Qian Jiujiu was completely unaware of the reality that Mu Yexiao had spent great effort because of her identity as an illegitimate child.
He wanted to show her to the ruler of this mighty land, so that she would no longer have to assume a fake identity as Qian Yuge.
Qian Jiujiu had already prepared the herbal soup for dinner long ago. Hence, it would be fine for her to hide in her medicine room for the entire day. Eventually, she left the room at midnight.
She was extremely satisfied with the item that she was holding in her hand. That elegant mother-in-law will definitely be very pleased with her gift. After a few celebratory giggles, she swiftly entered her room and fell asleep.
The next morning, Qian Jiujiu woke up early in the morning to train her “demonic dance” in the courtyard. After cooking and eating breakfast, she took the presents and headed to the palace.
Mu Yexiao accompanied her with a worried expression on his face. “Jiujiu, have you learned the palace manners?”
Qian Jiujiu was perplexed. “When did I learn it? I can’t remember it.”
Mu Yexiao’s expression instantly darkened. “Didn’t you learn during the first night here?”
Realization seemed to dawn on Qian Jiujiu as she said, “Oh, that. I know it, don’t worry. We’re such good partners, I won’t embarrass you.”
A crack of disappointment appeared on his countenance when she mentioned ‘partners’. Then, he said, “Jiu’er, don’t say that word ever again.”
“If your relationship is exposed, don’t blame me when I can’t protect you in the future.”
Qian Jiujiu suddenly felt a wave of coldness down her spine. “Stop, you can’t call me Jiu’er. It’s fine for my mother to call me that. But, it’s a little disconcerting to hear it from you.”
Mu Yexiao almost exploded in anger. This clueless woman!
As they conversed, they soon arrived at the palace. Qian Jiujiu clicked her tongue when she saw the majestic gates. Before she could say anything, Mu Yexiao hastily dragged into the palace.
Noble Consort Qing’s eunuch was already waiting at the palace entrance. Mi Yexiao said, “You should visit imperial mother first, I’ll talk to my imperial father for a moment.”
Qian Jiujiu agreed and followed eunuch into the palace to find Noble Consort Qing, with Hong Ling and Hong Chou tagging behind.
Noble Consort Qing was waiting in the palace and when she saw Qian Jiujiu’s arrival, she beamed with joy and said kindly, “Jiu’er, you’re finally here. Come in.”
Hearing that, Qian Jiujiu was flabbergasted. “Imperial mother, do you know my true identity?”
She nodded in reply. “Of course, I do. My son can never hide anything from me.”
Qian Jijiu blinked her eyes in surprise. Is she showing off? She must be trying to flaunt how close they are as a warning to me.
She’s warning me to act like a perfect daughter-in-law, so that I never ruin their mother and son relationship.
Qian Jiujiu wanted to speak her mind. Noble Consort Qing, you don’t have to do so. I’m not even that close to your son. However, she dared not utter these words. Otherwise, Noble Consort might actually go berserk!
Qian Jiujiu was wise enough to know that daughters-in-law of the imperial family would spend their lives in the palace. It would be utterly impossible and a ridiculous daydream for them to think of leaving the place.
Qian Jiujiu may have the guts to negotiate with Mu Yexiao, but she did not have the courage to speak bluntly to Noble Consort Qing. After all, she would do anything for her beloved son.
No matter how Qian Jiujiu tried to package her words, everything she did seemed to reveal that she looked down on Mu Yexiao. Otherwise, why did she want to leave?
Hence, Noble Consort Qing would certainly become furious, so Qian Jiujiu decided to keep her mouth shut. She must only agree and praise her robotically.
“Of course, imperial mother’s relationship with His Highness is second to none.”
Noble Consort Qing looked at her with a smile and said, “I especially adore honest people like you. Come, let’s visit the Empress’ palace to greet. Then, we’ll come back.”
“My son should come soon, we can have lunch together.”
Qian Jiujiu blinked her eyes helplessly. All these are planned, do I even have a say in this? Hence, she meekly obeyed and rose to her feet. “I shall comply. Oh, imperial mother, I have something for you.”
“However, we don’t have much time now. I’ll show it to you after lunch later.”
Noble Consort Qing had no interest in what an illegitimate child could offer her. However, Qian Jiujiu was also a genius doctor.
Furthermore, she had heard about the face masks yesterday. When she recalled that her son requested Qian Jiujiu to make it for her, she became immensely thrilled.
“Jiu’er, why don’t we do this. Let’s look at your present. We can greet the elders later.”
“After all, we don’t have to do it now.”
Qian Jiujiu did not know that greeting the elders could be delayed. However, since Noble Consort Qing said so, she would merely obey her wishes. She bowed and then presented the gifts, “I purposely came here to bring these to imperial mother.”
Hong Ling cleverly brought the face masks in a wooden box over. This wooden box was personally handpicked by Mu Yexiao for his mother as well.
After all, Qian Jiujiu had nothing at all. When Noble Consort Qing saw the box, she was very excited. Then, Qian Jiujiu opened the wooden box, revealing the ten porcelain bottles within them.
“Imperial mother, these are the face masks that I prepared. They whiten and nourish the skin, which will make you look younger. Do you want to try them?”
“Look at my skin. When I entered the manor, it was rough and pasty as it was in very poor condition. After a few days, my skin became so glowing.”
Noble Consort Qing looked at her face and professed, “It is very smooth. Let me try.”
Seeing that Qian Jiujiu must be trying her best to gain her favor, she naturally would not harm her. This might be something amazing!
Qian Jiujiu continued, “I’ll apply it for you. After a minute, wash it off and you’ll be able to see the change.”
Noble Consort Qing was slightly surprised. “Is it that effective? I’ll have to try it. What should I do now?”
Qian Jiujiu hesitated for a moment before saying, “Imperial mother has to remove your makeup first. Also, let your servant watch and learn how to do it, so that they can apply it for you in the future.”
Noble Consort Qing answered, “Okay, Cai Xiu. Learn from the princess consort properly.”
Cai Xiu replied, “Yes, Noble Consort.”
Then, Cai Xiu smiled at Qian Jiujiu and said, “Greetings, Princess Consort.”
Qian Jiujiu asked Noble Consort Qing to lie down on a reclining chair and helped her remove her makeup. As Noble Consort Qing lay with her eyes close, she opened the porcelain jar and poured the essence from it.
These are plant oil and essences that Qian Jiujiu formulated yesterday night. It could be applied directly onto the face, it would even feel cooling and refreshing.
Qian Jiujiu soon covered Noble Consort Qing face entirely with the essence. Then, she said, “Cai Xiu, have you learned it. This is actually pretty simple. You only need to apply it and wash it off after an hour.”
“If Noble Consort Qing felt bored, you can massage her as well.”
Qian Jiujiu then stood behind Noble Consort Qing and began massaging her temples.
Cai Xiu was pleasantly surprised. This princess consort was so gentle and amicable, she even knew how to massage and make people happy.
She nodded meekly and asked, “Princess Consort, can you teach me this massaging technique?”
Qian Jiujiu laughed and replied, “Of course! Wait for a moment, look for a servant to practice on later. When you master it, you can massage Noble Consort.”
Noble Consort Qing, who was enjoying the facial and massage treatment, felt extremely pleased with Qian Jiujiu. Even if she was an illegitimate child, she was very amiable and kind.
Furthermore, she felt very comfortable. After an hour, Cai Xiu brought a basin of water and watched as Qian Jiujiu washed Noble Consort Qing’s face. After all that, Noble Consort Qing’s skin condition had indeed drastically improved.
Cai Xiu spoke in disbelief. “Noble Consort, Princess Consort truly brought something precious for you.”
Noble Consort Qing swiftly caressed her cheeks when she heard it, realizing that her skin was smooth and glowing. “It’s quite amazing. Jiu’er is indeed a filial daughter.”
Qian Jiujiu snickered and said, “I’m glad imperial mother loves it. There are ten bottles here. As they are all essences, you can’t keep them for long.”
“Please apply them once every night for the best effect. After 10 days, I will send more over.”
Noble Consort Qing nodded, utterly content. Then, Qian Jiujiu even helped her to apply makeup. After all, it was a common skill that everyone knew in the modern society.
Even though she was not extremely skilled at it, modern makeup was much more detailed. In just a brief moment, a benevolent and majestic makeup was painted on Noble Consort Qing’s face.
Coupled with her smooth, flawless skin, Noble Consort Qing seemed to be much more impressive. Even though she was still the same person, she appeared much gentler and imposing.
Noble Consort Qing held Qian Jiujiu’s hand with immense joy. “I never knew that Jiu’er has such a nimble pair of hands. Perfect. Let’s go, we’ll greet the Empress now.”
Qian Jiujiu could sense a hint of veracity in her tone. It seemed that the women in the palace were full of drama. There might be a great show coming later.
As she chuckled in her heart, Qian Jiujiu meekly followed her to the Empress’ palace. Many beautiful consorts and women were already gathered within it.
It seemed that the last to arrive was Noble Consort Qing. When they entered, before the Empress could speak, the person sitting on her left began saying loudly.
“This Noble Consort is so full of herself. She actually comes in the last minute before we’re done.”
Noble Consort Qing ignored the rude comment and looked at the Empress seated in the center. “Please accept my humble greetings, Empress. I wish great health and prosperity upon you.”
Qian Jiujiu also kneeled down with her. “Please accept my humble greetings, Empress. Long live, the Empress.”
Every consort in the room was taken aback. Who is this new face? Instantly, everyone in the room had their eyes firmly locked on Qin Jiujiu/


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