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Slimes are stupid!
Annoying little pests that don't think about anything.
How would they? They don't even have a brain.
They don't even think about what they do, dissolving anything in their reach.
That's worse than a beast acting on instinct, that's just following a program.
A plague of mindless balls of goo.
If it were up to me they should all get eradicated.
At least that’s what I thought.
Until my life was turned into a mess.

Stupid slimes!

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Skeleton King

One Character to Ruin Them All

Reviewed at: Chapter 63

4.5 stars if not for the Character of Elin which ruins everything including but not limited to MC's relationships with the adventure group, her safety, her ideology, her morals causing her to kill without purpose etc. She also introduced forced/ unnecessary conflict in the MC's life. Despite all of this she is probably going to become their best friend.

If Liqu killed her after Cid's assassination it would have been fine but she let a threat to her precious MC live why because the plot demands it. She should have killed Elin when they first met.

I really want to like this story but sometimes one character ruins an entire story, in this case it is Elin. She breaks the flow of the story taking it away ftom its core theme which I presume is '' No matter your past or your appearance, you can still become/ be a good person with a human heart." Either its theme is that or " If you stalk and obsess over someone they will eventually reciprocate your feelings even if you caused them mental, emotoinal and physical trauma. " 


Looking promising

Reviewed at: Chapter 8b

Interessting and original story concept.

The two main characters are very lively and defined. Since there was not much of interaction with side characters I'm not certain but they seemed a bit flat.

Since the story is just starting I'm looking forward to where we are heading.



Atrocious grammar

Reviewed at: Chapter 4a

I would give this fiction a 4 star review but the story reads like a Japanese novel put through google translate with no editing.

Very hit or miss, very annoying to read. World building is ok, characters aren't just empty vessels for the story, style overuses japanese webnovel tropes that pad out the word count without adding anything.


Enjoyable and lighthearted

Reviewed at: Chapter 31

Imagine you read one of those Japanese light novels. this story has a similar flow and feel, lightheartedness that makes for a good casual read, but the MC doesnt spend half the chapters praising the authors favorite cooking or explaining way too hard that he is "healthy and growing".

I agree with TORVN77 that Shari and Liqu are far too analythical, but I am not that bothered. The reason is that the story doesn't take itself too seriously and the very premise is a quite silly to begin with, thus overlooking this inconsistency is not that hard.

The characters are quite well fleshed out and have a consistent personality and behavior (instantly surpassing what feels like 80% of RR fictions), but the slight overabundance of analythical monologue, as already noted, on the MCs part keeps from a perfect score.

In terms of plot, there are some contrivances in the beginning, but compared to all the truck-assisted-isekai I find a few early quirks excusable. Hopefully as the story progresses these crutches will be needed less or be more subtle (they aren't too in-your-face to begin with).

In terms of grammar, I didn't stumble on anything too bad. Grammar is definitely not an impediment to reading from what I can tell. (It might be that the author took time to review after some earlier feedback, but this can only be good!)


So I've read Character Introduction One and I would recomend that any reader not waste their time with this story. The rest of this will be more specific critiques for the author. 

First of all, the grammar needs to be better. There are a lot of errors. Either use a grammar and spell check program or get a proofreader. Slightly related to the grammar is that the sentences writen don't support each other. The paragaphs feel disjointed and confusing.

The formating is also bad, but that's an easy fix. Take out the bullet points, that is not how they are supposed to be used. Also stop hitting return after each sentence. Paragraphs need to be made with a 'theme' to them. Each paragraph is a unit with the sentences that comprise it suporting the paragraphs overall message. As it is now it appears that pharagraphs were made randomly.

The first chapter is called character introduction and is a stream of consciousness infodump about the character and world from the MC. All of that is bad. There is no story there. No action. No dialogue. A character should be introduced by the actions they take. The world should be introduced as the character moves through it. I'd get rid of the character introduction part altogether.

I personally like slime characters. They typically have interesting ablities that are used in creative ways. I hope that the author continues to write and improve. I'd be willing to give this story another shot should it be rewriten.


Would have done advanced review, but on phone.

Reviewed at: Chapter 73

Currently on Chapter 73 and took a pause to type this. Loving it so far, the internal monologue and thought processes are so well written, not to mention believable, and they go a long way in my enjoyment of this so far.  It is rare that internal monologues cause me to stop and think, and  combined with the fact that they are appropriately placed, and not longer than required, is an even rarer trait.   Half the time I dont even notice any minor mistakes in spelling, or somewhat awkward word choices, as the writing as a whole flows so well, that I generally dont have time for my mind to get stuck on such small details, and let me reiterate, any mistakes in spelling and somewhat odd (but usually still grammatically correct, if sometimes a bit uncommonly used) word choices, are just that, SMALL.  The storytelling is phenomenal for being posted freely on the internet (if ever publish on kindle, I wouldn't mind a review copy.), any errors are easily caught by potential proofreaders, and the depth to the characters and their internal motivations are steps above most of what is on this site. 5/5 as of ch 73 (9.25-9.5/10 as lets be honest, no work EVER written has been perfect, and reviews are subjective to the taste of the individual reader)