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Mount Tydol was a vast and mysterious mountain range filled with many kinds of unusual plants and strange beasts. There are many varieties of spiritual herbs and plants scattered about the rough grassy terrain, with spirit fruits growing from humongous ancient trees. Their branches have become so large that they appeared to have blocked off the sky as they stretched across the wild forestry deep within the mountain range.

Roar! The cries of various essence beasts were heard faintly resounding throughout the entire region, further increasing the wild and untamed atmosphere.

The sky was getting bleak, as water drops started to fall from the clouds. One drop of water fell on top of a colossal tree towering the area, it slid down a large leaf the size of two men, finally, dripping on Feng Yu, who was hiding underneath the tree.


"It seems that it's about to start raining," Feng Yu said while wiping the raindrop from his forehead.

He was silently perched on top of a large branch. His form camouflaged by many gigantic leaves. Occasionally, his ears would make a slight twitching motion as he carefully scouted the region. Soon, his gaze became fixed towards a specific location within a dense field of tall grass. Shortly after, a figure became visible, swiftly making its way through the tall thickets with high speed and skill. It was a panther moving carefully and with agility. This panther was three meters tall, five meters in length, with purples stripes covering its black skin.

Strangely enough, despite its massive frame, it made no sound as it swiftly made its way through the shrubs. Very quickly, it arrived at Feng Yu's location. It seemed to have picked up his scent as it carefully sniffed the region. An intelligent gleam shined in its dark eyes.

Swish! "Scorching Mantis Strike!" Seeing an opening, Feng Yu quickly launched an attack utilizing the first stance of the <Blazing Mantis Palm Arts>.

As if sensing the danger beforehand, the panther promptly evaded by leaping backward leaving an afterimage in its wake demonstrating astounding flexibility. Sensing that its opponent's cultivation was no stronger than itself, it immediately repositioned itself into an attack posture and gave off a loud roar while dashing towards Feng Yu.

Rooaarrr! Swoosh!

"Shit! It's fast!" Feeling a bit surprised by the panther's speed, Feng Yu frowned while grumbling. However, he didn't dare let his guard down either. He quickly got into the 'Mantis Stance' preparing to counterattack the panther's speedy assault.

A cunning glint gleamed in the panther's eyes as it made a mocking expression. With a slight shake of its body, another afterimage appeared. This afterimage then branched off into multiple similar afterimages agilely traversing the distance while shuffling amongst each other creating an illusive scene.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

"Hmph... Such a cunning cat. Are you forcing me into a frontal assault? It seems that your specialty is quite exquisite indeed. Sadly, you're underestimating me too much!" Feng Yu inwardly praised its Movement Technique while sneering. He dashed towards the images of the panther utilizing his <Lightning Flash Steps> Movement Skill.

Flash! Flash! Flash!

After a series of lines similar to lightning, Feng Yu's figure abruptly appeared within the center of the panther's afterimages. As if in slow motion, he lifted his hands slowly and began swiping his palms out in a fluid style, leaving many remnant outlines after each swipe. Soon, his hands became blurry due to the speed of his palm attacks. They struck all the images of the panther instantly dispersing the illusion ability caused by its stunning movement speed.

A look of shock appeared in the panther’s eyes as it swiftly started to retreat.

Seeing this act, Feng Yu mocked, "HA! You're too late!" With another flash, he quickly disappeared from the panther's field of vision leaving only a bright trailing line of lightning.

Before the panther could react, a flash of red light swept across its neck all the way towards its sternum.

Like a ghost, Feng Yu appeared below its underbelly with his back facing the front of the panther, while sustaining the Mantis Attack Stance. He crouched on the ground, with one leg in front of the other. His right hand was positioned towards the ground while his left hand was held high above his head with its palm curved over. Droplets of blood dripped from the index finger onto his right palm and then to the ground.

Pat. Pat. Pat.

Roooaaaarrr! Looking at the undefended prey in front of him, the panther roared in rage preparing to unleash its most powerful method.

Puff! A line of blood appeared trailing from the back of its neck all the way to front. The panther panicked and wanted to run away, but the situation was already decided.

Soon the light in the panther's eyes faded away, and its head flew from its body, leaving traces of burn marks on the ripped surface. Bloodshot forth like a geyser, spraying around the green grass and covering the area in shades of bloody red. The pungent scent of blood began to linger throughout the air.

Wiping the blood off his hands, Feng Yu then said in a disappointed manner, "It seems I'm still far away from achieving insights into the third stance. I imbued my 'Blurry Mantis Palms' with the strength of fire essence to the Complete State finally. However, I don't have a slight clue as to how to execute the Third Move: Blazing Palm Wave. Sigh, it's only been four days since I started hunting; there should still be plenty of time."

"This purple striped Black Panther should be my 5th Five-Star Tier 1 Essence Beast. Now that I've warmed up, I should go try some stronger creatures."

Essence Beasts are creatures that could cultivate using the essences of heaven and earth. These beasts are no less intelligent than human beings. Like cultivators, they are divided into different tiers according to the strength. Tier 1 Essence Beasts have the strength of a Body Training realm expert, ranging from low levels to high levels using the 'Star Ranking System.'

Generally, from 1 Star to 9 Star would be the same as the 1st Tier to 9th Tier of each corresponding martial cultivation realm. Tier 1 - Tier 4 beasts are usually referred to as Essence Beasts, while Tier 5 to Tier 8 beasts are referred to as Supreme Beasts.

There are stories of another type of creature that is unable to be categorized as merely 'Beast Kind,' but that is a story from a distant and ancient time.


The rain was falling harshly within the mountain range, and the thunder echoed throughout the surroundings. The liveliness of the environment disappeared due to the gloomy atmosphere of nature once again revealing its might.


A flash of lightning struck a distant location; instantly destroying a large rock hidden within the forestry of the steep mountainside. Shortly after, however, another three flashes of lightning appeared swiftly traversing through the region, leaving a long trailing line for each ray.

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Feng Yu's form was flashing from location to location within the mountain’s forest. Each flash took him 15 meters away from the last. This was a sign that he had reached the perfection in the simple stage in the <Lightning Flash Steps> movement skill.

He soon arrived at an area with a dense collection of trees. Carefully making his way through the branches of the trees, Feng Yu saw a field in front of him hidden away from the outside due to trees.

"Oh, there should be a good place to take a rest from this awful weather. Hmm, maybe I should give it a quick inspection first to be sure," After making a quick decision, Feng Yu then headed towards the field.

Hou! Hou! Hou!

As he drew closer to the area, sounds of apes could be heard within the field.

"There are creatures here. I should be a little more cautious." Swiftly he flashed and vanished into a shrubbery the size of a fully-grown man.

Now the field was in full view. Looking through the dense shrubbery in front of him, he saw a community of apes playing around in a small lake. These apes had beautiful silver fur and had long muscular arms. A few of the young apes were eating fruit and lying on the ground while the elder apes were mixing collected fruits into a large jar carefully.

Soon the smell of liquor drifted towards the surroundings. Taking a quick whiff, Feng Yu instantly became excited.

"Monkey Liquor! What great luck! To come here at such a time when it's about to be brewed. Hmm, that color, these must be Silver Furred Apes."

Curious, Feng Yu wanted to try out the strength of these Silver Furred Ape's but decided against it. His priority now was to steal the Jar of Monkey Liquor.

Monkey Liquor is said to be a rare medicinal alcohol created by 'Ape Kind.' Not only is it capable of healing severe injuries, but it could also help one build a firmer foundation, making a practitioner experience more natural breakthroughs in lower cultivation realms.

"With this liquor, I should be able to stabilize my foundation at a quicker pace and clear up the hidden effects of the multiple realm breakthroughs I had back at the clan," Feng Yu said as he calmed his thoughts and carefully observed the situation.

Soon the Monkey Liquor was completed, and all the Silver Furred Apes began to shout excitedly as they gathered around the Jar.


As the saying goes, 'Birds Die in Search of Food.' Like birds, many animals share the same basic instinct. Suddenly, a Gigantic Red Tiger that was 10 meters in height and 15 meters long appeared with a golden crown that had nine stars shining brightly on its forehead. It lifted its head and roared towards the sky demonstrating its prestige for a moment, soon after, it charged towards the area of elder apes with the Jar of monkey liquor. A look of greed was gleaming in its eyes as it stared at the jar of monkey liquor.

Feng Yu called out in shock, "Golden Crown Red Tiger King!"

Hou! Hou! Hou!!

The apes were furious; they rushed out in an attempt to block the Red Tiger King but were soon ripped to shreds with a swipe of its humongous paws.

Still shocked, Feng Yu pondered, "A 9 Star Tier 1 Essence Beast like this is willing to fight these Silver Furred Apes for the Monkey Liquor. Could it be on the verge of a breakthrough towards Tier 2?"

Smashing away all the weaker Silver Furred Apes, the Tiger King was excited because it was about to reach the Monkey Liquor.


Suddenly the essences of heaven and earth became chaotic once again as a voice echoed across the perimeter.


An Ancient Tree, 50 meters tall requiring at least 35 men to surround it with their arms, was instantly snapped in half. The figure that appeared was like that of a Silver Furred Ape but was golden in color. It had a height of 30 meters with arms as thick as large water barrels. There were nine stars also shining brightly on its chest. It gave off a primordial aura of ancient and supreme might.

"GOLDEN FURRED APE KING!" Feng Yu was stricken with fear.

As if sharing the same shock as Feng Yu, the Golden Crown Tiger King looked with an expression of terror on its face.


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