The moment Fu Beichen got into his car and Gu Nanyu got up to leave, the door of the cafe was jerked open from the inside.

“Yang Jingyue, you are fired!”

As a harsh voice fell, a girl was pushed out of the cafe.

Gu Nanyu caught the girl as she was about to stumble.

“Thank you.” The girl’s eyes were watery. She was definitely crying before this.

The man who pushed Yang Jingyue out went back in before a couple walked out together. The man’s face was blushing with guilt whereas the woman was looking all gleeful.

“Yang Jingyue, I always thought that you are the great, talented daughter from the Yang family but it turns out, you’re nothing but a part-timer at a cafe. How brave of a person you must be to throw a fit with us, your customers! Why can’t you get over yourself, are you happy to be fired now?”

The man signaled the woman beside him to stop talking, but she could not hold her arrogance.

“What, do you feel sorry? You can go to her if you do!”

As she said that, she pushed the man toward Yang Jingyue.

As soon as the man noticed the woman’s irritation, he quickly coaxed her, “What were you thinking? I just meant that you don’t have to waste so much of your words on such a person.”

Yang Jingyue stared at him, dazed. “Such a person… Am I such a person who doesn’t even deserve words in your eyes?”

“Yang Jingyue, stop daydreaming. He just signed a contract with Fengxing Entertainment, if rumors of him dating a cafe part-timer go out, tsk tsk tsk, how would he ever face everyone in the industry?”

“Ling Hao, you knew that I fought with my family just to be with you...”

“That is history. I was too blind to be with a girl like you. So, stop pestering me!” Ling Hao used his words to stab on Yang Jingyue’s heart just to please his current girlfriend without any restraint.

Just like what people always said, one’s true colors would only show during a breakup.

Gu Nanyu witnessed the whole scene from the side. She thought that the man looked familiar somehow, but she could not recall who he was right away.

The realization only hit her after Yang Jingyue mentioned his name.

Ling Hao was an idol who was only popular for a short while in her past life.

He had too many scandals afterward that even the public relations could not confine them anymore, then he slowly fell out of the league.

I never knew he was such a scumbag!

Yang Jingyue took a step backward subconsciously and the tears in her eyes were about to fall. That was the moment when Gu Nanyu grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her side.

“Don’t cry, don’t give them the satisfaction.” Gu Nanyu whispered to her.

Staring at the young man who appeared out of nowhere, Yang Jingyue was stunned. A burst of warmth flowed in her heart when she heard her words.

“Who are you?” Standing beside Ling Hao, Yi Mengying’s eyes glowed when she saw Gu Nanyu.

He is… so good-looking!

Gu Nanyu ignored her but held onto Yang Jingyue and continued with a half-mocking grin on her face.

“Little Yueyue is never one who likes to fight over something, everything that could be snatched away is equivalent to trash to her. Am I right, sweetheart?”

Yang Jingyue did not recognize this young man, neither did she know why he knew her name.

However, this strange young man preserved all of her dignity at that moment.

After Gu Nanyu finished, she looked at Ling Hao’s face which was twisting in fury without any emotions.

Then, she turned over to look at Yang Jingyue and spoke to her softly.

“There are not many scumbags in this world, you just met one by coincidence. Don’t worry, you will only meet good guys from now on.”

Looking at Gu Nanyu’s bright eyes, Yang Jingyue felt as if she was hypnotized by her mere sentences.


“Yes, the best proof is you meeting me.” Gu Nanyu thought that she must be the best person at the current moment. She could not imagine how bad the girl would be bullied by this shameless couple if she were not there.

“Yang Jingyue, how dare you blame me for betraying you when you’re two-timing me with this guy? How are you going to explain this to me?” Ling Hao who never thought he was at fault to get together with Yi Mengying felt like he was cheated on when someone else was being nice to Yang Jingyue.

Gu Nanyu let go of Yang Jingyue’s hand and took two steps forward, stopping right in front of Ling Hao, eyeing him from head to toe.

“Coincidentally, I know some I Ching. I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll read your fortune for free.”

Finishing her sentence, Gu Nanyu pinched her fingers and mumbled something like a serious deal. After a short while, she concluded in a relaxed tone.

“Lad, you lack green2 in your five elements1. Fear not, this new girlfriend of yours will grant you the vast grassland of Hulunbuir, you guys complement each other perfectly. I wish you love for each other till death and may your love be eternal.”

Someone burst into laughter.

Gu Nanyu turned to only see Fu Beichen, who was somehow already standing right behind her.

The one who laughed was Fu Beichen’s personal assistant, Jiang Yishan.

1The ‘five elements’ is an ancient Chinese concept consisting of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, which complement each other with different dominances to perfect the world or an individual.

2Green is an internet slang for ‘being cheated on’. It is not included in the five elements but the character sarcastically meant he is about to be cheated on by his new girlfriend soon.


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