Qian Jiujiu could only finally heave a sigh of relief after seeing that Noble Consort Qing had left. “Your imperial mother appeared out of nowhere.”

Mu Yexiao glanced at Qian Jiujiu with a hint of amusement in his eyes. “I think that both of you got along well.”

Qian Jiujiu merely let out a chuckle. “I’ll make sure I tell imperial mother this.”

Mu Yexiao frowned when he heard her. What does that mean? Suddenly, he remembered that his imperial mother would become extremely furious when people mentioned her age, causing him to break into a cold sweat at that thought.

Qian Jiujiu placed the remaining chicken soup before him and said, “I’ve cooked this with all my effort for hours. Hurry up and finish them, so I can go out.”

“You haven’t left the house after being injured, right? Great, you’ll follow me along today, then.”

However, he merely stared at her blankly in response. Qian Jiujiu blinked her eyes and asked, “Why? Are you afraid?”

“Actually, I want to ask something. Didn’t you go out yesterday? You even went to Qian Manor. You have to give my imperial mother a present tomorrow, but what about my father?”

Qian Jiujiu was a little suspicious. “Why do I feel that you’re making me give presents to your parents?”

Mu Yexiao felt that her assumption was quite ridiculous and retorted, “Well, I’m doing it with your best interest in mind. If you make them like you, you’ll have an easier life here.”

She merely scratched her chin and stared at Mu Yexiao, saying, “Your Highness, there are so many people in the imperial palace. How many presents should I prepare? I should know that I’m a poor pauper.”

Mu Yexiao’s lips twitched a little as he said, “I have money. Take as much as you need.”

Qian Jiujiu simply looked at him warily at his sudden generosity. Why do I feel like you have some covert intention? Why are you suddenly so kind and nice to me?

“There’s nothing free in this world. Spill the beans, what do you want exactly.”

Mu Yexiao merely coughed awkwardly and replied, “What’re you thinking about? What do you even have for me to steal? Even if you’re a genius doctor, you already promised to treat me. What else can I do to you?”

Qian Jiujiu nodded, assured by his response. “True, but I still feel uneasy.”

Mu Yexiao was rendered speechless by her attitude. This Qian Jiujiu, not only she’s dumb, but she’s also so sensitive. Of course, he had his own agenda.

Since he liked Qian Jiujiu, he wanted to make sure she was his forever. Thus, he would shower her with unlimited love until she would never leave him. He would surely employ this great tactic to keep her by his side.

He decided to pamper her constantly, so that she became too used to it. Then, she would never abandon him.

However, Qian Jiujiu became so wary when he treated slightly better just now, to his surprise. She may be an idiot, but she’s quite smart too.

But, she still looks a little foolish. What kind of person is this Qian Jiujiu exactly?

Meanwhile, Qian Jiujiu was utterly oblivious to his internal conflicts. She hastily rose to her feet and said, “Since Your Highness is so generous, I’ll gladly accept it.”

“After all, I’m giving presents to your family, so you should be the one spending money anyway. Well, let us head out soon. We’ll buy some things as presents for tomorrow.”

Mu Yexiao had never gone shopping with a lady before, this would be his first. Hence, he was still a little excited. “Let’s go, push my wheelchair out.”

Qian Jiujiu replied, “So, you want us to walk? Fine, I’ll just take it as training.”

Even though her legs were trembling in fear, other people could not notice it. When they left the house, she realized that a guard was following behind them with a carriage.

Mu Yexiao looked at Qian Jiujiu and said, “When you’re tired, we can go in for a rest.”

She merely replied, “Hmm, you are quite considerate after all.”

Then, she wheeled Mu Yexiao out. Before leaving Hong Ling gave her a veil to cover her face, which made her felt very uncomfortable every time she spoke.

The expectations held upon women here were quite stringent, although one would not be held to the same standards if one was a servant.

Hence, Qian Jiujiu was the only one wearing the veil among them. She unconsciously sighed and said, “Would anybody even look at my plain face?”

“I even have to wear this unnecessary veil, it’s so inconvenient to speak with this on.”

Exasperated, Mu Yexiao replied, “You said that it’s uncomfortable, but you kept speaking anyway. Enough, let’s hurry up and buy what you want.”

Many commoners could not help glancing at them as they traveled in a large group. Of course, people will stare! Mu Yexiao was rendered speechless by her ridiculous remark.

Qian Jiujiu arrived at an herbs store and took out her list. “Hong Ling, ask the person at the counter to prepare these and send them to Xiao Manor.”

Hong Ling took the list and entered the shop, so Qian Jiujiu continued onward with Mu Yexiao. “Your Highness, do you know if there’s anything fun on this street?”

He replied curtly, “How would I know? Do you think I’m like you, wasting my free time loitering in the streets?”

Qian Jiujiu could not give him a reply. Even though she had only arrived at the manor for a few days, she had already ventured out three times. In ancient times, this would truly be unheard of.

After all, women barely left the house in ancient times. Qian Jiujiu shuddered at that thought and said, “Well, I have things to do. It can’t be helped.”

However, this ancient main street had nothing interesting. Other than the herbs, she found the area quite unappealing and boring to her.

Since Hong Ling had bought the herbs, she said, “Let us return, then. There’s nothing fun today. When there’s a festival, we’ll return here.”

Mu Yexiao agreed. “Fine, let’s head home.”

As they prepared to return, someone suddenly lunged toward them. Without wasting a moment, Dong Chen reacted instantly and stood before them. However, the person was very evasive.

Still, Dong Chen managed to trip the person, causing him to fall sprawling before Mu Yexiao and Qian Jiujiu. She could not recognize him, but Mu Yexiao instantly identified the person.

His mouth twitched a little as he uttered, “Dong Chen, help Fifth Brother up.”

Fifth Brother? Qian Jiujiu suddenly recalled that the Prince was the sixth son. Then, isn’t fifth brother his elder brother? I heard that he’s an idiot.

Qian Jiujiu eyed him curiously but the idiotic prince did not cry. He merely stood up and said, “Younger brother.”

He spoke with a large smile, baring his rows of white teeth. When Qian Jiujiu saw his exposed teeth, she fell into silent contemplation.

Mu Yexiao merely said, “Hmm, why is Fifth Brother here?”

Mu Yexing merely replied with a smile, “I came out to play. When I saw you, I wanted to give you a surprise but Dong Chen was too swift.”

Qian Jiujiu saw that the Fifth Prince spoke smoothly and elegantly. Why do people say he’s an idiot?

As she stared at him with great interest, Mu Yexing noticed her unrelenting gaze too. Hence, he looked up at her and…

Tore her veil away with one swift swipe! Then, he announced happily while clapping his hands, “I took it! I took it!”

He then threw it away, causing Qian Jiujiu to be stupefied in shock. What just happened?

Mu Yexiao was a little annoyed. “Let’s ride the carriage instead.”

Qian Jiujiu did not refuse his offer, since she was becoming exhausted anyway. After entering the carriage, she asked, “What is up with the Fifth Prince?”

Mu Yexiao glanced at her, saying, “Well, he speaks fine. He’s simply called an idiot because he’s very childish.”

“Even though he’s an adult now, his manner of speech and his attitude was very child-like. He even likes to play pranks on others.”

Qian Jiujiu finally understood. This must be what they called as mentally challenged, he seems quite pitiable.

Mu Yexiao peered at her and said, “If you empathize with him, can you try treating him? I heard that he was poisoned as a foetus in the womb, so he turned out this way because the toxins have not been completely removed yet.”

Stunned, Qian Jiujiu replied, “I’m not the Goddess of Mercy with divine powers. How can I treat everyone?”

“In actuality, I refuse to come into contact with wealthy and noble people like you. I simply want to lead a stable, peaceful life.”

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the carriage plunged into an awkward silence. Neither of them spoke, and they traveled back to the manor without further conversation.

When they arrived, Qian Jiujiu instantly got down and said to Hong Ling, “Hong Ling, can you check if the herbs are here? If they are, send them to my medicine room.”

Even though she had only been here for a few days, she had already created a medicine room for herself.

No matter where she was, this room was of crucial importance. Hong Ling was holding a package of herbs in her hands as she replied, “Princess Consort, they're already here.”

Qian Jiujiu took them and entered her medicine room. Although Hong Ling wanted to offer her assistance, she could only guard by the door as Qian Jiujiu did not request it.

Mu Yexiao did not say anything when he saw her leaving. Instead, he merely asked to be wheeled to his study. “Dong Chen, it's been so peaceful recently. Are there any secret movements?”

Naturally, Dong Chen knew what he was implying about. “The Third Prince keeps investigating information about the princess consort and the reason why you’re still alive.”

Having heard these developments, something piqued Mu Yexiao’s interest. “Are you saying that the mother and daughter from the Qian family is moving into the palace tomorrow as well?”

Dong Chen nodded. “Yes. Apparently, they are visiting the Empress Dowager to reveal Qian Yuge’s identity. Since the fake Qian Yuge is married to Your Highness, the real one wants to redeem her place.”

Mu Yexiao sneered, “It seems like they think that they could behave lawlessly after I approve of Qian Jiujiu. We’ll explain to imperial father tomorrow.”

He must be the one to inform imperial father about the drama regarding Qian Jiujiu’s identity.


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