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In the blink of an eye, a week had passed, and the Sky Splitting School selection date was getting closer and closer. Machen Town quickly became more crowded with a merry atmosphere. The density of travelers, wanderers, and merchants was only increasing day by day with no sign of ending in the short term.

Within the Feng Manor on the extensive training field, Feng Yu could be seen training non-stop as flashes of white light danced around the area.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A flash of light was trailing in a straight line within the space of 10 meters. The figure of the young was there for an instant only to vanish once again leaving a white trailing line appearing at another location within 10 meters away.

During this period, Feng Yu had given his undivided attention towards training his <Lightning Flash Steps Technique>. At this point, he already grasped it and was now trying to perfect it.

"Now, this is better. It seems that Top Tier Martial Techniques still take quite a bit of time to master as well, despite having such a powerfully mutated soul. It is still countless times faster than how long it took me to master it this time around compared to my previous life." Feng Yu was feeling happy at the successful cultivation of his favorite technique.

"It's about time I left for Mount Tydol." Putting himself together, he went back towards his room to freshen up and prepare for the trip.

After he fully prepared, he donned a dark-greyish robe while stealthily and swiftly making his way out of the Feng Family Manor. After turning a few corners and going through a few different streets, he carefully looked around for a moment trying to find any suspicious characters.

"Seems that I was overreacting. No matter, training comes first." Feng Yu whispered to himself as he made his way towards the town entrance at a reasonable pace mixing within the bustling crowd.

A few moments later, phasing out of the shadows of a discrete corner, a figure stood silently watching Feng Yu leave the town, carefully observing the direction he went.

Whoosh! Silently the figure vanished from the corner of the street, fading away into the darkness once again.



Xiang Shu was feeling frustrated. He had wanted to try and quickly kill Feng Yu once more to prove himself to his father, despite his warning and the disappointment showed towards him. However, Feng Yu had stayed inside the Feng Manor for almost two weeks.

He was angry at himself for wasting his precious time that should have been used to prepare for the nearing talent selection.

"That bastard! When the selections begin, I'll make sure he knows what it means to live while seeking to die." Xiang Shu snarled as he bit a spirit fruit, fiercely swallowing it and then chugging down some wine.

Swish! A form suddenly appeared within the room promptly bowing before Xiang Shu with his hands cupped as he politely said: "Young master Xiang, the target has finally begun to move."

Crash! Quickly tossing aside the wine jar to the ground and breaking it to pieces, he got up excitedly while looking towards the man in black.

"HA! Finally, let us see how you get away this time. Quickly tell me, where is he?" He asked in a commanding tone.

"Replying to Young Master, the target seems to be heading towards Mount Tydol. At his speed, it seems it would take about 3 – 4 days before he reached his destination."

Excited, Xiang Shu gestured towards the servant and said, "Good! Quickly go and get in touch with the rest of the men. I want his head brought back to me. There is no room for failure!"

"By Young master's command!" The servant vanished after bowing respectfully.


"Feng Yu! Feng Yu! Humph! I am the talent. I am the chosen not you… not Xiang Fang!!!" Xiang Shu muttered with hardly concealed hatred while staring intensely out the window towards the direction of Tydol Mountain Range.


Tydol Mountain Range, a stream of endless mountain ranges that spanned together stretching across the distant horizon seemingly endlessly. It was said to cover about 2,000 kilometers, with each mountain bearing heights that seemed to have stretched to the very threshold of the sky.

Standing in front of the vast mountain range, Feng Yu felt tiny, as if the Mountain shouldered the weight of heavens and earth, while he was nothing more than a part of its burden.

At the outskirts, a few 'Fierce Beasts' could be seen scattered about. These creatures were ordinary beasts that did not have the power of essence. They averaged at the standard battle efficiency of a robust mortal combatant.

Warriors could be seen making their way towards the depths of the mountain range; each wielding their unique weapons. There were some traveling in groups with a few others moving along the outskirts as lone wolves. At the outside of the mountain range, a few construct buildings were in place to accommodate travelers seeking to rest and exchange with each other for medicine and equipment. These construct buildings were glowing with strange runes as a mysterious aura flowed around them. An odd-looking insignia was hung high above them; it was a picture of an unrecognizable silhouette with a giant question mark above it.

"Such an amazing sight indeed. Hmm, the mystery pavilion extends to every unusual place it." Feng Yu could only let out a sigh of praise at the masterpiece of nature while observing the Tydol Mountain Range and the unique constructs in front of him.

"Is this your first time visiting, fellow traveler?" A voice said a little distance from him.

“I couldn't help but admire it for a moment." Feng Yu said while looking towards the stranger.

"Yes, it is quite a sight to look at for the first time, but don't get lost in its scenery. The monsters here are no joke!" said the guy dressed in a sleeveless shirt and some loose-fitting long pants with a pair of wooden sandals.

He was about two meters tall, had a muscular physique, black hair and a hard face. Despite this look, it was apparent that he wasn't that much older than Feng Yu: about 1 to 2 years at most. Hung high on his back was a large and odd-looking bow.

"The name's Hui Ying, I'm a traveler that often wanders this area to temper my skills. Fellow Daoist, might I ask what brings you to Tydol Mountain Range at this time?" He said, introducing himself to Feng Yu.

"I'm called Wu Feng, and I'm also on a tempering journey myself." Seeing that he didn’t seem to have a harmful nature, Feng Yu introduced himself with an alias. He still wasn't sure if any of the prominent families in Machen Town were on his trail. He had to play it safe just in case.

"Oh, that's great! "Carefully looking at Feng Yu, he noticed his cultivation was lower than his own. He offered, "Hmm, I know of a good place with a few 5th Star Tier 1 Essence Beasts. Seeing as you are new here, do you want to party up?"

Hearing his offering, Feng Yu couldn't help but get a better impression of this Hui Ying. He politely rejected saying, "It’s ok. I'd rather go at it alone my first time here. Tempering myself will require life and death battles. If I went along with you, it would lose meaning. Still, maybe we could meet up again another time and work together."

An appreciative look appeared in Hui Ying eyes, "Oh... Well Wu Feng, best of luck to you on your tempering journey. May we meet again!"


Quickly his form vanished into the distant mountains leaving a series of after images. It was clear that not only was his cultivation at a high level, his martial skill was practiced almost to the point of perfection.

"Fast! Such an interesting guy. Hui Ying, we will meet again.” It seemed like, due to his age, he should still be within the range of those being accepted for the talent selections.

No longer paying attention, he swiftly made his way to a deeper part of the mountain range, bypassing all of the low-level beasts.

Soon, more and more powerful creatures started to appear as Feng Yu traveled all the way until his figure completely disappeared from the view of the construct buildings.


Outside of the Tydol Mountain Range, a dozen individuals, wearing black clothing, suddenly appeared. Each of them gave off a cold and murderous aura. The wanderers passing by that saw them quickly gave way and went as far away as possible to avoid getting into unwanted trouble.

"So, where is he?" said one of the figures in black clothing.

"Based on the information given, he should be here already; it seems we’re one step behind. He's most likely already traveled into the mountain range." Another figure said while observing the distant mountain.

"Fine! Let’s quickly report back to the young master and get moving. We can't stay out here for too long." The leading figure soon commanded. Immediately all of them vanished into thin air.


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