Adam is the Protagonist

by Dain

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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Traumatising content

A band of heroes with the sole goal of uniting everyone, such a noble and righteous goal should be praised and be welcomed by all. These heroes lead by Richard went on to write their names unto history.

Then there's Adam, what was he doing? Something more realistic and important.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1:The Protagonist is Adam ago
Chapter 2: School of... What was it again? ago
Chapter 3: Always Keeps His Word ago
Chapter 4: Four Years Bad Luck ago
Chapter 5: Not That Overpowered ago
Chapter 6: That's Why The Price Was So High ago
Chapter 7: Awkward Talks ago
Chapter 8: An Hour is Enough ago
Chapter 9: The Plot Begins ago
Chapter 10: Face To Face ago
Chapter 11: Your Future ago
Chapter 12: Here She Comes ago
Chapter 13: Set Forth, Adam ago
Chapter 14: Starting with Just a Bit of Trouble ago
Chapter 15: Dual Vow ago
Chapter 16: A Rustle in the Night ago
Chapter 17: First Night ago
Chapter 18: Waking Fight ago
Chapter 19: Into the Woods ago
Chapter 20: Attack ago
Chapter 21: Haze vs. Zane ago
Chapter 22: Change of Heart ago
Chapter 23: Striking Back ago
Chapter 24: Strong Bonds ago
Chapter 25: Walking Back ago
Chapter 26: Garan, the Underworld Envoy ago
Chapter 27: Allies ago
Chapter 28: Breaking a Deal ago
Chapter 29: One Ends, Another Begins ago
Chapter 30: Phase 1: Condensation ago
Chapter 31: Ranking ago
Chapter 32: Starting Off Strong ago
Chapter 33: Taking the Step ago
Chapter 34: Starting the Tide ago
Chapter 35: More Sheep to the Slaughter ago
Chapter 36: An Explosive Show ago
Chapter 37: Five Kingdoms ago
Chapter 38: Kingdom of Ore ago
Chapter 39: Kingdom of Luxury ago
Chapter 40: Livid Life ago
Chapter 41: Facing Your Past ago
Chapter 42: Stranger Friends ago
Chapter 43: To Entertain ago
Chapter 43: Event Starts ago
Chapter 44: Lucky Five ago
Chapter 45: A Wish ago

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Google Translate is not an editor

Reviewed at: Chapter 45: A Wish

Machine translation should not be your target writing style.

Adam is the Protagonist appears to be some kind of xanxia/wuxia trope-fest complete with dialogue so stilted you can almost see the character's mouth still moving after they're done talking.

The old lady and old man in the village of the (two?) main characters are straight out of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, complete with obvious and ridiculously powerful skills and strength that the characters bald-facedly lie about to other characters, their role as protectors of the community, and a frying pan to the head to shut up the old man.

The two wunderkids, Richard and Adam, are Chosen One levels of amazing even as children and inspire awe in seasoned, high-level wuxia powered-up soldiers, but thankfully aren't able to immediately their leader. That's probably going to change in a few chapters, but I can't bring myself to care enough to find out.

Grammar, spelling and word choice are either from English as a second or third language, a pre-teen who is trying to write above his level, or simply because Dain needs a lot more practice with written communication.

Skipping ahead to the 46th chapter (numbered as 45 because there's a double Chapter 43) it's evident Dain is putting in the effort to get that practice. There is noticeable improvement after several months of writing. Spelling and obvious gramatical errors drop off enough that there may even be a spellchecker involved before posting. Dialogue, any pretense at tension, and writing style still need a lot of work. It's a gradual learning process that we're invited to watch.

If the author wants to climb that learning curve a little faster, on this very website has some amazing Author's Notes every chapter. Each is brief essay on one or more of a host of topics ranging from character development or reader perspective, to what should not be included for the sake of brevity and an editor's sanity- though the latter isn't as applicable to a webnovel.

Much like Synergy, Adam is the Protagonist has an intriguing premise of a main character who doesn't want to follow the typical storyline. That alone gets an extra half-star. After more practice and deliberate self-development as a writer, followed by a rewrite pass through the story thus far, it would probably be a fun light novel style of wuxia-themed inversion of the stereotypical hero's journey. Worth a second look in mid or late 2021 to see if anything has changed. In late 2020 it's good writing practice for the author and a sandpaper level of rough draft for any readers.