Qian Jiujiu looked at Noble Consort Qing uneasily, before lowering her head again. Meanwhile, Consort xian kept monitoring her.
“Hmph, Qian Jiujiu! If I were you, I will admit to the crime. Otherwise, you’ll drag the entire Qian family down with you!”
Hearing that, Qian Jiujiu wore a smile on her face. She suddenly remembered that Mu Yexiao said that the Qian mother and daughter would visit the palace today.
She knew that they would not expose her. Otherwise, the Qian family would be destroyed and Qian Yuge would be done for.
She thought to herself, wondering if Consort Xian was truly foolish. She stifled the urge to roll her eyes and looked at Consort Xian. “Consort Xian, why are you mad at me?”
“Why must you push to the brink of death? My parents are not here yet, but you kept asking me to admit to my crimes. Luckily, the Empress and imperial mother are here.”
“Otherwise, I’m afraid that I’ll be harmed. Is it because you are certain that you can’t receive the cosmetic products form me?”
“First, you suspect that I didn’t make them myself, so that you can steal the formulation. Now, you accuse me that I’m not a legitimate child and even slander the Qian family of lying to the imperial family.”
“I really don’t understand how I annoyed you. Was it because the Third Prince was rejected by the Qian family’s daughter, so you’re slandering me?”
The Empress was taken aback. “Oh, did that happened? Why do I not know about it?”
This incident truly occurred, she was not lying. However, Mu Yexiao was not injured then, so Minister Qian was very indecisive.
He did not agree to the Third Prince, but coincidentally, the Emperor ordered Qian Yuge to be married to Mu Yexiao.
The other consorts grew doubtful. Is she trying to eliminate them because they fail to ask her hand in marriage?
Consort Xian noticed their doubtful gaze, and instantly fumed angrily. “Tsk, even if my son proposes, it’s not you! It’s the true daughter of the Qian family, is that you?”
“Can you swear that you’re a legitimate daughter of the Qian family? How shameful! You’re just an illegitimate child, yet you tried to slander me!”
“You’re the one that should shut up, Consort Xian. Stop trying to besmirch my daughter-in-law!”
Noble Consort Qing had been quiet for some time. When she suddenly exploded in anger, Consort Xian jumped in astonishment.
Consort Xian said, “Why, do you feel guilty? Don’t you want to ascertain if she’s the Qian family’s illegitimate daughter?”
Noble Consort Qing sneered, “Didn’t I ask them to invite Minister Qian over. I also called for the Emperor. When they arrived, the truth will be revealed.”
“But, you’re still bullying my daughter-in-law like this, it’s very disgraceful. Even if you’re fine with it, it’s an eyesore for me!”
Consort Xian’s expression stiffened. This was true. After all, she was an elder of Qian Jiujiu, so it was unpleasant for her to be so adamant with her.
Consort Xian had an epiphany and fell silent after grunted in reply, waiting for the servants and eunuchs to return.
Since the Qian family’s mother and daughter were already in the palace, they swiftly arrived. When they entered, Consort Xian looked at them with anticipation.
As Qian Jiujiu stared at them, Madam Qian instantly fell onto her knees. “My daughter and I offer our greetings to Noble Consort Qing, Consort Xian, and Consort Yun.”
After that, she noticed Qian Jiujiu’s presence. “And also Princess Consort Xiao.”
Qian Jiujiu merely smiled at her and said, “Mother, please hurry over.”
None of the surrounding crowd noticed anything amiss. However, Consort Xian asked, “Madam Qian, let me ask you. Is the Princess Consort Xiao before you the legitimate daughter of the Qian family?”
Madam Qian looked at her in confusion. “She is my daughter, so naturally, she’s the Qian family’s legitimate daughter.”
Consort Xian’s expression instantly darkened, which Qian Jiujiu felt was funny. This Consort Xian has the brain of a pig.
If Madam Qian doesn’t want her entire family to be beheaded, she has to grit her teeth and admit that I’m Qian Yuge. Qian Jiujiu felt bored, as she suddenly wanted Madam Qian to betray her.
Seeing how heartless the palace is, I should try to avoid it. No one here is decent at all.
Then, Qian Jiujiu could not help hoping that Mu Yexiao would appear soon and bring her out of this place. Compared to the palace, the manor was simply a peaceful haven.
Hong Ling and Hong Chou had been standing silently behind Qian Jiujiu. When they saw that she remained calm and collected, they felt great respect for her.
Unbeknown to them, she could be so calm because of Mu Yexiao. If the Emperor really appointed Mu Yexiao as the crown prince, she would be free from harm if she could treat him.
He would even protect her, so she was not anxious at all.
At the scene, Madam Qian was in a daze. As she stared at Consort Xian, she asked, “What do you mean? The Emperor commanded us to wed Qian Yuge to Prince Xiao.”
“She is a noble lady with an outstanding attitude, why are you doubting her?”
Consort Xian was impeded by Noble Consort Qing multiple times today. Great, even the wife of a minister dares to accuse me. In the fit of fury, she slapped Madam Qian’s face to vent her frustration.
“How dare you question my words!”
Consort Xian even suspected that Minister Qian might have laid a trap to humiliate her today.
Noble Consort Qing sneered when she saw Consort Xian’s ruthless behavior. “What’s wrong, Consort Xian. Have you turned furious from the shame? You failed to slander my daughter-in-law, so you want to vent your anger by hitting them?”
“Don’t forget how powerful a mother’s love is. Just because of a slap, you expect Madam Qian to disown her daughter? That is quite absurd.”
Consort Xian was enraged by her snide remarks. She pointed at Noble Consort Qing, saying, “You, don’t be too proud. I won’t let you go.”
After that, a man’s voice echoed from a distance. “Who? Tell me. I didn’t know that Consort Xian is actually so ruthless.”
“You actually intimidated the minister’s wife in public. Pray, tell me. Who are you not letting go of?”
The Emperor’s sudden appearance sent the consorts into a state of panic. They hastily greeted him, “Please accept our greetings, Emperor.”
“Rise, who is my daughter-in-law?”
Qian Jiujiu stepped forward and had a quick glance at the man before her. He was about 30 or 40 years old, with a sturdy built. However, his sons were all grown up now.
She wondered if he felt a little sad about it. OF course, she only peeked for a second. Then, she slowly walked before him.
“Please accept my greetings, imperial father. Love live the Emperor!”
“Rise, what are you talking about? It seems to be very lively.”
The Emperor glanced at Consort Xian as he said it, yet she remained kneeling on the ground. She started to worry, as the Emperor seemed to have heard everything.
I’m done for, he’ll surely punish me. This is so humiliating.
Qian Jiujiu looked at the kneeling Consort Xian and the Emperor again. Then, she peered at Noble Consort Qing, who signaled her to keep silent, so she lowered her head eventually.
“A child shall never denounce their parents. No matter what, Consort Xian is an elder, I’m afraid I can’t say it.”
The Emperor laughed heartily, saying, “What a great child, you’re so filial. Don’t worry, I won’t let a filial child like you be bullied.”
After that, he glanced at Noble Consort Qing. “Noble Consort Qing, tell me. What were you discussing? Are you part of the people that slandered the minister’s wife?”
Noble Consort Qing was a little astonished by his severe accusation, knowing that the Emperor was displeased by her.
If she had stayed silent, the Qian family’s mother and daughter would not be summoned, and everything would be settled. However, this scene meant that Noble Consort Qing wanted a drama to happen.
However, the Emperor arrived too quickly. Hence, nothing had happened yet. Qian Jiujiu’s uneasiness disappeared when she saw that Mu Yexiao followed the Emperor in.
Although she felt calm surprisingly, she was a little confused. Why was she so certain that Mu Yexiao would protect her?
Occasionally, she would glance at Mu Yexiao in confusion. After listening to the Emperor’s words, Qian Jiujiu realized that the source of her uneasiness was not him, but Noble Consort Qing.
She could not help frowning as she thought that she was very close to Noble Consort Qing. It seemed that Noble Consort Qing was always ready to abandon her.
It seemed that Noble Consort Qing was not an amicable friend. Even after reaping all the benefits from her, she would still sacrifice her without a blink.
Hence, Qian Jiujiu remained silent, waiting for Noble Consort Qing to reply.
Noble Consort Qing looked at him pitifully. “Emperor, am I this kind of person in your eyes? I’m the one who was wronged today.”
“Suddenly, Consort Xian wanted to know Princess Consort Xian’s cosmetic product’s secret formula. Since she failed, she accused that she’s an illegitimate child.”
Noble Consort Qing answered with a pitiful tone, explaining the entire situation. Then, she said, “Emperor, don’t you think she has a grudge against me?”
“I brought my daughter-in-law here, yet she tried to humiliate me. I feel wronged, Emperor.”
Seeing Noble Consort Qing’s delicate expression and her stunning makeup, Noble Consort Qing seemed to exude a certain charm, which greatly irritated Consort Xian.
Instead, the Emperor asked Consort Xian, “Consort Xian, is that the truth?”


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