Enchanting Pays Way Better!

by TeenageAuthor

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Strong Lead War and Military Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Okay, synopsis writing is hard!

Johnathan Cribb was not the best humanity had to offer, not even close.

Following John's untimely death, we will see our morally questionable lead enter a new and fantastical world with a new mindset on life.

A newfound skill in enchanting proves to be worth far more than John could have guessed. It pays so well, that John decides to invest in adventuring in his new world. After all, there are monsters to slay, maidens to lay, and secrets to be uncovered! John will take to his new role swimmingly. That is, of course, if he can get that damn stat screen to work correctly!

Updates: The current release goal is at LEAST once a week. More if I'm able.

The cover is in no way mine, if you are the owner of this artwork please tell me if you want it taken down.


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  • Overall Score

Honestly the introduction into the true story is exhaustingly long and boring, if the story actually started before ch20 than I'd be interested but by now 16chapters in and still in the prologue it feels like and author absolutely refuses to tell us anything substantial about the world or the system so we could have some info to work with

  • Overall Score

Interesting premise and satisfying growth

Reviewed at: The Learning Curve

There are a lot of litrpg stories floating around, so it can be easy to disregard new entrants. This story starts off following a conman in life, before progressing further after his death. While granted an exceptional skill right off the bat, the introduction follows a fairly gentle curve as he learns more about the world and the system that now governs his life. The progression system is more straightforward and less precise than most, but I feel that might be to its benefit as more than a few authors have struggled to stay on top of dozens of specific Skills, Attributes, and the rate at which they level in tandem with story events. Having tiers instead greatly simplifies the progression, while still being able to throw in level ups to highlight the protagonist's achievements.

The characters are actually well-done, with each individual holding a consistent and unique personality. It's still relatively early in the story, but I'm not too concerned that the characters around John will be reduced to cardboard cutouts that just serve to cheer on the MC or occasionally bounce conversations off of. Likewise, the world has so far been satisfyingly filled out, even if we've only seen small portions overall, there's nothing that sticks out as not belonging or poorly thought out. The writing itself remains solid, or at least the few errors are infrequent enough that they don't really interfere with reading.

Overall, while new, this makes for a competent entry into the genre. The MC hasn't tumbled into wish-fulfillment status as of yet, though it's apparent that they will eventually be quite powerful relative to the world. That said, so long as his power is attained by effort or scheme instead of pure luck, it looks like it should be an enjoyable ride.

  • Overall Score

Nothing earth shattering but it is interesting and catches your attention as a reader.  I enjoyed reading it and am eager for the next chapter.  

Writing quality is pretty good considering the author's self-proclaimed lack of experience.  Better than a good chunk of the writing here on RR but obviously not pro level writing (even indy pro level).

  • Overall Score

The book has a good premise and sets up the MC's goals and personality great. But the leveling aspect needs to be solved. I know it's cheap and this is the beginning of the book but the author has to add specifics to the magic system and actual system. Mana seems important but without context we just don't know. Besides that this book has potential to be long and good. 
Don't make the obvious joke.

  • Overall Score

Good but needs work for max stars

Reviewed at: An Unexpected Journey

The story is enjoyable and written well. The only issues I have detected so far is poorly separated paragraphs and a bit too much telling not a lot of showing. Excited for more chapters despite the issues.

Mind sentience
  • Overall Score

Decent setup with a lot of potential. Take your time on your scheduling chapter drops and don't rush your story.

You got a good foundation here. Make something grand on top of it!

  • Overall Score

Mc is gross. The whole outlook and how he lived made me sick.