Chapter 30 - Evil Mother And Daughter
Consort Xian tried to suppress her emotions, but Noble Consort Qing really did not accuse her. She even felt annoyed as she never expected things to evolve out of hand.
She was merely quarreling with Noble Consort Qing as usual. They provoked her, which caused the situation to turn serious. However, honestly, she was not the one feeling wronged.
“Your Majesty, it’s my fault, but…”
Before she could finish speaking, the Emperor said, “You know it’s your fault too. Actually, there’s no need for all these troubles. Didn’t you claim that Princess Consort Xiao is an illiterate illegitimate child?”
“Princess Consort Xiao, write a few words for her. If you can’t, the accusation is true.”
The Emperor stopped speaking, but everyone knew that if she could write, Qian Jiujiu was truly a legitimate child of the Qian family.
Then, Consort Xian had accused her. Everyone wondered how the Emperor would punish her if so.
Soon, a eunuch brought a brush and paper over. “Princess Consort Xiao, here you go.”
Qian Jiujiu stared at the items before her and asked, “Imperial father, what should I write?”
After a moment of contemplation, he replied, “Write any poem you like.”
Qian Jiujiu deliberated for some time and started writing. Each stroke was clear and precise, the words she wrote were almost textbook-like.
The Emperor could not help nodding at her handwriting. Qian Jiujiu had written the Four Gentlemen Decoction recipe instead.
“Four Gentlemen Decoction is neutral and light, compared to Ginseng, Chinese root, and Chinese licorice. It can also be named the Six Gentleman. It can eliminate phlegm, and revitalizes Qi or be consumed with herbs for gastric problems.”
After writing that, Qian Jiujiu placed her brush down. Meanwhile, the Emperor looked at Consort Xian and said, these are the words written in front of you, do you want her to read it aloud as well?”
From her handwriting, the Emperor knew that she was used to the brush. Hence, Qian Jiujiu truly knew how to write.
Consort Xian stared at Madam Qian menacingly and was certain that she had lied to her. “Your Majesty, I know it’s my fault now.”
“I will never do this again, Your Majesty.”
Seeing that, the Emperor sneered. “Since you know it, it’s fine. Empress, how should we handle this?”
The Empress glanced at Qian Jiujiu and said, “Since Princess Consort Xiao was slandered today, we’ll make Consort Xian repay her. Furthermore, Consort Xian will be grounded for a month, so that she can copy the scripture and enhance her mind.”
The Emperor nodded and looked at Qian Jiujiu, “Princess Consort Xiao, what do you think of this punishment?”
No doubt, she had no objections. “I agree with whatever the Empress suggested.”
The Empress grunted satisfactorily. “Then, we can all return. I’m a bit tired now, so everyone, please leave.”
The Emperor looked at her with concern, before dismissing everyone else. “Everyone else, return. I’ll stay here.”
The Empress seemed kind and gentle. “Thank you for Your Majesty’s concern. However, since Prince Xiao and Princess Consort Xiao is here, you should visit Sister Qing’s palace and have a reunion.”
“I can see that the princess consort is a great person, so go.”
The Emperor answered with a frown. “Alright, have a good rest then. I’m going now.”
Then, the Emperor swiftly left. Meanwhile, Qian Jiujiu already dragged Mu Yexiao and Noble Consort Qing back to Noble Consort Qing’s palace.
Meanwhile, the Qian mother and daughter were escorted home. When they returned home, Qian Yuge thrashed everything in her room. When Madam Qian heard the commotion, she hurried over to check on her.
“Yuge, what’s happening?”
Qian Yuge seemed to be absolutely seething. “Mother, are you really asking me why? Who’s the one that said that we should visit the palace since it’s Qian Jiujiu’s first there and she knows nothing.”
“Before everyone else, I will stand next to her. Then, everyone will realize how outstanding I am. But, today!”
“Today, I was kneeling on the ground the entire time, too scared to rise. Qian Jiujiu actually appeared before the Emperor, so everyone believes her now.”
“They thought that the most talented woman in the Capital that married Prince Xiao is her. Mother, you’re my real mother. But, what do we have left after that Qian Jiujiu returned?”
“My identity is lost. I’m not the most beautiful, nor the most talented woman anymore. I’m nothing, but a cousin of the Qian Manor.”
Madam Qian could not believe that Qian Jiujiu could write as well. “Yuge, there is something amiss. Listen to me.”
“You’re my real daughter. I will surely help you. That Qian Jiujiu is very evil, I’m wondering if she is really Qian Jiujiu.”
Qian Yuge sneered. “If she isn’t, won’t you know if we ask Concubine Wan. After all, she raised the child. She would know if she could write or not.”
True! Madam Qian had a realization. Even though Qian Jiujiu had left the Qian family, Concubine Wan was still around. Since both of them were so tight-knit, they would surely know each other’s secrets.
“Daughter, you’re so smart. Follow me, we’ll ask Concubine Wan now.”
Then, both of them headed toward Concubine Wan’s residence. As she could still be used to blackmail Qian Jiujiu, they still made sure she lived a decent life.
At least, she would not be harmed. Mu Xiaoye had already sent people to her residence, although they were hidden away, to protect Concubine Wan.
Since Concubine Wan was treated by Qian Jiujiu, she had amply food and clothes. She even looked much younger now. When the Qian mother and daughter arrived, they saw Concubine Wan.
Even though she worked hard throughout her life, Concubine Wan had always been very beautiful. When she was young, she was touted as the most beautiful lady in the Capital.
Even though she had no makeup on, she still retained her youthful beauty and elegance. Madam Qian always felt extremely jealous when she saw Concubine Wan.
She desperately wanted to rip her face off to scar her. When Concubine Wan raised her head, she saw Madam Qian and Qian Yuge entering.
“Madam, Eldest Young Lady, why are you here today?”
Qian Yuge was instantly enraged when she saw Concubine Wan, so she rushed forward and gave her a powerful slap. “Ah, I feel much better after venting my anger now.”
Concubine Wan caressed her aching cheek. She never expected them to find troubles with her today. “Madam, Eldest Young Lady, did I do anything wrong?”
Qian Yuge hummed a song and said, “You know you’re a lowly slave. What did you do wrong? Your life is a mistake! The biggest mistake is that trash Qian Jiujiu!”
“Right, Concubine Wan. Let me ask you, do you know how to write?”
Concubine Wan was taken aback. “What are you saying, how can I know how to write?”
Before she finished speaking, Qian Yuge slapped her viciously again. “How dare you lie to me. Servant, bring us a brush and paper. Write something! Otherwise, I will torture you to death today!”
Concubine Wan knew how to write, but that was many years ago. However, no one knew about it. She was really perplexed as to why they suddenly made her do this.
The servant hurriedly brought them over. “Concubine Wan, go ahead.”
Concubine Wan took the brush and asked, “What do you want me to write?”
Qian Yuge replied, “Qian Jiujiu is a wh*re, Qian Jiujiu is better off dead!”
Concubine Wan would not oblige, so she put the brush down. “I really don’t know how to write.”
Madam Qian had been watching from the side without stopping her daughter. When Concubine Wan professed so, she came over and poured the ink all over Concubine Wan’s face.
“Sc*m! How dare you say so. From the way you hold the brush, I can tell that you know how to write. Yet, you lied to me. You don’t want to do it, right?”
“Servant, slap her until she writes!”
Concubine Wan looked at the Qian mother and wife with horror. One was the mother and one was the eldest young lady of the Qian family, yet they were so merciless.
When she saw them, Concubine Wan would tremble in fear. However, she would not beg for mercy. She merely lowered her head, unwilling to look at the evil mother and daughter.
Qian Yuge was displeased, so she ordered. “Slap her, slap her until she writes!”
The servant walked over and held Concubine Wand down, then slapped her viciously across her face. She even whispered, “Concubine, just do it.”
“Otherwise, you’ll suffer. Just write the words, it’s not a big deal.”
Concubine Wan was infuriated. What do you mean it’s not a big deal? That’s cursing my daughter. I won’t do it even if I die. Hence, Concubine Wan merely shook her head in refusal.
She adamantly insisted so. The more Concubine Wan refused, the more furious Qian Yuge became. “Stop saying nonsense, slap her!”
The servant had no choice but to continue slapping her. Madam Qian merely remained silent until the end. After slapping her dozens of times, the servant stopped and looked at Madam Qian.
“Madam Qian, will something bad happens if we keep slapping her? After all, she is still useful to us.”
The servant knew them very well, so she understood the reason why Concubine Wan was still alive. Hence, she reminded Madam Qian carefully.
Madam Qian merely grunted, “Enough, stop slapping her. Grab her wrists and make her write it.”
Therefore, a few servants restrained her as a literate servant grabbed her wrist and started writing on the paper. “Qian Jiujiu is a who*re, Qian Jiujiu is better off dead.”
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