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Meet the Armsmaster of Westwind Academy and his electrifying fae.

Topek's entire life has been consumed by war. Orphaned at the age of 7 by the growing conflict between the Southern Counties, he was adopted by a gang of urchin rebels known as the Forsakin, who eight years later became responsible for his arrest. As the only living member captured during a botched home invasion, he was charged with the murder of a Count and given two options: a summary execution, or a lifetime of military service. Until the age of 22, he served as a member of the Vaska Elik Defense Force, fighting in battles much like the ones that killed his father, mother, and sister. When the Fated King arrived to liberate his people, he volunteered his life to the hero, who welcomed him as a squire under the previous Opal Knight. In three years' time, he ascended the ranks and was assigned the title of Jade Knight, making him responsible for selecting and training his own squires. At the age of 29, he gained the Sight on the same Fateful night his patrolling squad was ambushed by Carrion forces, resulting in the deaths of 12 of his 16 subordinates. He named his fae after his father's old motto: "Seek perfection to achieve excellence." Soon after, the Fated King sent him to train young Seers at Westwind Academy, where he currently serves as their Soldiery Professor.

Topek's fae, Excel, is an incarnation of pure energy. Rather than having a body of her own, she exists as symbiotic, jade-green electricity that lives by inhabiting her Seer. While coursing through him, Topek surges with power, making him as fast as lightning and explosively powerful, enabling him to run from coast to coast in hours and leap over mountains in a single bound. Excel can likewise inhabit other humans, providing them with a fraction of her magical power, yet still granting them superhuman speed and strength. Mental acceleration accompanies the physical, and any tasks or exercises performed while inhabited leave developed instincts and significant muscle growth.

Together, the pair are dedicated to ensuring the next generation of Seers are more powerful and capable than the last. Only four years remain until the Fated War for their world's soul, and both are determined to see his new subordinates through to the very end.

A note from Amanuensis

Commissioned by Gjergi Art:

Sorry again for the week break! I hope this beautiful artwork helps a little!

I've been recently encouraged to create a Patreon, so if you're interested in supporting this novel and my new addiction to character commissions, please feel free to leave a dollar or two! After my fiance and I get married at the end of this month, I intend to work on a Tier system with some perks.

Furthermore, I have a Discord, in case you'd like to speak with myself and other readers! I'd be delighted to get to know you there!

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