Limited to Pampering in Marriage: Report to Captain, I’m Pregnant.

by ferryman

Original ONGOING Romance Female Lead Male Lead Reincarnation

Having a sweet yet naughty wife at home, she was best at being both bossy and alluring. She could even dominate, submit, and flirt, not to mention acting cute, domineering, or funny. Having said about being smart and playful, a jerk or a slut was no match for her. As the spring breeze blew across 10 miles, the time was just right for us. When she picked up her intellectual, she discovered that everything had changed. Once her feeling of being soft-hearted was abandoned, she found that she was never hurt again. Just as she rolled up her sleeves, getting ready to have a go at something, she realized that an indifferent minister took a liking to her. He expressed affectionately, “You only have to stay put, and I’ll be the scumbag!” She was confused. “What do you mean by staying put?” He cast a sidelong glance at her, replying, “It’s exactly what it means.” _What does it mean by that? I can’t wait to know its real definition!_

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Group Leader (I)
Word Count (VII)
I Am Taking Off (V)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Even The Dogs Are More Skillful Than You ago
Chapter 2 - You’d Better Cooperate ago
Chapter 3 - I Will Be Top, You Will Be Bottom!  ago
Chapter 4 - Mine Is Bigger Than Yours  ago
Chapter 5 - Selfish And Cold-Hearted ago
Chapter 6 - Coaxing Her To Be His Scapegoat ago
Chapter 7 - You Raised Me Up, And I Will Protect You For The Rest of Your Life ago
Chapter 8 - This Time, She Would Be The Proactive One ago
Chapter 9 - We Meet Again ago
Chapter 10 - Now That We’ve Almost Seen Each Other’s D*ck ago
Chapter 11 - I See You As A Friend, Yet You Are Trying To Sleep With Me? ago
Chapter 12 - ‘Best’ Friends For Bed ago
Chapter 13 - Because I Brought Him In  ago
Chapter 14 - I Am Your F*cking Uncle ago
Chapter 15 - I'm Not Your Father ago
Chapter 16 - The USB Flash Drive Has Been Switched  ago
Chapter 17 - The Exhilaration Of Gu Dongxue ago
Chapter 18 - It Ain’t Good ago
Chapter 19 - Found Himself A Lover To Prove That He Was Not Impotent ago
Chapter 20 - The Sun Rose From The West ago
Chapter 21 - Did It Feel Good To The Touch? ago
Chapter 22 - The Medical Check-Up Was Meant For Her ago
Chapter 23 - A Disabled Leg ago
Chapter 24 - Did It Have To Be This Hurtful? ago
Chapter 25 - Inheritance From The Ancestors ago
Chapter 26 - No Warnings Before Dropping Innuendos!  ago
Chapter 27 - Despicable ago
Chapter 28 - Lad, You Lack Green In Your Five Elements ago
Chapter 29 - A Jerk Among Scumbags, A Scumbag Among Jerks 1047 ago
Chapter 30 - My Love Undulates Like The Sea, My Heart Is Wild And Free ago

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Good story, it's refreshing having the person who gets the chance to repeat their life being unable to use it as a template for the future. Rape will always be a sensitive subject, that I'm not surr you're giving enough weight to, but the story is pretty interesting. The first chapter needs serious revision for grammar mistakes, it's really off putting in the first chapter. Subsequent chapters are better. Also your use of the word gay in a sentence is wierd