A man who had been called a prince looked at the mana figure above the circus. His eyes glanced at the figure as a whole but the black veil covering the feminine figure was what drew his attention.

This man, contrary to his supposed title, had extremely ordinary clothing and an aura surrounding him making him essentially unnoticeable. There was no one following behind him nor was there any distinguishing trait that could have led to anyone else think that he would be someone of high status.

The two nobles who were chatting immediately went stiff, not knowing how they should approach this sudden situation. The prince in front of them was the most eccentric of the bunch, although being the second child, he was the only one who didn't take statuses seriously disregarding the entire social structure as a whole.

The prince gestured his hands to show no ill will, "Calm down, I'm sure my brother sent you to scout this place out so I won't bother you, though could I ask you a few questions?"

The teenage noble was the first to act and bowed his head, "Of course Prince Andrei, ask away."

Andrei pointed his finger towards the black veil that was once covering the mana figure, "What do you think it means?"

"I'm not as bold as to assume that my guess would be correct but it seems to be a hidden message regarding an assassination operation. The code used here is the same as the one we use but it could also just be a coincidence."

"Hmm, then I'd like to ask you, do you think they're a threat?"

The teenage noble puffed his chest and proudly exclaimed, "Personally speaking, I am sure that they won't even be able to hold a candle to our own people."

"Then how about, Professionally speaking?"

The teenage noble took on a serious expression, "They're a threat, we don't know their motives nor the extent of their abilities. Taking in the fact that they know how our ciphers work, the chances of them being an enemy is slightly higher."

"Oh? Why do you think so?"

"Prince, I am sure you already know why. They know our code yet we don't know anything about them."

At that moment the teenage noble had a sudden thought enter his mind, "Unless you let them in?"

The prince ignored the teenage noble's question, "Interesting, you seem to be well-informed unlike your friend here. Either way, I'll see you around the event's about to begin."

The prince left them there as he started to get in line. Due to the sheer amount of people outside the circus, it should've normally taken roughly an hour to take everyone in but the circus had an odd entry sequence speeding up the process exponentially.

The teenage noble was now conflicted about Andrei, this prince was someone no one had an understanding of. His thoughts were a mystery and his demeanor was unbecoming of someone of his statues. Despite this, he always had a hand in events that shifted the tides in the kingdom altogether.

"This could either be something or it could be everything, the first prince would definitely need to know about this."

Inside the circus, people were flocking in at a rapid speed, As soon as one entered the venue, it's as if the entire world's look changed altogether. When one looked up at the ceiling, the supposed tarp that was acting as a roof for the circus should be shown but another starry sky appeared instead. The seemingly concrete floor changed to a stone path that led people to an open stage with numerous stalls beside it.

The prince was taken aback by how well everything was placed. He looked at the ticket in his hand and tightly kept it in his hands. As he was looking around, he called out to a person at his side and forced him to switch tickets with him. The prince satisfied, he looked around and took interest in a few attractions.

All sorts of attractions laid all over the place, contrary to its compact look outside, the surrounding trees acting as the walls of the circus gave the feeling of more space than there actually was. People who entered this place seemed to be entranced as they went from one attraction to another as if possed by the sights it held.

In the middle of the entire venue, Rosaline appeared as entrancing as her first appearance. Men's eyes couldn't stop looking at her while women were constantly envying her.

"I welcome you all to this little event, the main show is about to begin so please all take your seats."

At that moment, a large seating area appeared surrounding the open stage. Rosaline asked everyone to take their seat, with the amazing attractions earlier they were even more excited for the actual main show for today. Adding on the fact that a grand mage would be participating in this grand opening, it was something to really look forward to.

Rosaline was still in the middle of the open stage putting all the eyes on her. She still stood there like a porcelain doll for everyone to look at.

"Due to a special request from our grand mage, we'll be starting in five minutes but worry not, this will be something five lucky viewers will definitely treasure."

Confusion appeared on the faces of the audience except for the prince.

"Please check your tickets handed out at the beginning and check if it has a golden tint on it. This will be relevant to the upcoming show."

Everyone in the audience immediately took out their own tickets and double-checked it. A few moments later three people yelled out that they had it. Andrei also voiced out that he had the golden tint on his ticket. These four people went up to the open stage being the envy of everyone who saw them.

One of the people who got a golden ticket said, "What do we win?"

Rosaline replied, "I can't spoil the surprise until the five lucky people are up here."

The four people on stage were left no other choice but to wait. During this wait, Andrei got closer to Rosaline and started a conversation.

"You look quite familiar."

Rosaline took a glance at Andrei and decided it was someone who was trying his luck but still decided to speak with him, "I am the model for the mana figure above this event. It makes sense why you'd recognize me."

"Is that so? Then why does the title Underworld Envoy come to mind."

Rosaline's heart dropped, though that title is quite notorious within the state of Bran there wasn't anyone who knew what they looked like exactly. She decided to take this individual more seriously.

She covered his mouth with her mouth, "Why would you say such a thing to a maiden such as I?"

"I know what the black veil says and I'm willing to employ everyone here. Consider it as acknowledgment on my end."

"It's not up to me."

"Is that so? I guess the True Underworld King is behind this, I'd even assume that he's the grand mage that's coming out."

Rosaline froze, this person in front of her immediately picked out the truth from her words. His deduction is terrifying but not as terrifying as Adam's plans.

Andrei went back and another man patted him on the back saying that it would've happened to anyone else. He just played along and started to converse with the rest.

Eventually, the five minutes were just about to finish when a teenage boy who just arrived showed his ticket that had a golden tint on it. Staff urged him to get on stage which he did.

After all this time the last piece finally arrived, "Now that there were five people on stage, we'll finally begin."

In front of everyone's eyes, she disappeared as if she was never there to begin with. From everyone in this entire event, the most surprised were Andrei and this mysterious teenager. Andrei started muttering something under his breath while the mysterious teenager had wide-open eyes in clear shock.

Then out of thin air, an old weary man appeared out of thin air in Rosaline's place. When people saw this man they started cheering, he had fit the typical looks of a grand mage. Old age, wooden staff, the demeanor of a master, and the suffocating amount of magical power within him.

"I welcome you all to the grand opening of this circus inside the Kingdom of Luxury. I'll show everyone a glimpse of the true arcane."

Immediately right after, the old man conjured a magic circle right behind him which created glowing orbs lights of multiple colors, dazzling everyone here. Those lights went in circles all around each one of the audience giving them all different colored lights beside them.

After the lights turned stationary right beside everyone, the old man made another magic circle creating a raging inferno in the middle of the stage but oddly enough not hurting anyone at all. One of the people on stage was tempted to touch it yet failed to do so.

The old man saw this and slightly chuckled, "I assure you this is a real inferno." He then took out a sheet of paper, crumpled it, and then threw it into the raging fire on stage. The ball of paper turned to ashes in a matter of milliseconds.

The raging inferno then spread out to the floating orbs which caused everyone in the audience to close their eyes. At that moment, everyone who closed their eyes saw something else entirely different. This vision was custom made for each one, giving each person a different experience.

Some saw their long lost loved ones and finally was able to say goodbye. Others finally said what they wanted to the person in their vision. While others relieved the happiest days of their lives. Regardless of what it was, their visions were something that everyone liked.

Andrei muttered under his breath, "Illusion... tricky..."

The mysterious teenager saw more than everyone else and understood that this grand mage in front of him was someone that was even stronger than his own master and teachers. He lured everyone into a state of confusion then dealt with any lingering inflictions on them.

Andrei looked at the mysterious teenager and started a conversation while everything was happening in front of them. They seem to be the most extraordinary of whoever personally entered the event.

"Lad, you seem to be quite versed in the ways of magic. Care to share your thoughts?"

The mysterious teenager spoke back, "This grand mage is the real deal. There's nothing else you need to know."

"Oh? How could someone framed as a genius be so cold-hearted to someone of royalty? I'm sure you're smarter than that."

"Prince Andrei? I never knew I'd find someone with such high status in this kind of place."

"Well, nevermind. Let's just see how this plays out."

One of the people who had been coughing since the start stopped ever since he opened his eyes, "My throat is... healed?"

There was an even more erratic case where he had been having stomach pains but was healed, "It's a miracle I've been healed!"

Even though there were a lot who were healed, there were some who felt extremely threatened. They were acting as spies for nobles and people of authority but now the spells that were cast on them to aid them were cleansed.

Everyone started praising the grand mage and was now even more jealous of the people on stage since they're going to receive something special.

There was someone who boldly said that he'll pay an enormous amount to switch places with them. Sadly, no one budged on this once in a lifetime experience.

The old man now faced the five people, "Now that I've shown a little of what I could do. Let's begin."

A note from Dain

Little Trivia: The circus seems to act on the basis of illusion. What else could be veiled upon a blanket of lies.

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