I was reborn into a fantasy world as a magic robot?! Automata Prime

I was reborn into a fantasy world as a magic robot?! Automata Prime

by Xian

A programmer and toy designer is killed due to a cosmic sysAdmin error. As an apology, his soul is sent to another world, a world functioning very much like a typical Japanese RPG. To his delight, he is able to be reborn as 'automata', a robot, with some cheat abilities that fit right in with his background. Unfortunately, automata are seen as tools and property. Follow him as he proves them wrong and builds a new and better future for all automata.

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Automata Artificer

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Table of Contents
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Prime: Chapter 1 ago
Prime: Chapter 2 ago
Prime: Chapter 3 ago
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Prime: Chapter 9 ago
Prime: Chapter 10 ago
Prime: Chapter 11 ago
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Prime: Chapter 13 ago
Prime: Chapter 14 ago
Prime: Chapter 15 ago
Prime: Chapter 16 ago
Prime: Chapter 17 ago
Prime: Chapter 18 ago
Prime: Chapter 19 ago
Prime: Chapter 20 ago
Prime: Chapter 21 ago
Prime: Chapter 22 ago
Prime: Chapter 23 ago
Prime: Chapter 24 ago
Prime: Chapter 25 ago
Prime: Chapter 26 ago
Prime: Chapter 27 ago
Prime: Chapter 28 ago
Prime: Chapter 29 ago
Prime: Chapter 30 ago
Prime: Chapter 31 ago
Prime: Chapter 32 ago
Prime: Chapter 33 ago
Prime: Chapter 34 ago
Prime: Chapter 35 ago
Prime: Chapter 36 ago
Prime: Chapter 37 ago
Prime: Chapter 38 ago
Prime: Chapter 39 ago
Prime: Chapter 40 ago
Prime: Chapter 41 ago
Prime: Chapter 42 ago
Prime: Chapter 43 ago
Prime: Chapter 44 ago
Prime: Chapter 45 ago
Prime: Chapter 46 ago
Prime: Chapter 47 [End Book 1] ago
Transformed: ReCap.init ago
Transformed: Chapter 1 ago
Transformed: Chapter 2 ago
Transformed: Chapter 3 ago
Transformed: Chapter 4 ago
Transformed: Chapter 5 ago
Transformed: Chapter 6 ago
Transformed: Chapter 7 ago
Transformed: Chapter 8 ago
Transformed: Chapter 9 ago
Transformed: Chapter 10 ago
Transformed: Chapter 11 ago
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Transformed: Chapter 19 ago
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Transformed: Chapter 26 ago
Transformed: Chapter 27 ago
Transformed: Chapter 28 ago
Transformed: Chapter 29 ago
Transformed: Chapter 30 ago
Transformed: Chapter 31 ago
Transformed: Chapter 32 ago
Transformed: Chapter 33 ago
Transformed: Chapter 34 ago
Transformed: Chapter 35 ago
Transformed: Chapter 36 ago
Transformed: Chapter 37 ago
Transformed: Chapter 38 ago
Transformed: Chapter 39 ago
Transformed: Chapter 40 ago
Transformed: Chapter 41 ago
Transformed: Chapter 42 ago
Transformed: Chapter 43 ago
Transformed: Chapter 44 ago
Transformed: Chapter 45 -- The End ago
Unleashed: Recap ago
Unleashed: Chapter 1 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 2 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 3 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 4 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 5 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 6 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 7 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 8 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 9 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 10 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 11 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 12 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 13 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 14 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 15 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 16 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 17 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 18 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 19 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 20 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 21 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 22 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 23 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 24 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 25 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 26 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 27 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 28 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 29 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 30 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 31 ago
Unleashed: Chapter 32 ago

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George Haufman

Style: I always beg for consistency when it comes to style and this story exceeds at it. The pacing of the plot really fits the narrative being laid out here. 

Grammar: nothing in specific to say here its good.

Story: classic isekia story with a robotic twist. I love the use of coding as a way to show internal character growth. Who doesn't love robots!?

Character: The characters are deep enough for me to enjoy, I'm very sure that they will get more depth in time. The dialogue feels pretty organic, never robotic, which is a pleasant surprise. Good job with this one Author!

Damien Hanson

I'm not in far in yet but I have to say that I am having a lot of fun with it. Also I suck at reviews lol. Just trust me, this is worth the read.