Dexs/ Clairs Adventure (Completed)

by Kestix

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Magic School Life Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

I was a normal pupil and lived my daily live with school and light novels as well as a couple of games. I often had the dream of forsaking my world and living in a new world with magic and monster. And after a normal day it happened.... Well yeah, hi this is my first story and I´m extremely inexperienced, so please help me with suggestions in the comment section. The MC is going to be OP and will have a few screws loose. He is not good, but will do good deeds, if he sees them necessary. The story will have sexual contents in booth ways(normal and lesbian) and there will be violence(torture, gore, slave abuse and so on). The inspiration for this story lies in many, many other stories. For example Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku, Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari, Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo and many others.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 A normal day but then... ago
2 A talk with God ago
3 My Power´s ago
4 The dragon masker ago
5 The Village ago
6 A new Family ago
7 The first day ago
8 ID-Card, Magic and the Acadamy ago
9 More Magic Academys? and magic lessons. ago
10 Ores and old friends. ago
11 The first forged Sword. ago
12 Town stroll ago
13 What can my magic do and fighting? ago
14 Time with Alice. ago
15 First day of school. ago
16 Maias-life ago
17 Departure ago
18 Bandits ago
19 A bath and town ago
20 Entrance Exam ago
21 School Rules and Roommates ago
22 Student Council ago
23 Entrance Ceremony ago
24 Mana Manipulation and Magic Theories ago
25 Math and common knowledge ago
26 A mother and her child ago
27 Spell casting and enchanting ago
28 The Orphanage ago
29 Tailoring, alchemy, forging and monster theology. ago
30 Getting Ilza ago
31 A Talk with Ilza ago
32 A teacher for Ilza ago
33 Small Talk with the headmaster ago
34 A little biology and a new house. ago
35 Pets and Books ago
36 Duke, Huru, Trainer much to do ago
37 A scene from an anime. ago
38 Experiments ago
39 An ally for Lilia ago
40 The Dungeon ago
41 Back to the Surface ago
41.5 Lilias POV ago
42 The preliminary rounds of the Tournament ago
43 Nothing special but Holiness and Archdemons ago
44 Party ago
45 A normal day for René ago
46 Student council meeting ago
47 Trip to the Tournament ago
48 Welcome Party ago
49 Survival Round ago
50 Fighting Rounds ago
51 What else happened as we traveled back ago
52 Drulls' search for child meat ago
53 Sirils Day and Visitors from Raska ago
54 Silgas Country Conference ago
55 Immigrants ago
56 Start of the Journey ago
57 Lichtstadt ago
58 Heroes and Summoning ago
59 Gnaw on It ago
60 Wuxia Guy and Necklace ago
61 Rank Up ago
62 About Qi Cultivation ago
63 Hell Dungeon ago
64 Lilia's Village ago
65 A Cook ago
66 History ago
67 Green Is Not Always Healthy ago
68 Training and a Call ago
69 Escape ago
70 The Current State and Some Plans ago
71 Calm Before the Storm ago
72 Arriving in Turonis ago
73 A Rather Quick Battle ago
74 A Simple Siege ago
75 Preperation for Tragons War ago
A Trip to Naruto ago
76 The Heroes ago
77 How Do You Do? ago
78 Three Million Against 500.003 ago
79 A Walk Through Nahar With Culinary Specialities ago
One Piece ago
80 Grait Walls Built by Clair ago
81 Why Are Dwarvs Always Mining Too Deep? ago
82 Drull's Parents ago
83 Peace Treaty and End ago
Next Story ago

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Only for psychoanalysts

This story has sequels. I recommend them. But this one, you should skip.

The story is about an Evil Neutral character. He kills, he plunders... I like this kind of MC. He can win at the end, that's fine with me. But the author must make it clear that he is evil and make him stay in his role. Make the MC a real bad guy.

However the MC thinks he is the good guy. (He is not.) He thinks his actions follow his principles. (They are not.) The author praises the MC actions instead of hinting the reader about the moral implications of the MC choices. The author could also state the joy of lacking a moral principle. However, this is poorly done: this harms the reader without making him relieve much stress.

The author's evident lack of mastery of the langage makes it clear when he is speaking instead of the MC. The story is both an English exercise and a form of catharsis for the author. It helps him gaining maturity, but perceptive readers will find it disturbing. The reader is exposed to a lot of nonsense.

First: horrible grammar. You will write a lot worse after reading this story.

Second: horrible life lessons. You will think a lot worse after reading this story.

Third: second hand knowledge. You will learn false information.

If, from the start, you're here for the God complex, nothing will happen to you. The MC is a mix between a nazi and a banana republic dictator. He is what lots of people would become with absolute power. He is a psychopath. Yes, the author speaks about a few 'screws loose' in the synopsis. But, the author will show in the story that he his a good guy. Be careful.

As this lead to major spoiler I won't detail all the major misconceptions of the MC and (maybe) the Author. This is a list of notions explored by the Author in the story without (very likely) having any clue about them (except from Isekai stories):

  • God
  • Racism
  • Rape, Torture, Cannibalism
  • Slavery

These notions are really tough and this story SHOULD NOT AFFECT YOUR POINT OF VIEW ABOUT THEM. You are free to read but be prepared, if not, avoid reading this. Read with a more mature author in the story sequel(s).

  • Overall Score

Okay overall, but not for everyone.

I found the story okay, but often mindless and even annoying sometimes. Regarding grammar it reminds me of "leet speech" from back in day, it feels like the author can write english just fine, but isn't bothered enough to check his spelling. For characters...well it's like the story, quite mindless and let's not forget that the MC is a total sociopath.


It's like the author took every part I find annoying with OP main characters and added it into one person, it's interesting but be prepared to be annoyed.

  • Overall Score


P.S. Don't late the harters get to you in the future. There is certain groups and people that on this hate on other people's work and tend to be very discouraging. They only tend to show up when your fiction starts to become really popular so try to stay positive when their hateful comments,criticisms and ratings come.

Luke Scheffe
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illogical setting.

in a village of twenty houses, there is a school full of kids, an adventurers guild, a blacksmith, and a library, all in separate buildings. in that small of a village, those would all be the same building, with the jail, stable and village chief's house thrown in for good measure. 

the main character is shocked to discover that a map of everything within 100 km does not cover even a fifth of the globe, nevermind the whole globe as he expected. he finds out that the closest village to him is 10000 km away, so proceeds to fly at 15 times the speed of sound to get there.

when first called before "God" to receive the powers, he is told that it is for gods entertainment, before "God" proceeds to give him near infinite power, thus making him as boring as possible

The grammar mistakes are innumerable, and the characterbuilding atrocious. DO NOT READ

  • Overall Score

This story has an Interesting premise.

I don't claim to be an expert at grammar or spelling but I honestly find this story difficult to follow and that really sucks cause I really like the idea of just laying back for once and enjoying an OP MC. hopefully you can get a proofreader.

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OP MC fans will like this

  • Grammar: You can see mistakes on every chapter
  • Story: Really interesting for an overpowered mc
  • Characters: Liked their background and their hardships
  • Only thing I didn’t like is that the MC was a male but rarely transforms into a male. Give Dex more screen time and Lilia moments
  • Overall I like it. More chapters are welcome
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A survival specialist

I'm really impressed how you managed to keep this story alive and going, it's one if the "wish fulfillment op character can do everything" stories, but unlike many other of that category you kept your story going and even interesting, it's funny how you manage to write interesting chapters without a real goal, enemy or even challenge, I must say I'm impressed.

I really find it funny to see authors use german as the "mystical foreign" language, since in my opinion (as a german myself)  if you understand it, it does not sound nearly as majestic as in other languages or even English  XD. But I find it especially funny how you use it for just everything from simple common to the old and forgotten magic language. 

Your use of ähm is also rather funny.

  • Overall Score

Quite unbalanced, could use improvement.

over-all the story is quite hard to follow and really get into.


Unfortunately grammar is important and always will be, anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to your face just trying to defend their own opinions. they have little care for you or whether you improve if they tell you such things.

Fortunately, the grammar can easily be sorted out by having someone read over your releases or by using a quality application. If you have chrome browser the "grammarly" app is the perfect tool for aspiring authors, it's free unless you want the profesional features.


Now for the story:

meeting with god - too unnatural in the sense that you have left behind OP for miles and have entered "daydreaming self-insert" territory. which is not a good place to be when trying to make a story you want to be taken seriously.

control over new life - a few things would make sense, but getting to decide and dictate everything is just overly demanding. 20 choices are way too many, 1 critical but relatively expected, 3 with restrictions makes for a rather relaxed god. even 5 would be acceptable if the gender+appearance count as 1 of the choices et cetera.

OP - the best OP'ness stories involve a backstory that lead to the MC's current abilities. just having them handed to them makes the character too shallow and makes it harder for readers to attach any importance or feelings with how things progress. remember things are best done in moderation, which allows their importance and relevance to increase.

  • Overall Score

This is story is very relaxing

This story is very interesting and allows me to kick back and enjoy the OP MC. I hope the author gets a proofreader.

  • Overall Score
i am not going to say this story has no flaws but i and many others enjoy it anyway so keep writing and you will keep getting better