Stray Cat Strut ⁠— A Young Lady's Journey to Becoming a Pop-Up Samurai

Stray Cat Strut ⁠— A Young Lady's Journey to Becoming a Pop-Up Samurai

by RavensDagger

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

In the year 2057, the world has become a corporate-run utopia for the super-rich, and a hellhole for all the rest. 

Catherine 'Cat' Leblanc is an orphan that is about as far from super-rich as one can be. When the Incursion alarms start blaring and the sky starts raining hungry xenos, it's just another blemish on an already piss-poor afternoon. 

A cyberpunk magical-girl alien-invasion LitRPG.

It’s exactly as wild as it sounds.

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A bird that likes comfy and happy things, and also knives. Once ate a god’s eye and awakened the ability to see all that is good in the world. Known to steal shiny ideas and baubles. Currently forbidden from writing his own bios.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One - Pop-Up ago
Chapter Two - Walkabout Punks ago
Chapter Three - Incursion Detected ago
Chapter Four - Pole Dancing ago
Chapter Five - Dying is For Other People ago
Chapter Six - Pill Pusher ago
Chapter Seven - Hummingbird ago
Chapter Eight - Piss Poor Disguise ago
Chapter Nine - Saint ago
Chapter Ten - Done Dirt Cheap ago
Chapter Eleven - Like Santa, but With Guns ago
Chapter Twelve - Vending Machines ago
Chapter Thirteen - Talking To Yourself ago
Chapter Fourteen - Curiosity ago
Chapter Fifteen - Worm ago
Chapter Sixteen - Life Finds a Way ago
Chapter Seventeen - Mall Cops ago
Chapter Eighteen - Going Back Up ago
Chapter Nineteen - Future ago
Chapter Twenty - Rescue Quest ago
Chapter Twenty-One - Descent ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - Cheesing it ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - Sludge ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - Dumb and Dumber ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - A Pad on the Wound ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - Masks On ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Stairs ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - Speared ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - A Crying Shame ago
Chapter Thirty - Model Six ago
Chapter Thirty-One - The Bigger They Are ago
Chapter Thirty-Two - Fried ago
Chapter Thirty-Three - The Perfect Fit ago
Chapter Thirty-Four - Rule ago
Chapter Thirty-Five - Death Flags ago
Chapter Thirty-Six - A Matter of Trust ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven - Armed and ready ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight - Flesh Melter ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine - Long Odds ago
Chapter Forty - Rooftop ago
Chapter Forty-One - Anti-Air ago
Chapter Forty-Two - Back Against the Wall ago
Chapter Forty-Three - Armed ago
Chapter Forty-Four - Machina ago
Chapter Forty-Five - Air Superiority ago
Chapter Forty-Six - A Call ago
Chapter Forty-Seven - Shopping Spree ago
Chapter Forty-Eight - Rail Shooter ago
Chapter Forty-Nine - Hunters ago
Chapter Fifty - Milk Run ago
Chapter Fifty-One - Along for the Fun ago
Chapter Fifty-Two - Down Down Down ago
Chapter Fifty-Three - Z-Word ago
Chapter Fifty-Four - Setting to Boil ago
Chapter Fifty-Five - Low Expectations ago
Chapter Fifty-Six - Leaving a Gift Behind ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven - Collateral Damage ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight - Hot Stuff ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine - Looking Like a Big Damn Hero ago
Chapter Sixty - A Unique Combat Doctrine ago
Chapter Sixty-One - Trapsetter ago
Chapter Sixty-Two - Honour and Flames ago
Chapter Sixty-Three - People are Stupid ago
Chapter Sixty-Four - Tougher Means More Boom ago
Chapter Sixty-Five - A Change in Tactics ago
Chapter Sixty-Six - Impaled... Again ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven - Life Story ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight - Hitting the Fan ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine - Nice ago
Chapter Seventy - A Respite ago
Chapter Seventy-One - Tail ago
Chapter Seventy-Two - In Service to the Prevention of Stupidity ago
Chapter Seventy-Three - Forms ago
Chapter Seventy-Four - Thoughts and Prayers ago
Chapter Seventy-Five - A Flock of Trouble ago
Chapter Seventy-Six - The Big Players ago
Chapter Seventy-Seven - Anticlimax ago
Stray Cat Strut - Volume Two - A Young Lady's Guide to Exploding the Corporate Ladder ago
Chapter One - Heart-Warming ago
Chapter Two - A Slice of Happiness ago
Interlewd One ago
Chapter Three - Post Coital Interruptions ago
Chapter Four - Mean Minion Mode ago
Chapter Five - Professionalism ago
Chapter Six - Armour Up ago
Chapter Seven - Lending an Ear ago
Chapter Eight - Hover ago
Chapter Nine - Twitchy ago
Chapter Ten - More Questions than Answers ago
Chapter Eleven - Nobodies ago
Chapter Twelve - Doorframe ago
Chapter Thirteen - I Have Paws ago
Stray Cat Sidestory: Canta Clause ago
Chapter Fourteen - Mesh ago
Chapter Fifteen - Surfing ago
Chapter Sixteen - It ago
Chapter Seventeen - Dial-Up and Lag ago
Chapter Eighteen - Gotcha ago
Chapter Nineteen - Log Off ago
Chapter Twenty - Warpath ago
Chapter Twenty-One - God’s Righteous Fury ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - Reaction Time ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - Phones ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - Choosing to Die ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - Ramen Break ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - Red Carpet Treatment ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Sometimes a Girl Just Wants to Blow Shit Up ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - The Opposite of Reassuring ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - Spider Cat ~ Spider Cat ago
Chapter Thirty - Blueprint for Success ago
Chapter Thirty-One - Obsolete Worries ago
Chapter Thirty-Two - Basse Couture ago
Chapter Thirty-Three - Stealth, But For Real This Time ago
Chapter Thirty-Four - Thump ago
Chapter Thirty-Five - Dog Gone Wrong ago
Chapter Thirty-Six - Catkiller ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven - Cash Money ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight - Kittens! ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine - Where Things Go ago
Chapter Forty - Bicker Bicker ago
Chapter Forty-One - Big ol’ Mecha Cats ago
Chapter Forty-Two - Invasive ago
Chapter Forty-Three - Comfy Morning Rituals ago
Chapter Forty-Four - Kinda Cute ago
Chapter Forty-Five - Realtoring ago
Chapter Forty-Six - Impeccable Mathematics ago
Chapter Forty-Seven - Closing a Deal ago
Chapter Forty-Eight - A Date ago
Chapter Forty-Nine - Being Hella Fancy ago
Chapter Fifty - Salad ago
Interlewd Two ago
Chapter Fifty-One - Fashioning a Home ago
Chapter Fifty-Two - Fab ago
Chapter Fifty-Three - Palace ago
Chapter Fifty-Four - Phoenix ago
Chapter Fifty-Five - Making an Entrance ago
Chapter Fifty-Six - Small and in Charge ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven - Greedy Bits ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight - Gimmick ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine - Cause Player ago
Chapter Sixty - M9 ago
Chapter Sixty-One - Mimics ago
Chapter Sixty-Two - Arena ago
Chapter Sixty-Three - Rod of God ago
Chapter Sixty-Four - Aftermath, but we’re Really Bad at Math ago
Chapter Sixty-Five - Politics According to Cat ago
Chapter Sixty-Six - Tanks and Soldiers and Guns, Oh My! ago
Chapter Sixty-Seven - Exploring New Holes with Your Favorite Nun ago
Chapter Sixty-Eight - Darkness ago
Chapter Sixty-Nine - Nice ago
Chapter Seventy - A Perfect Time for a Picnic ago
Stray Bun Art Contest! ago
Chapter Seventy-One - Chlorine Trifluoride ago
Chapter Seventy-Two - Model Thirteen ago
Chapter Seventy-Three - A Walkabout ago
Chapter Seventy-Four - Sprint ago
Chapter Seventy-Five - Triggering, But the Fun Sort Where Things Explode ago
Chapter Seventy-Six - Fight Fire with Fire ago
Chapter Seventy-Seven - Deeper ago
Chapter Seventy-Eight - M21 ago
Chapter Seventy-Nine - Boss Fight ago
Chapter Eighty - Burning Away ago
Epilogue ago
Stray Cat Strut ⁠- Volume Three - A Young Lady's Hopepunk Safari ago
Prologue ago
Chapter One - Bliss ago
Chapter Two - Because being a BAMF is Easier in Power Armour ago
Chapter Three - Taxi ago
Chapter Four - Below the City ago
Chapter Five - Rac ago
Chapter Six - Queen Takes Pawn ago
Chapter Seven - Knocking Over the Board ago
Chapter Eight - The Bar At The Bottom of The City ago
Chapter Nine - Halfstar ago
Chapter Ten - Tensions ago
Chapter Eleven - Playing with Gomorrah’s Franny ago
Chapter Twelve - STP-44 The Oasis ago
Chapter Thirteen - What Old People Say ago
Chapter Fourteen - Mally​ ago
Chapter Fifteen - The Cultures Beneath ago
Chapter Sixteen - Fun in the Washroom ago
Chapter Seventeen - Shit Bureaucracy  ago
Chapter Eighteen - Flush Prime ago
Chapter Nineteen - Humanity Degraded ago
Chapter Twenty - Up Shit’s Creek ago
Chapter Twenty-One - Disposal ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - Piracy Across the Shitty Seas ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - Surprise! ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - Ingenious ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - Sneaky Ghillie Lemon Squeezy ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - Bip Bap Bam ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven - A Good Job ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - Stepping Up and Out ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Popo ago
Chapter Thirty - Bypass ago
Chapter Thirty-One - Saying Hello to the Good Doctor ago
Chapter Thirty-Two - The Doctor’s In the House ago
Chapter Thirty-Three - No Surrender ago
Chapter Thirty-Four - The Edge of the Sword ago
Chapter Thirty-Five - Void Terminus ago
Chapter Thirty-Six - Wrapping Shit Up ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven - Heading For Greener Pastures ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight - The Rat and the Hungry Tiger ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine - Meetingus Interuptus ago
Chapter Forty - Real Politics ago
Chapter Forty-One - Physical Comfort in the Presence of Another ago
Chapter Forty-Two - R&R ago
Chapter Forty-Three - Nothing But Cuddles ago
Chapter Forty-Four - Sword Talk ago
Interlewd Three ago
Chapter Forty-Five - Mall Day ago
Chapter Forty-Six - A Bit Fancy ago
Chapter Forty-Seven - In Which Lucy Does Politics ago
Chapter Forty-Eight - Family Matters ago
Chapter Forty-Nine - Peter ago
Chapter Fifty - Sans But Lucratif ago
Chapter Fifty-One - Community Feelings ago
Chapter Fifty-Two - Collar and Leash ago
Chapter Fifty-Three - The Gem ago
Chapter Fifty-Four - Moments ago
Chapter Fifty-Five - Dancing to the Music ago
Chapter Fifty-Six - Speaking Up ago
Chapter Fifty-Seven - Assassination ago
Chapter Fifty-Eight - Interrogation ago
Chapter Fifty-Nine - Popularity ago
Chapter Sixty - Emoting ago
Chapter Sixty-One - Introspection ago

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Word count isn't too high so far but what's been put down sets up an intriguing powerset, primary conflict and sociopolitical setting. Cast seems faceted and reasonable so far - traumatized does not mean unreasonable, authoritarian does not mean inflexible, this sort of thing.

Great start!


The title says it all. Had a bunch of good laughs like a havent had in some time. Also liked the pacing and the characters. Keep up the god work. 

P.S - many words here so I'll reach the 50 word limit so yeah. fifty words; fifty words; fifty words; fifty words; fifty words; fifty words; fifty words; fifty words; fifty words; fifty words; fifty words.


Dude needs some help editing. A single scene can be multiple chapters, and that makes the story feel choppy and unsatisfying to read.


Edit: Forty chapters in and the story is still in the same building.


A story to warm the heart and to show fun guns

Reviewed at: Chapter Fifty-One - Fashioning a Home

This is good. Like real good.

The world building is fun to read, each chapter at the start have a bit of lore. Lore and pieces of what happened to the world in the story, Cat as someone that lives there would be awkward to have her tell about things that happened 30 years ago, or topics that she herself wouldn't care much about, so having these tiny lore pieces every chapter is good.

So far all of the main cast makes me remember them because all of them cativate in a certain way that makes me explode in sweetness. The interaction between them is another thing that makes this story so worth it to read. The Ai being human-like in teasing the mc is one of the best things that happen.

The volume 1 maybe would lead into misconceptions about the story being all about killing things, until you remember how much time have truly passed in the story.

It was about 6 hours. And in these 6 hours we get a mc that worries about her own, shows why she was chosen to be a Samurai and have awesome character.

And Volume 2 comes and we get a different vibe all together. 

we see Cat living her now not that much normal life, time spend with her family, with her girlfriend. Then she goes into another kind of mission that isn't about killing aliens.

Things don't feel forced, the plot just kind of rolls. People exist and they want to do stuff, or to get stuff.

Overall RavensDagger always makes good stories and this is another one of it. If you want to feel good, in your mood give this a try, if you like guns and sci-fi guns possibilities read this too. Raven have made it so that he can make anything just because it crossed his mind and because the mc would want to try that.


An interesting take on a dystopian cyberpunk type world. It's got drama, action, humor, and romance in good measure. And I'm always wondering about what will come next.

Fair warning, some might find the pace a bit slow in regards to time frame. A lot happens in the first twenty or so chapters, but it's all on the same day. You can get a lot of entertainment out of it, but some might feel like there isn't any progression.

Uncle Ret

I read the blurb and decided not my thing.  Post apocoplytic?  No thanks.  Super hero(ish)?  Yeah no.  Crippled orphans?  I round up the change at the grocery to avoid feeling sympathy.

Unfortunately I ran out of the other things to read.  So here I am again.  What's one chapter right?  After all a couple of the authors other stories are pretty good.   Just one little chapter and I'll move on to something else.

Or so I in my naivety thought.  

OMG this story is so hilarious and fun.  The mc and her interactions with everyone around her are priceless.  The characters are vivid and engaging.  The story itself I'd give maybe a B or a B+ but the characters really bring it to life.


A fantastic vision - but punchbag enemies

Reviewed at: Stray Cat Sidestory: Canta Clause

This is a review of the first volume of Stray Cat Strut.

RavensDagger has created a compelling and interesting future world that straddles hard scifi and science fantasy.  Cat, her orphan friends and the other samurai are all well-drawn and interesting.  The first volume is let down by a lack of real peril or a coherent antagonist, but I have high hopes for the development of this story and will definitely keep reading.


The author's voice is clear and strong, which is to be expected from an experienced writer.  However, the pace rushes occasionally, with quite short chapters and choppy action transitions.  There is room, however, to polish this within the short chapters, adding more of the sensory detail that's missing and providing some welcome respite in the relentless pace of the action.


Barring a few minor typos, there are no mistakes or errors of grammar or spelling worth pointing out.  But, at the same time, RavensDagger doesn't make much, if any, imaginative use of grammar or sentence structure in a way that would earn a full five stars.  That's not really a criticism, though.  It's still 4.5 stars for grammar.


The first volume is a pretty linear plot.  There's little sense that anyone Cat cares about is every truly in danger (arguably, other than herself - but she's the title character and, hence, unlikely to die).  But, to be fair to RavensDagger, this first volume is really just laying the groundwork of introducing Cat, her world, the samurai and the invaders.  Although I think more work could have been done to make the story more compelling, with more conflict and tension, there's no denying that the journey through Cat's world is captivating and horrifying in equal measures.  If nothing else, it's an easy read.


This is where the story shines.  Cat is a convincing young punk, golden-hearted under her crusty exterior.  As such, her ascension to samurai feels both just and logical.  A hero who's an orphan could come across as an easy reach for someone with no obligations or responsibilities.  But it's quickly and persuasively shown that Cat has endless obligations and responsibilities and, for all her flaws, handles them as well as she possibly could.  It also meshes well with her ascension that her priority will be using her new opportunities to make life as good as it can be for her charges - but also that she's already got a bit of a hero complex, so she's not going to shy away from doing the job of a proper junior samurai.

For all that this may feel like a critical review, the pleasure of the narrative lies with the compelling journey of its protagonist and, although I think that journey could have nicer scenery, that doesn't make it not worth your time.

Stray Cat Strut is, at time of writing, the story on RR that I most look forward to seeing update and I'll still be here to write a review of the second volume when it's done.


Cutesy sums it up well, and from what I've seen it applies to everything this author writes. I suppose it's nice enough to begin with, but too much sugar gets cloying.

If you can overlook the lack of internal logic and the utter and complete idiocy of the protagonist (self-admitted, at that) and every last other important character (other than the nine or six-year old super-samurai, of which so little is seen that it's hard to judge), it's filler stuff with lots of innuendo to attract male readers with imagine-lesbianism and hot nuns.

Reading for when you want to smile fondly and occasionally grin with your brain turned off.


It's exactly what it sounds like, and that's okay.

Reviewed at: Chapter Fifty - Milk Run

The story is a mix of litRPG, cyberpunk, and an alien invasion. It sounds ridiculous, but it works out quite well. It's not a serious, rational fiction, but it is a fun read that has you cheering for the MC.


The plot is pretty straightforward: It's around the mid-21st century, and alien invasions are threatening Earth. The government has basically given way to corporate overlords who control much of society. Everything and everyone is judged on how much they are worth, and there's a huge disparity between rich and poor. At the top of this system are the Vanguards, or Samurai as they’re more commonly known. People who are granted power to fight the aliens by another race of advanced aliens.

The story centers around the MC who gets caught in an invasion, and finds herself isolated. The MC needs to save her friends, and gets a "system" that allows her to do so. She kills the aliens, gets points, spends points on weapons to better kill more aliens and get more points, and so on.


The characters are fun. They have personality and are likeable. The MC, Cat, is a one-armed, one-eyed orphan who (with her two, also crippled friends, is in charge of a group of younger orphans in one of the poorest orphanages in the city.


The world is interesting. It’s a dystopian cyberpunk setting, where megacorporation set the rules. It’s pretty well fleshed out and doesn’t go too far that it becomes ridiculous.


As far as grammar, it’s well-written. No obvious mistakes, and good sentence structure and word-flow.


All-in-all I’d recommend this if you just want something fun to read that’s not too deep.


Sassy lesbians, snark, combat nuns, dystopian cyberpunk and an alien invasion - what's not to love?  

Ravensdagger has the best patreon out there as well, tons of content and a great discord community.  Join us there and support a great author!

I have no idea what to do with the rest of the required 50 words so here you go.