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Suddenly finding himself In a unknow place, he discovered that he is now living in the universe of Star Wars, thankfully the gods decided to help him by giving him a System and using it to the best of his abilities, he will one day stand at the peak, with power comparable to if not greater than that of those beings he always admired on the Star Wars legends!

Accompany the adventure of Garrod Seafair as he travels the galaxy and makes his way through all the mess the Jedi caused over the course of the years!


This is a just for fun project that I'm doing to pass some time, I was inspired to do it after reading a really good fanfiction that someone started to write in another platform, I basically used his same idea of initial settings, that being the Jedi temple, and I used part of his System but with some modifications.

Read his fanfiction as well if you can, its name is "Force user supplementary system", he published it in webnovel.

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Frosty Nips
  • Overall Score

Eh. Not the greatest. Could use some polishing on the charachters. Glossing over two years in about 3 paragraphs and descirbing bascially a gary sue isnt really all that intresting. The a SW fanfic called "Fate denied" it expands a lot on the lore and has great discriptions of stuff. Take a read from that author man and maybe you can drum up some ideas to polish this fic. 

  • Overall Score

Pretty good man I kind hate the word limit but I understand why its there

  • Overall Score

Veteran reader, but noob reviewer.

Reviewed at: CHAPTER 3

It's too early to tell if this story will continue to get better, but at the moment I very much enjoy this fan-fic. If you like an overpowered MC and Star Wars then you will probably enjoy this. My biggest concern is story progression. The first 3 chapters moved very fast and if that speed continues then some where around chapter 30-40 episode 1-3 will either be a moot point because the story will have diverged so much or will be over.