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Chapter 23 - Noble Consort Qing Had Arrived


Mu Yexiao felt very content when he saw the delicious breakfast. Qian Jiujiu’s appearance was a little plain and did not have any artistic skills.

However, she could at least satisfy his belly. Mu Yexiao was forced to be pleased with her and sat down to eat breakfast with her.

Ancient people would not speak at the dining table or bedroom. Qian Jiujiu understood not speaking in the bedroom, but she could not endure the silence while eating.

When she saw that Mu Yexiao had finished half of his food, Qian Jiujiu could not help speaking. “How’s the food?”

He simply stared at her and said, “So undisciplined.”

After saying that, he buried his head and continued eating. Qian Jiujiu was saddened by his remark. She was merely being considerate.

So ungrateful. Qian Jiujiu’s shoulders drooped in disappointment, leaving him to eat in silence. After having breakfast, she also gave him the silent treatment.

Mu Yexiao frowned as he looked at her. “Qian Jiujiu, what’s wrong. Why are you so dispirited?”

He had never seen her so unenergetic before. Qian Jiujiu merely rolled her eyes at him and silently thought to herself. Why do you care?

She merely grunted and left, without giving him a reply. Mu Yexiao felt a little troubled after being given the cold shoulder. Thinking that something was amiss, he peered at Qian Jiujiu again.

“Qian Jiujiu, I thought of something. Do you want to hear it? Otherwise, you’ll regret it.”

She turned around and looked him in the eyes. “I wonder what it is? I don’t want to regret it, so please do tell me.

Mu Yexiao was clearly displeased with her attitude. However, he hated seeing her so dejected more. Hence, he continued with a sigh.

“I remember that your mother is unwell, so I originally wanted to send someone to protect her secretly. Seems like someone is ungrateful.”

After hearing that, Qian Jiujiu’s eyes instantly lit up. “Is Your Highness speaking the truth? You want to help protect my mother?”

Mu Yexiao could not help laughing when he saw her brighten up. “I’ve always been...”

Mu Yexiao purposely stopped speaking because he wanted to see Qian Jiujiu’s anxious expression. He wanted to say that he would never go back on his words.

Seeing that he suddenly stopped, Qian Jiujiu could not help make wild predictions. She narrowed her eyes as she fell deep into her thoughts. Since we’re partners, I must reward him with something for his effort.

With that, her eyes lit up in epiphany as she stared at Mu Yexiao.

“I understand now. Your Highness, you wanted to say that you must receive proper rewards for your effort, right? Don’t worry, I will make sure to repay you appropriately for protecting my mother.”

“Say it, what do you want me to do? I will do anything that’s within my capability.”

Perplexed, Mu Yexiao merely stared at her with a frown. “Qian Jiujiu, what do you think of me actually?”

What do I think of you? Has he gone insane today? Why is he suddenly interested in this? Blinking her eyes, she replied, “Your Highness is impressive and almighty!”

“I respect you deeply!”

“Fine, stop spouting nonsense. I wanted to say that I will never go back on my words. I’ll always fulfill my promises. Alright, I’ll send someone to protect your mother.”

“Dong Chen, bring me out for a stroll.”

Qian Jiujiu stared at him with a dumbfounded expression. Did I misspeak? I was complimenting him, why did he leave so suddenly? I haven’t even finished speaking.

“Hong Ling, why did His Highness leave so abruptly? How can he cut off the conversation so rudely?”

Hong Ling also looked at Mu Yexiou leaving with a pitiful expression, wondering how she should reply to Qian Jiujiu. After all, she was just as confused.

She merely shook her head. “I have no idea why he’s angry as well. Why don’t you make a delicious meal for lunch later?”

Qian Jiujiu merely rolled her eyes and grunted coyly. “Why do I need to appease him? I did nothing wrong!”

Hong Ling deliberated for a moment before saying. “Princess Consort, since His Highness promised to protect your mother, shouldn’t you thank His Highness?”

Ah, true! Qian Jiujiu nodded in agreement. “This seems reasonable. I’ll head to the kitchen then.”

Mu Yexiao felt a bit despondent after leaving as he wondered. What do I seem like exactly in her eyes?

He truly wanted to know, but asking her would merely invite nonsensical remarks from her. It would simply hurt his heart and dignity. Helpless, Mu Yexiao could only sigh.

Why is she like a nemesis to me?

His emotions became complicated as he stared at Dong Chen. “Dong Chen, look at what Princess Consort is doing now.”

Dong Chen was extremely unwilling to do so. Looking at Mu Yexiao, he said, “Your Highness, why are you so concerned about her? Do you really want to make her the princess consort?”

Instead of being furious, Mu Yexiao merely asked, “Is there anything wrong making her the princess consort?”

Dong Chen could not help rolling his eyes. “But, she’s merely an illegitimate child. She doesn’t know the arts, it would be disastrous if Noble Consort finds out.”

“She will never agree to this. If you fall in love with her, you’re the one that’ll be suffering.”

Mu Yexiao frowned. “Are you saying that my imperial mother will split us up?”

Just as he finished speaking, a woman’s voice echoed from a distance. “What is my son saying? What do you mean by splitting you up? Who am I beating?”

Mu Yexiao jumped in surprise at the familiar voice. He seemed very flustered when he saw Noble Consort Qing entering. “Imperial mother, why are you here??

Noble Consort Qing grunted coldly. “I heard that you went to Qian Manor yesterday? What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know that your parents are worried about your health?”

“You didn’t visit us even when you left the palace, and went to Qian Manor instead. By the way, where is your princess consort?”

“I didn’t even ask her to greet us at the palace, so she can stay here to take care of you. Where is she?”

Dong Chen lowered his head and stared blankly into space, as though he did not hear her question. Mu Yexiao, on the other hand, was quite unsettled about his imperial mother’s demanding attitude.

He knew that trouble had come knocking at the door, she might actually split them up soon.

He let out a cough and replied, “Imperial mother, Jiujiu…”

Noble Consort Qing was befuddled when she heard an unfamiliar name. “Wait, who is this Jiujiu. I’m asking about your princess consort Qian Yuge, not some Jiuiju.”

Mu Yexiao mused silently. This foolish Qian Jiujiu can’t even hide it from me, much less from my perceptive imperial mother. Well, she never really tried anyway.

Should I be honest? I’ll protect her, so there shouldn’t be any problems. With that, Mu Yexiao decided to tell the truth to her.

“Imperial mother, my princess consort is Qian Jiujiu, not Qian Yuge.”

Noble Consort Qing’s eyes grew wide in astonishment. “What are you saying? The girl we chose for you to marry is Qian Yuge, who is this random Qian Jiujiu?”

Mu Yexiao felt troubled. “Imperial mother, Qian Jiujiu’s a person and she’s an important person to me.”

Important person? Noble Consort Qing was clearly perplexed as she stared at her son. “How important is she?”

Ahem ahem! Mu Yexiao felt asphyxiated as he let out a sigh. “Imperial mother, do you want me to be able to stand?”

Noble Consort Qing immediately became excited when she heard it. “Did you find a genius physician? That’s amazing. If it wasn’t for my mistake, you wouldn’t have that incident.”

Mu Yexiao’s expression darkened at the mention of that incident. “It’s not your fault. They were too ruthless, but my destiny would not be crippled by this disability.”

“Qian Jiujiu is someone that can cure me. So, I hope that imperial mother will overlook her status for me.”

Noble consort Qing answered, “You’re not lying to me, right? Can a young lady like her really save you?”

Mu Yexiao nodded. “I know it best, it’s my body after all. I can now bask in the sunlight in my wheelchair, I’m getting better by the day.”

“When I’m better, she’ll remove the toxins from my body. After that, she’ll start treating my legs.”

Noble Consort Qing decided to believe him for now since he was very persuasive. “Well, let me have a look at her then.”

Mu Yexiao did not reject her wish. After some deliberation, he realized that he did not know where Qian Jiujiu was. Hence, he asked Dong Chen, “Dong Chen, bring the princess consort here.”

He signaled with his eyes to ask Dong Chen to hurry up and inform Qian Jiujiu that his imperial mother was here.

Dong Chen understood his intent clearly, but their momentary exchange of glances did not escape Noble Consort Qing’s keen eyesight. When Dong Chen left, she grunted coldly.

“Wait, I’ll follow you. I want to see what your princess consort is doing now.”

She stared at Dong Chen coldly and said, “Dong Chen, bring me to her now.”

Helpless, Dong Chen brought her and Mu Yexiao along. When Mu Yexiao saw his butler, he gave him a vicious glance.

The butler gasped silently in fear. It’s not my fault, Noble Consort would not let me announce her arrival.

So, he hung his head low and naturally followed behind them, as the group moved toward the courtyard where Qian Jiujiu was in.

Meanwhile, Qian Jiujiu was cooking up a storm in the kitchen and had boiled the chicken soup for hours, with its fragrant aroma filling the air.

I’m sure Mu Yexiao will love it. If he doesn’t, I’ll make bitter soups for him in the future.

She gloated ecstatically at that thought.

Hence, she hastened her movements and suddenly, Noble Consort Qing arrived. When she looked at the courtyard, there was not a soul there.


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