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And we are back to the home front.

"We are back to our home town kid. I'm trusting you to tell everyone how the trip went and inspire them."

"They have to be inspired to march forward. To move ever onward, to see the next sunset and sunrise, to see what tomarrow might bring."

"This is what inspired me when I was your age eons ago."

My dad had taken me and my sister to see our first baseball game. We had traveled far to see the New York Giants play for the first time in our lives. They were my old mans home team, and boy was he proud of them.

How does the old song go? Take me out to the ballgame, buy me some peanuts and crakerjack, I don't care if I ever come home. Ha! That never gets old, to this day it remides me of my youth.

To see them play and catch a foul ball for my sister was the best thing that I had done. After the game we were out getting pizza and ice cream to celebrate the win of our new favorite team when my sister decided that she wanted to play. Well a boy sitting to seats down said 'baseball is not for girls.' and she got rather cross at him. It was then that my father turn to me and said that I must never step on anyones dreams no matter what them may be.

Dreams are important and without them we are left living in only the present. We do not look beyond the horizon and ask what could be over there. It was at this point that I rather roudly told my sister not to listen to small people that would never dream of touching the stars. I told her that she must aim for the moon! Its such a big target that even she could not miss. We joked about that for the rest of the day.

In 1969 she called me and said that she hit the moon today. She would not travel the world like I would, she would just end up working for NASA.


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Bio: Every great once in a while, not often but every once in a while a person will come into my mind and refuse to leave. Who knows maybe this will help me bring them to life and bust them out from the prison of my mind?

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