surgeon 2 ago
Chapter 13 - The Beasts of the Dread Line ago
Chapter 14 - The Pus-Ridden Beast ago
Chapter 15 - The Limits of Patience ago
Chapter 16 - An Invisible Line ago
Chapter 17 - The Corals of The Dread line 1 ago
Chapter 18 - The Corals of The Dread line 2 ago
Chapter 19 - The Corals of The Dread line 3 ago
Chapter 20 - The Corals of The Dread line 4 ago
Chapter 21 - The Serpent and Blue Blood 1 ago
Chapter 22 - The Serpent and Blue Blood 2 ago
Chapter 23 - The Serpent and Blue Blood 3 ago
Chapter 24: Days In the Fleet ago
Chapter 25: Flat Seas ago
Chapter 26: Voyage Woes ago
Chapter 27: The Limitations ago
Chapter 28: Patterns Of Voices ago
Chapter 29: A Prologue To An Omen ago
Chapter 30: The Graveyard of Giants 1 ago
Chapter 31: The Graveyard of Giants 2 ago
Chapter 32: The Graveyard of Giants 3 ago
Chapter 33: The Graveyard of Giants 4 ago
Chapter 34: The Graveyard of Giants 5 ago
Chapter 35: Gunpowder Dreams ago
Chapter 36: The Rotting Sea of Reeds 1 ago
Chapter 37: The Rotting Sea of Reeds 2 ago
Chapter 38: The Rotting Sea of Reeds 3 ago
Chapter 39: The Rotting Sea of Reeds 4 ago
Chapter 40: The Light's Blinder ago
Chapter 41: Arkshelled Island 1 ago
Chapter 42: Arkshelled Island 2 ago
Chapter 43: Arkshelled Island 3 ago
Chapter 44: Arkshelled Island 4 ago
Chapter 45: Arkshelled Island 5 ago
Chapter 46: Cracked Bonds ago
Chapter 47: Memories of Inaction ago
Chapter 48: Hiding Beneath Masks ago
Chapter 49: The Icean Spine ago
Chapter 50: The Lady Who Demanded War ago

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There is a decent story here. However, it is behind a wall of bad grammar. It is so bad that sometimes I had to reread entire paragraphs in order to understand what is going on.

Wrong tenses, quick and confusing pronoun and PoV changes, spelling errors. Sometimes the phrases don't make sense, and they sound like literal translations of a foreign language into English.

And it's unfortunate. Because there is a cool premise here. A grand expedition into a new world. Some echos of lost memories for our main character. Elves and a low fantasy setting. A Doctor main character. There's a lot of fresh ideas that spark the imagination.

With a thorough grammar review, and a solid edit, this could be something interesting. But as it is right now, its almost unreadable.


Don't get my rating wrong, the book has room to improve[while the grammar errors are not that jarring since English isn't my first language]. But the book has something I value much more than impeccable grammar:I find myself looking forward to each chapter, and for that I give such a good rating. It might be the good world building or the interesting characters it might also be the setting which  is quite unique [I mean where can your find a book about mystery, fantasy, exploring, medicine in a fantasy world, naval and infantry warfare, fighting giant monsters and maritime nomads]. But the reason this book intrigues me so much sould be a combination as well as some things a reader doesn't recognize continously. So I can only warmly recommend to give this book a chance.