Consort Xian was petrified when she saw that Noble Consort Qing was taking it seriously. She merely argued with her as usual, it was almost a routine for them every morning now.
Why is she taking it so seriously today? Is she so fond of this Princess Consort Xiao? But, my son told me that he specifically brought an enemy to Mu Yexiao.
That’s really odd. Consort Xian finally realized that something was amiss. Since she was his enemy, why did she not murder Mu Yexiao after so many days?
Instead, she had gained complete trust and affection from Noble Consort Qing. At that thought, Consort Xian could not help laughing, unaware that Noble Consort Qing actually knew about Princess Consort Xiao’s true identity.
If I tell her, she won’t treasure this illegitimate child anymore. With that in mind, Consort Xian suddenly had a boost of confidence. True, she’s just an illegitimate child who grew up in a poor village.
She’s completely illiterate and has no skills. How can she make these cosmetic products? She must’ve bought them to trick Noble Consort Qing.
If I really expose her, Noble Consort Qing would be utterly humiliated. When she imagined the scene, Consort Xian burst with joy.
She put on a grave expression and uttered, “Hmph! Sister, what you’re saying is wrong. I merely want Princess Consort Xiao to prove that she made them.”
“Since she can make the first batch, I’m sure she can make another one. If it’s not a trouble, why is she crying?”
When she finished speaking, the crowd shifted their gaze onto Qian Jiujiu, as they felt that Consort Xian’s explanation was quite reasonable.
Seeing that, Qian Jiujiu decided to continue her act of a weak, fragile woman. She carefully peered at Consort Xian, before exchanging a glance with Noble Consort Qing.
Noble Consort Qing obviously received her signal and after letting out a cough, she said, “Jiu’er, tell me anything you want to honestly. I’ll understand.”
“You’re my daughter-in-law. Anyone that crosses you will be an enemy of mine.”
Qian Jiujiu threw a scornful look at Consort Xian. Then, after some hesitation, she gritted her teeth and said.
“Imperial mother, it’s not that I don’t want to do it here. I’m just worried that all the ingredients to make the face masks need to be measured correctly. You can’t just simply learn it after a few tries.”
“If you don’t measure them properly, it will be a toxin that corrodes your skin, instead of a beauty product. I have already prepared the face masks for you beforehand.”
“If I made them now, when you need to use them, they would have expired. Everyone knows that things will turn bad after leaving it for long. This applies to cosmetic products as well.”
Noble Consort Qing was very satisfied with her words, so she nodded and started at Consort Xian viciously.
“Sister Consort Xian, did you hear this? Not everyone can succeed after stealing other people’s ideas.”
Qian Jiujiu’s words implied that Consort Xian wanted to steal the formulation by making her demonstrate making it. Now, Noble Consort Qingeven pointed it out directly.
Even though many other consorts thought that Consort Xian wanted to steal the recipe as well, thew news still came as a shock when everyone heard it.
Thank goodness, she didn’t demonstrate it. If she did it, our skin might rot and it would be extremely embarrassing. Furthermore, losing one’s beauty would be a life sentence for someone in the harem.
A rage of fury blazed in Consort Xian’s heart. She pointed at Qian Jiujiu and bellowed, “Princess Consort Xiao, tell me exactly, When did I want to steal the formulation for your cosmetic product?”
Qian Jiujiu merely wore a bitter expression and looked at her pitifully. “Consort xian, you misunderstood me. I was merely worried, I’m not saying you’re going to do it.”
“I’m just warning everyone. After all, if I show it in public and reveal all the ingredients, some unscrupulous people would definitely steal my ideas, but I’m not pointing at you?”
Noble Consort Qing also sneered, “Exactly, Sister Consort Xian, what do you mean? I’m the one that accused you, why are you bullying my daughter-in-law?”
Consort Xiao was absolutely fuming when she saw them verbally assaulting her in tandem.
However, she was no match for both of them. Furthermore, everyone here wanted to request cosmetic products from Qian Jiujiu, so they surely would not speak up for her.
Noble Consort Qing gloated when she saw it. “True, Sister Consort Xian knows that you’ll never receive the item, so you want to steal my daughter-in-law’s formulation, right?”
“Unfortunately, even if you did, it might not work. Let me tell you, she made the face mask specifically for my skin type only.”
Thus, even if you stole them, it would be useless for your skin. I’m sure you can never create something like this.”
Consort Xian’s turned ashen pale in anger. Why am I everyone’s enemy now? This is simply ridiculous!
Noble Consort Qing was not a forgiving person. In fact, she was extremely domineering and relentless. Today, she brought her daughter-in-law to greet everyone, but she was so frightened.
She was even bullied to tears. Hence, she would not let this issue go so easily, especially her long-time nemesis.
“Consort Xian, let me tell you. If you don’t have a proper excuse for today’s issue, I will report this to the Emperor and seek his justice.”
When Consort Xian heard the threat, she rolled her eyes in disbelief. What is happening? Is she trying to force me to apologize to an illegitimate child? That’s impossible! I’ll be utterly humiliated!
Right, she’s just an illegitimate child. If I expose her true identity, won’t Qian Jiujiu become the sinner?
Then, the evil daughter-in-law would be the one being humiliated instead. Hence, Consort Xian became confident again.
She sneered and said, “I wonder what explanation Sister Noble Consort Qing wants? Tell me, I’ll see if I can do it or not.”
Noble Consort Qing was utterly irked by her rude behavior. Meanwhile, Qian Jiujiu’s eyes darted furtively between the Empress and Consort Xian, as her mind seemed to be scheming something.
“Oh, it’s easy. Since you want to steal her formulation, you just need to apologize to her. This is not an unreasonable demand, right?”
Consort Xian was the Emperor’s consort, but they wanted her to apologize to a princess consort, who was s junior. If she really did it, she would be utterly humiliated and would have to hang her head in shame before Qian Jiujiu.
Furthermore, the reason for that apology was that she was trying to her formulation. Thus, her expression turned pale with burning anger, “Noble Consort, don’t you think you’re being too unreasonable?”
Noble Consort Qing rolled her eyes, saying, “Since you bullied my daughter-in-law until she broke down, I don’t think so.”
Consort Xian raised her finger to point at Qian Jiujiu. “Then, do you know who your so-called daughter-in-law is? She’s an illegitimate child and a bad luck omen that grew up in a poor village. Yet, you want me to apologize to her?”
When she said it, everyone gaped in complete horror. How can Princess Consort Xian be an illegitimate child?
Isn’t she a precious daughter from an outstanding educated family? She even holds the title as the most beautiful woman in the Capital, so how can she be an illegitimate child?
Prince Xiao is injured, so this marriage is actually a ploy to wash away the bad luck. Does this mean that the Qian family did the unimaginable and swapped their precious daughter with an illegitimate child to marry him?
This is a severe crime of lying to the imperial family. The Qian family should not be so daring to pull this, right? With that speculation in mind, everyone turned their head around to stare at Qian Jiujiu.
She doesn’t seem like an illegitimate child. But, Consort Xian would never make such a huge lie. The crowd was rendered speechless by this shocking revelation.
Consort Xian was gloating in joy, assuming that she had successfully swayed everyone’s opinions. “So, Noble Consort Qing, I’m sure you don’t know your daughter-in-law’s true identity, right?”
“Let me enlighten you, she’s the second young lady and an illegitimate child of the Qian family. Since she’s a symbol of bad luck, the family sent her away to live in a village.”
“I’m sure they sent you an impostor because they know Prince Xiao is dying. What a shame that you’re treating her like a gem.”
Noble Consort Qing’s expression instantly darkened. Consort Xian knew every move taken by the Qian family. After all, Minister Qian was under the Third Prince.
Noble Consort Qing felt angry when the information was revealed. Furthermore, Qian Jiujiu’s identity was exposed in front of everyone, so what should she do now?
She had been in the harem for so many years, but she had never encountered a scenario like this before. Hence, she could not help glancing at Qian Jiujiu, who merely stood there with a placid expression.
It was as though the people were not talking about her.
Noble Consort Qing was a little confounded. Does Qian Jiujiu have a plan or is she going to accept her fate and admit it?
When the surrounding onlookers became silent saw Noble Consort Qing looking at Qian Jiujiu, they turned around to focus on her as well.
Qian Jiujiu wondered. Am I that gorgeous? Why is everyone looking at me? So, she raised her head to look at Consort Xian.
“Do you really hate me? If you spread this rumor, do you really want Minister Qian’s family to be punished?”
Qian Jiujiu hastily kneeled before Noble Consort Qing and wailed, “Imperial mother, even though I’m already part of the imperial family, I don’t want your family to bear such a big crime.”
“I hope that you can invite my parents to the palace immediately to testify if I’m the true daughter of the Qian family.”
This is a great idea. Noble Consort Qing glared at Consort Xian as she thought to herself. This Consort Xian is a complete idiot.
She wanted the entire Qian family to be punished for Qian Jiujiu’s crime. If so, the Third Prince would lose a powerful ally. That would be much more worth it than having an illegitimate child as her daughter-in-law.
With that in mind, Noble Consort Qing began to think that it would better to clear the crime for the Qian family. “I’ll ask the Emperor to invite Minister Qian’s family to the palace now.”
Qian Jiujiu shuddered when she heard it. Like a train that had gone off the tracks, what was Noble Consort Qing planning to do?
If her identity was exposed, her death would be imminent.


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