Emperor of Soul Pets

by Renoe_K

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Strong Lead Supernatural Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The World of Ilvirin is host to millions of soul monsters. The brave men and women who seek out, Subdue, and train these monsters are called Soul Trainers. The ultimate goal of every soul trainer is to rise up the ranks, defeat countless soul monsters and trainers, and one day be acknowledged as...
The Emperor of Soul Pets!!!
Follow Rao Wu, a young beastman on his quest to become the Emperor of Soul Pets. Laugh and cry with the many companions he makes along the way, and watch as he uncovers the terrible history of the Ilvirian World.
Can Rao Wu stay true to his heart during his climb, or will he, like countless before, be corrupted by the path. Stay tuned to find out.

Released on: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Letter from Renoe & Lexicon ago
Chapter 1: Midnight's Lament ago
Chapter 2: Taylor Wu ago
Chapter 3: Midnight's Decision ago
Chapter 4: Hunting the Berserk Warthog ago
Chapter 5: The Strange Girl ago
Chapter 6: The First Soul Pact ago
Chapter 7: First Training ago
Chapter 8: Loudy's Decision ago
Chapter 9: Commotion at the gate ago
Chapter 10: Soul Society ago
Chapter 11: Altercation at the Dinner ago
Chapter 12: The Phoenix Princess ago
Chapter 13: Tailed ago
Chapter 14: Danger! Desperate Measures ago
Chapter 15: The Test ago
Chapter 16: X-2906 ago
Chapter 17: Ju Tu Vs Bugbears ago
Chapter 18: X-2906's History ago
Chapter 19: Xian Da's Test! ago
Chapter 20: Starting a War ago
Chapter 21: King of Traps ago
Chapter 22: Battle for the Forest ago
Chapter 23: Victory or Defeat? ago
Chapter 24: Aftermath ago
Chapter 25: Chaos Points ago
Chapter 26: The Divide ago
Chapter 27: Instant Regret! ago
Chapter 28: Shave With Death ago
Chapter 29: Second Test Complete! ago
Chapter 30: Suicide Squad ago
Chapter 31: Meeting the Squad ago
Chapter 32: Making Plans ago
Chapter 33: Mole-Rat ago
Chapter 34: Two Heads... ago
Chapter 35: Storming Fort Drakon ago
Chapter 36: A Hybrid's Reality ago
Chapter 37: How Beasts Cultivate ago
Chapter 38: Planning the Heist ago
Chapter 39: Infiltrating Lazuli Caverns ago
Chaper 40: Go Wild! ago
Chapter 41: Battle in the Tunnels ago
Chapter 42: Easy Lies ago
Chapter 43: Stalemate ago
Chapter 44: The Terrible Yeshua ago
Chapter 45: Monster Down! ago
Chapter 46: The Administrator ago
Chapter 47: Resolution ago
Chapter 48: Prep Time ago
Chapter 49: The Mysterious Egg ago
Chapter 50: Schemes ago
Chapter 51: The Final Test ago
Chapter 52: Survive or Fight!? ago
Chapter 53: Ragnarok ago

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Plagiarism is not cool bro, if you're going to use plagiarize at least change the terms used or credit the original story, in this case "The charm of soul pets"


Really though, not cool at all to just steal another author's work like this.

P.S. 50 word limit review makes me add a P.S.


I wish there were even more updates. This is the best book  have read in a while, and I read every day. :)



Overall, the stroy is a mix between Pokemon and a cultivation novel and while I have seen others like it this is one of the better written versions of the genre. I would recommend people who enjoy monster taming novels to give it a try.