Ismael waved her hand to open a portal. A big round hole appeared mid-air.

“Where do we go first?”


“Why? The old hag’s there. I don’t wanna…”

“Just go!” Coco snapped as he pushed Ismael towards the portal.

They arrived somewhere in the Tomaki mountain range. Ismael was annoyed at the mere thought of meeting the ‘Mage of Madness’. The mage was powerful but, yes, insane. She was already a powerful mage even when Ismael was still a mountain. Her memories of the thousand year old mage just made her cringe in fear. Apparently, the mage once blew up a quarter of Ismael while fighting with a magical beast. Ismael could still remember the dread she felt as her beautiful slopes were blown into dust.

“What brings you here?” A raspy voice with an alluring deep tone spoke from miles away.

“Um… old hag… uhh I mean...crazy mage! Ugh!! Whatever! Coco! Why are we here?!” Ismael nervously chattered and tried to hide her presence as much as possible.

“Oh powerful mage whose existence is like a beautiful symphony endowed to this planet! We humbly request your assistance! This young and inexperienced guardian is requesting your help for an urgent matter that concerns this world’s nearing destruction!” Coco tried his best to get on her good side. “There is but one small matter that needs your attention Madam Boyle. If it is not too much of a bother, would you like to discuss it over a cup of tea?”

“Ah… you must be Coco. Did Samael teach you to speak like that?” *pffft*

“You see this thing has been reading too many stuff from earth. I think he’s copying some kind of servant or something.” Ismael tried to hide her embarrassment.

Her friend is truly amazing yet also strange. Coco’s hobby is smuggling literature from earth. He was made to be perfect but perfection can also be boring. So he developed a fancy to reading about the atrocities of earth and its creatures.

“HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! AAAHHHHHHH!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!” the mage laughed like the lunatic that she is.

She rolled on the floor and swung her legs around. Almost laughing herself to death.

“HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!! YOU LITTLE… HAHAAHAA!!!!!!” Coco was stunned. He could not understand what was so funny. As far as he knew, what he said was more than polite and was perfect for negotiating with powerful beings.

“HEY SISSY!! YOU HAVE AN INTERESTING TOY!! HOW ABOUT GIVING IT TO ME??” the crazy mage said so while covering the entire mountain range with her murderous energy. It was more of a threat than a question. Ismael’s body was shaking in fear as the mage suddenly appeared in front of her. The mage’s face was so close she could smell the old lady’s breath.

“YES? YESSSS? HMMMM…” she half-closed her eyes and released even more powerful energy.

Ismael breathed in very deeply. As deep as she could. Trying to suck in all the air surrounding the mountains.

“NO!!!!!” She shouted like her life depended on it.

The angel managed to break the mage’s aura and finally collect herself. After a few more shallow breaths, she spoke again.

“Agnes… I messed up. So um… could you maybe help us a little?” She tried to smile.

A few seconds of silence.

The mage stared at the duo of what seemed like reincarnated monkeys in her eyes.

“Hmm… alright! Got nothing better to do anyway!” the mage finally replied.

Agnes went into a state that was manageable. Somewhere between murderous and reasonable. It would be like asking a child killer for help in rescuing a kidnapped child. Coco transformed into a female human wearing an English maid’s uniform while summoning a gazebo. The tiled roof was covered with flower vines which went all the way down to its posts. In the middle was a small round table and two chairs adorned by intricate carvings and plush fur seats. There was also a wooden cart which was filled with different kinds of snacks and pastries. A teapot was proudly steaming on top of a silver tray with shiny porcelain cups. As if calling the old lady to succumb to relaxation.

“Madam, please take a seat.”

“Thank you, Coco.” The mage softly replied as she gently sat on the chair.

“You! Sit!” the maid snapped at Ismael.

Ismael sat quietly with a frown on her face. She tried her best not to cry. Despite the mage being crazy, Agnes is the only human that she knows on a personal level. There was no need to pretend or hide anything when it comes to Agnes. The mage was deranged but also wise. She understood her place and knew not to interfere with anything divine.

“Madam, I hope this tea is good enough for your tastes. I personally cultivated this Tongue of Swilna for very special guests!”

“Mm yes it has a very sweet aroma. You’ve done well, coco.” *sips* “Oh! It is marvelous!”

“Thank you for your praise, madam!” Coco happily replied. It was not every day that he was able to entertain guests.

“So… what have you done this time?” Agnes asked as she sipped a little more of the tea.




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