Sword System Academia

by purlcray

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts School Life Strong Lead Xianxia

Talen, youngest Master of the Koroi, makes his way to the Empire's capital to salvage his clan's fate. But the bustling city has few opportunities for the traditionalist.

For the old sword clans are fading. With the rise of alchemy, gold can purchase strength that ordinarily took years of training to cultivate. Sword artists, once rare and accomplished, are quickly growing in number, especially among the wealthy noble class.

Even with such alchemy, though, no one has advanced to the rank of Grandmaster in countless years. Talen's true dream is to walk the path of a sword artist to the very end while fulfilling his clan duties.

And then the Swordgeists return, fabled founders of all sword arts, gods who had touched the world long ago and vanished. These myths turned into reality warn of a coming threat. Alongside this warning, they issue an invitation to the Sword System Academy, a path to power beyond the mortal realm. But first, they will hold an entrance exam...

Story notes:
Sword System Academia blends elements of western and asian fantasy such as xianxia and litrpg. I took parts from different genres I enjoyed and twisted them into my own creation. There will be an explicit system, both of the litrpg kind and the hard(ish) magic kind, but it is embedded within an academic structure that will develop over the course of the story. This is my attempt to design a unique type of system, the System Academia.

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Fun Story so far, Thanks

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

Thanks for the story, I hope you keep writing. I'm up to chapter 8 so far and I'm really enjoying the story so far. Very well written, almost no grammatical errors. All the scenes/events in the story are very logical and detailed. This is better than most of the stories I've read on this site so far, including almost all the trending stories and top rated stories.


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My prediction of this Academia!

Reviewed at: Chapter 12

The story has a good wrighting style that flows well. The avg chapter length is good. To many authors make short chapters that dont feel needed to the plot just to get a chapter out there. Every chapter has a purpose in this story and it shows in the quality of the writing.

The main character has a history in the world and its that history that drives the initial part of the story. It creates a character that feels belivable and thqt his conflicts have meaning. These conflicts are unique to the character and his circumstances that make him diffrent to other characters in the story. He is a white sheep among black a traditionalist that proves their methods are still valid amoungst the advancement of his society.

No issuse with grammer that I can see.

Love it and hope that this story sticks around for a long long time. I want to see how he grows in pursuit of his goals. See him laugh and cry with new freind. This story so far has been good. I say it will be great!

  • Overall Score

need to get this story trending

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

Awesome story so far! Reminds me a lot of the Cradle book series, and of that other story on royal road, Forge of Destiny.  Thanks for the chapters and I hope you keep writing, whether it be this story or another!

Edit: Made it to trending, nice!

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Seriously though. It's like taking awkward teenagers, giving them ultimate power, and forcing them into a school setting. just... no.

Author forgets minor details.

And seems to think ears are merely cosmetic. They're not. They serve a crucial purpose that we perceive reality with.

  • Overall Score

Well worth a read for anyone who enjoys sword fighting.