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A note from Amanuensis

Meet Westwind Academy's top student and their statuesque fae.

Wilm's father died a hero before their very eyes. He was their only parent, their sole friend, and their greatest idol; everything he taught them has in some way shaped the person they've become. In the end, seeing his body get ripped into pieces by a horde of Carrion barbarians was the defining moment that granted them the Sight. At the age of 14, they were taken from their rural roost as a lithe, frail child. Four years of intensive training at Westwind Academy later, they are one exam away from graduating as top student into a full-fledged Seer.

Wilm's fae, Rugged, is a chiselled man carved from extremely durable stone. Though he is slow to move, his body is dense enough to pack a significant punch. With his fists, he is able to hammer rock into weapons and armor for himself and his Seer to wield. Like him, this equipment is incredibly hard and heavy. While Rugged can pick them up with ease, Wilm's muscles have grown similarly dense and powerful, enabling them to carry several plates and swing their favored claymore with their entire weight.

The stoic pair have sworn their lives to defending the innocent from the Fated King's enemies. With their combined strength, they aim to protect families like Wilm's from being torn apart by the impending War. Every day spent training, it marches closer. Both intend to be prepared.

A note from Amanuensis

Commissioned by Gjergi Art: https://gjergjiart.wordpress.com/

I got this artwork very early, so I decided I should share it early, too! Please vote in the poll at the top to help decide who I commission next. Kon and his fae are already in the works, but I won't be showing them off until he finally names her :D If you vote other in the poll, please leave a comment stating who you'd like art for next and why.

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