Orc Calamity

by Voidmirage

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Phillip is more than downtrodden.

Born with only his sister, he is as poor as it can get in the Kingdom of Chadia.

After tragedy, after tragedy hits his life, he only preserved in the memory of his sister.

Forsaken, shunned, and schemed against, Phillip is known as the wretch, the pig, the oaf, and many other names by his co-workers, his neighbors, his former school mates...

Let's follow Phillip as he attempts to live his life, and see if it is worth living... Because everything isn't always what it seems.

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The Blind Idiot God

Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A Painful Life ago
Chapter 2: Just Another Day in Paradise ago
Chapter 3: Only wanted when Needed ago
Chapter 4: Marauding Orcs ago
Chapter 5: Learning about the Calamity ago
Chapter 6: Slaves upon Arrival ago
Chapter 7: This is... ago
Chapter 8: Why are you so strong!? ago
Chapter 9: He's got to be an Orc ago
Chapter 10: The Aftermath of the Peon's Sty bar ago
Chapter 11: The Morning After; A Lady's Contradiction ago
Chapter 12: To the Slave Pits ago
Chapter 13: First Kill; First ill ago
Chapter 14: Remove the Helmet ago
Chapter 15: The Helmets Off! ago
Chapter 16: A New Shave Look ago
Chapter 17: Possible Clan Origins ago
Chapter 18: Is that a big deal? ago
Chapter 19: The Third Sister ago
Chapter 20: Let's Settle this with the Spirits ago
Chapter 21: The Black Duo Heed the Call ago
Chapter 22: Explain this... ago
Chapter 23: Adoption by Blood Rite ago
Chapter 24: Mead is life ago
Chapter 25: A Family Feast ago
Chapter 26: It's all about the Clan ago
Chapter 27: Training Day ago
Chapter 28: The Story of the Ghost Berry ago
Chapter 29: The Taste of Madness ago
Chapter 30: Understanding the Heart of the Matter ago
Chapter 31: I hate you so much ago
Chapter 32: Swear before We start ago
Chapter 33: Favored by the World? ago
Chapter 34: Feelings in the Dark ago
Chapter 35: Too much; Too fast ago
Chapter 36: A fine Orc ago
Chapter 37: To the Slaughterhouse ago
Chapter 38: Life is Hard ago
Chapter 39: Let's finish this up ago

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  • Overall Score

Pretty decent fic. 

I do have some complaints:

1. you took wayyy too many chapters for the MC to be revealed as an Orc when it is in the title of the fic and in the tags as well.... I knew he was an orc before I started this fic, so why on earth would you dangle that fact with a plot point as weak as a "stuck helmet"?? Also pretty freakin big plot hole that he lived in a human city and no one pointed it out to him or insulted in him as one.... 

If you removed the entire "mystery" of the MC being an orc and just forced on him being rescued by his people it would have been even more interesting. Also it would help develop the MC more as a reason to betray the humans and join the orcs. The current reason sucks... he was bullied because he smelled like shit and was fat. 

2. Romance was forced way too fast and the reason to be attached of "omg idk, we're connected" is not really sufficient. Also attraction of "I only want the strongest" is so cliche is hurt to actually read that sentence. 

3. Hearing orcs talk like snotty eastern cultivators is really really weird....

4. Constant bashing on the "fatty", just.... skip the first couple chapters and you wouldn't have missed anything other than "sister is gone and he misses her" and "everone hates mc b/c he is fat". You don't need to have everyone in the city verbally abuse the MC for us to realize he isn't liked. 

  • Overall Score

I have really enjoyed what I have read so far BUT

Reviewed at: Chapter 38: Life is Hard

There really aren't enough chapters for me to recommend this story to someone. 38 is a pretty sold amount for almost any other story, but not this one. It feels like the story is just getting started. It feels like this story is going to need 100 more chapters for something significant to happen. That really isn't a bad thing, IMO, but it is bad as there are only 38 chapters out right now. You'll consume the first 38 chapters in one sitting and still be starving. 

There is one technical issue with the story. The grammar isn't bad, but it feels like a few words are getting auto-corrected by something. Like, got was used instead of god or fit somehow became lift. 

  • Overall Score

I already said in the comments, I'll say it here. 


Now my list of favorites is all jumbled up! 

  • Overall Score

Grammer gets worse not better...

Reviewed at: Chapter 29: The Taste of Madness

The concept is unique but the grammer gets progressively worse, so if you have a problem with that like me this story should be a pass.

  • Overall Score

Wasn't overly enthusiastic at first, but as we progress it's starting to grow on me.