Brian and Elizabeth stood on the driveway and looked about. While all the odd-numbered houses seemed to have stayed together in solidarity, Reedwodehouse Road was nowhere to be seen, even the sidewalk was missing. Looking away from the now oddly out of place odd-numbered houses, all the Bird siblings could see was a great forest.

"They look kinda like redwoods," Elizabeth remarked "more blue though. Do you think the evens are on the other side of this forest?"
"The evens?" Brian asked, "and wow that's a whole lot of trees."
"Even numbered houses Brian, our side of the street has the odd houses and the other side has the even-numbered ones, though right now there doesn't seem to be another side, just trees."
"If you say so, also wouldn't it be another side of the road, cause we don't live on a street, at least not according to our address, not that I know if there even is a difference between a street and a road, and anyways we seem to live on a Forrest no, I guess, or do we even live here still? We did just flee the house from some three-eyed rats and their great overlord or whatever... wait was Zach home?"
"I think he was out shopping so he should be fine, well safe from the rats anyway."
"Okay, so we are outside our house to avoid dealing with a rat problem, our street has turned into a forest, Zach is possibly safe, or at least if he has any problems they aren't the same as ours, we should probably figure out what to do next, and please don't suggest you finish the crossword as out action plan."
"fine, fine, I shall reluctantly allow this new reality to come first, even over crosswords, for now. We probably should have warned uncle before we fled the house, but I'm not going back in and anyway he is likely sleeping, so if any rats try to bother him before he wakes up, well I pity those rats."
"So true. What's next?"
"Well if we aren't going back inside, which we aren't, because I don't want to and you have always been a scaredy-cat, nothing wrong with that by the way, I suggest unless you want to go knocking on doors and bother the neighbors, which is probably the right course of action but I don't really feel like meeting our neighbors right now as if we were going to be the type of neighbors that introduced ourselves to all the random strangers that happen to share a road with us, well we probably should have got around to that before the apocalypse started or whatever this here unreality reality is, so I say no to being good neighbors and suggest we take a stroll through these strange new woods and see if we can discover anything cool or useful, or even better, oddly spelled new words."
"Are you sure heading off into the forest is such a good idea, we don't really have much of anything useful with us, if we were willing to brave our house, or talking to the neighbors, we could head into the forest a bit more provisioned."
"so like, I'm not saying you are wrong, because you are right, so very right, but I really don't feel like dealing with rats or neighbors right now so, foolish adventure in the woods, hurray. Blame yourself not me anyway, if you had let me finish my crossword, well then we could have put off our attempt at adventure for at least another ten minutes, though hopefully less then fifteen. I'm not that slow."
"Okay let's head off into the trees and see what happens. Though for the record I am not taking the blame for this terrible idea. It is all yours Liz."

System message: A new level seventeen dungeon has appeared near you named House of the Three-eyed Rats. Anyone with any amount of bravery or self-respect is encouraged to head into this dungeon. Anyone that isn't foolish or a high enough level is encouraged to flee.

"Well, there goes the neighborhood."
"So does my plan of action still seems terrible to you Brian?"
"Oh it sure does, but I'll agree that there are certainly worse plans. Let's go."
"Into the woods!"


Three hours into their woods adventure both Brian and Elizabeth were beginning to have some regrets. Three hours of walking was more than either of them was used to, especially walking through a forest with no clear walking paths. They had no idea where they were, though they hoped that they weren't walking in circles and neither of them was willing to admit to the L-word even internally, and certainly not out loud. Everything just looked like forest. At least there didn't seem to be any monsters. There didn't seem to be much of anything really. Just themselves, the trees, and an occasional shrubbery. "This is all your fault" Elizabeth muttered, "if I'd finished up the crossword first then we would right now have been walking for at least ten minutes less." Brian attempted to come up with some sort of appropriate response but then Elizabeth exclaimed, "Wait look, is that a house? I think we finally found the other side of these repetitive trees. Come on Brian. Let's get out out of these woods."
"Okay sure, but that was a pretty boring adventure." Brian complained, "I think we are going to have to talk to some neighbors though as my feet are tired, we have no food, and having walked through these trees for far too long and encountered nothing at all useful or informative..."
"Sure, we can do that. It was always the more sensible plan anyway, and honestly, I am significantly less disinclined from a friendly neighborhood chat now that I've finished the crossword."
"You finished the crossword?"
"Yeah while we were walking, didn't you notice me working on it?"
"No, not really. Wait, what's that growling."

System message: You have encountered an adult fear tiger. You will not be able to leave this area until you have ether defeated it, tamed it, or convinced it to go away.



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