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Hay folks I know that the last chapter was a bit short but this one should make  up for it.  Also please leave any coments that you want so that I can preen like a spring hen.

"So, how have you been children? I hope that my absence has not been to harsh on you. To make up for not being able to tell you any stories these past few days how about I buy you all some do-nuts?"

"I know, I know, they are not the healthiest things a child should eat but you all desirve a treat."

"Now pass me a glazed will you. Thank you young lady, if you would could you order us some more drinks, please and thank you."

"Let that be a lesson to you children that basic maners will get you farther in life then mear begging ever could."

"Now that we have our treats how about a story of manners to prove my point."

Have you ever had perfict salsa? I had the chance to try it when I was a child and was taught the recipe by a old cranky lady when I was but a small Lad. You see the old folk in my day would beat you with a wooden spoon if you were rude to them. They were all cranky and kind in equal measure willing to help you or leave you out to dry in a thunderstorm on your manners alone.

Well she asked me if I would be willing to help cook the salsa for a few jars. At the time I did not know that she had never asked anyone to help her so that they could not steal her recipe. She had only invited me because she was having trouble doing the work in her old age and because I had always helped her where I could. That is the only reason that her perfict recipe lived on past her death. Because of the kindness of a stranger. Because of respect that was shown for her.

It was hard work and after it was all done she asked me to either find someone worthy of her recipe or to take it to my grave. It is one of the things that I am still trying to find a successor for. I may have in the kindness that was shown to me by children, we shall see. Now on to my point as I am rambling on.

I showed her the most basic of kindness that was due to her and she showed me her lifes work and passion. That is why you should have compassion for your elders. If for no other reason then that you might just possible make them happy for a brief period of time.


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Bio: Every great once in a while, not often but every once in a while a person will come into my mind and refuse to leave. Who knows maybe this will help me bring them to life and bust them out from the prison of my mind?

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