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The Bright Flame Kingdom, within Machen Town

In an old worn-down shack within an unusually quiet district, a 15-year-old boy could be seen lying down


The sun rose brightly today, bringing with it a warm light that was starting to melt away the cold darkness of the night. Faintly, the crowing of roosters was heard within the distance, breathing life into the silent districts and public squares.

Dawn has come to Machen Town.

Within District 7, inside of the old shack.

Warm rays of sunlight beamed their way through the cracks of the wooden structure, creating specks of light on the wooden floor. A beam of light made its way across the face of Feng Yu pausing briefly over his closed eyes. He started to stir, opening his eyes bit by bit then gazing towards the old wooden ceiling.

"Where?... Where am I?" Feng Yu muttered to himself.

Slowly, he started to look around the small space with a confused expression on his face. There was a stash of old rusted weapons stored into barrels placed on top of tables and scattered around on the wooden floor. He then looked carefully at his body and noticed his blood covered torn up clothing along with some dried-up blood and bruises on his skin. On the floor, he saw even more dried blood that must have been there for a while.

"What's going on here?! Shouldn't I... be dead? How could I ---?" With a shocked expression, Feng Yu called out in alarm. Suddenly, his head started to hurt like someone was using an axe to split it from the inside out. He grabbed it with both of his hands as he groaned in agony.

"Damn this pain! What the hell is going---?" Feng Yu angrily exclaimed, but before he could finish his sentence, a stream of unknown memories started to flood his mind. After some time, the pain faded away. He then let go of his head in relief and looked at the token in his hand, it was a strange symbol of a red bird with a crown on its head.

"The Feng Clan huh! Interesting, who would have thought that I'd have a second chance at life? I Feng Yu will certainly reach the peak in this life if it's the last thing I do!" Feng Yu declared while slowly picking himself up off the ground and adjusting his tattered clothes.

"Still, this poorly fated fellow surely has had it rough... to be betrayed by your best friends. Hmph! No matter, now that I've taken charge; you are me, and I am you. Your enemies are my enemies, so I will certainly make them pay!" Feng Yu said with a firm look on his pale face, his eyes gleamed with a sharp light sparking the fire of revenge.

In his previous life, Feng Yu was a martial practitioner that managed to cultivate the peak of Warrior realm. Sadly, due to his poor constitution, he was unable to achieve any further breakthroughs. Because of this, he ended up having to risk his life adventuring into dangerous 'mystic realms' as well as 'forbidden-zones' to seek a chance of a breakthrough. What a pity! The destiny that found him on his previous journey was death.

After stumbling upon an ancient unstable formation and mistakenly activating it, the Mystic Realm’s ruins exploded with a devastating blast, which not only destroyed his physical body but also, sent his soul through various dimensions of time and space.

The body he came to possess was also called Feng Yu, who was the only child of the leader of the Feng Clan in Machen Town, Feng Yunlong. A father that was fond of his son despite his incompetence and laziness.

The Feng Yu of this world was always out chasing skirts and causing trouble with his friends Xiang Shu and Huan Shan. Because of this, his father became prone to stress as he began to worry about the successorship of the family. Still, he didn't try to force Feng Yu as he believed it to be a way of rebelling to fill the gap of a missing mother in his child’s life. In Feng Yu's early years, his mother was said to have died of a chronic illness that no alchemist in the entire Machen Town could cure.

However, recently, there was an announcement released by one of the top martial sects in the Bright Flame Kingdom, the Sky Splitting Sword Sect that there would be an emissary visiting Machen Town in less than two months of time to hold a 'Talent Selection', which came as a shock to the Machen Town's residents, as this was the first time a selection would take place in such a remote area. The prominent clans in Machen Town upon hearing this news began to direct all their resources to the main family descendants with the most talent, to ensure that they get selected.

A family expert checked Feng Yu's talent at his recent coming of age ceremony, which to their surprise showed that he had a 'top-tier aura pulse'. That discovery shocked the Feng Family Clan to the point of jubilant celebration; they invited all the prominent clans and held an event for two days.

However, a day after the event, Feng Yu was called out by his best friends to go out drinking and partying. After an afternoon of idleness, they then brought him to a remote area where they violently beat and killed him. This resulted in the switching of Feng Yu's souls.

"Hmm, my body's adaptability with the energies of heaven and earth is amazing. So, this is what it feels like to have an aura pulse! I need to leave here and recuperate quickly, so I can start training," Feng Yu said as he quickly made his way through the foggy district.

The coldness of the morning was beginning to fade, after walking out of the district and approaching the central area, Feng Yu noticed that most shops were already open and running. While others had also begun to quickly set up for business as people were starting to gather bit by bit. The citizens of Machen Town were used to the early activity, which contributed to the liveliness of the morning. Some individuals were even doing short exercises in open spaces.

One of the peddlers soon noticed Feng Yu passing by and quickly his excellent mood began to fade away.

"Damn! What's this troublemaker doing out so early? Could he have something planned today?" He said while trying to hide his most valuable stocks.

Another peddler overheard and looked up in shock; he then quickly moved to gather his valuables as his life depended on it.

The sudden commotion sparked a domino effect, and all peddlers began to complain secretly to themselves while on the surface acting business friendly.

Looking at their reactions, Feng Yu felt uncomfortable in his heart. "You know, this young master has done nothing wrong. Sigh..." He muttered silently. Sadly though, that couldn’t be changed, as the previous Feng Yu was too much of a nuisance.

"Dammit! I've got to clear this shitty reputation soon." Feng Yu took a quick glance at them, then no longer paid them any mind.

One of the peddlers managed to work up some courage as he went forward in hopes of driving the evil spirit away. "Young Master Yu! You're out early today, what are you seeking to purchase on this fine morning?"

"Nothing! I'm fine, just heading home." Feng Yu said indifferently, as he nonchalantly gestured at the peddler while walking towards the northern district of Machen Town.

"Am I dreaming? How could this brat not cause us any trouble in the morning?"

"I don't believe it! Maybe, that brat is planning to do something tonight."

"That's right!" A peddler said as he sighed, "We better clear out early today."

The peddlers couldn't believe it and started making plans for the afternoon. Thankfully, Feng Yu didn't seem to overhear their following conversations.

In a large section of the northern district of Machen Town, the Feng Clan Manor stood out imposingly with a large courtyard the size of two training fields. It had an arrangement of structures that surrounded the main building, and the entrance gate was of medium height by this world's standard. Hanging high on top of the gate was the symbol of the Feng Clan, being that of the Phoenix, giving off an aura of ancient history and noble prestige.

The Feng Clan was a family of ancient history which had existed for countless years. Sadly though, due to the mark of time, it began to decline, which lead to it settling down here in Machen Town about a hundred years ago, or so it was said.

Noticing someone approaching the gate dressed in shabby clothing covered with dirt and dried up blood stains, the guards that were on the lookout immediately acted.

"Halt! You are approaching the Feng residency, state your purpose for visiting or leave." One of the guards gestured at the figure threateningly while holding the hilt of his sword.

"It's me Feng Yu, clear the path!" Feng Yu, still feeling upset about the encounter with peddlers, shouted at the guards while showing the family token.

Hearing the familiar voice and seeing the token in Feng Yu's hand, the guard then bowed promptly as he replied. "Young Master Yu, pardon my negligence!" He then waved his hand at the other guards who opened the gate letting Feng Yu pass through, after which the gate quickly closed with a loud boom.

After entering the residence, Feng Yu made his way through the courtyard along the neatly tiled path towards the main building. Spirit orchard trees lined the path towards the main building creating a magnificent scenery. Maids were cleaning the various areas of the courtyard. A few members of the family were scattered about on different practice fields training and doing other exercises.

No longer paying too much attention to the scenery, he quickly entered the main building and headed toward his room. As he was about to enter his room, he heard a loud beckoning.

"Feng Yu! Get in here now!" The voice of Feng Yunlong could be heard echoing even to the guards at the gate. Feng Yu looked around the main room finally resting his gaze on a large door located at the end of the hallway.

Feeling a bit awkward, he sighed while making his way towards the large door.


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