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This page is meant to act as a brief refresher for various important characters introduced throughout False Prophecy. Spoilers will be kept to a minimum, although you may learn some new facts.

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(Book Zero)
A Sung Prophecy
Character List

Name: Nise. Adoptive Father of the Fated King. Headmaster of Westwind Academy.

   Fae: Lucid. A featureless woman composed of divine luminescence that exists solely in reflective surfaces. She is capable of traveling through mirrors and scrying moving images from around the world. At the expense of power, Lucid can view brief glimpses of both the past and the future.

Name: Kados. The Fated King.

   Fae: Sow. An eight-foot-tall, bipedal pig in gardener's overalls, renowned for her delicious baking and matronly personality. She is capable of "planting" seeds of magic within people and the environment, blessing them with a variety of effects. Typically, they include some kind of growth, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. If time elapses before an effect is triggered, the result will blossom more potently.

   Fae: Reap. A living scarecrow made of mismatching bones and shrouded in a torn, black cloak. Wields a farmer's scythe and sickle, with which he can execute swift attacks that are rumored to sever anything. The full extent of Reap's magic is deliberately kept a secret to protect the interests of the Fated King.

Name: Kon. Son of Kir and Non of the Pale Hawks.

   Fae: Unnamed. His nascent fae's shell resembles a gold-and-silver knot of lute strings, with sparks of light and deep shadows glinting and glowering along the coiled ridges. She is capable of echoing and tuning sounds, enhancing them with various magical effects.

Name: Jrana. Daughter of Lord Anant and Lady Jred of the Wallowing Shores.

   Sightless: Her fae resembles a glob of watery seafoam with its sides pressed in, making it seem like an oyster rather than an egg. Jrana ran away from her troubled home for love, and now spends her days gathering resources while traveling the world with her husband's flock.

Name: Kinjra. Daughter of Jrana and Kon of the Pale Hawks.

   Fae: Unnamed. Her nascent fae's shell is vibrant green, oblong, and jagged like a seed. In the wake of his flights, plants appear to grow more quickly.

Name: Gul. Husband of Cres and Head Chef of the Pale Hawks.

   Sightless: His fae is a cloud of steamy, golden-brown mist. When they were children, his best friend, Kon, decided to call her 'Fart' due to her color and habit of drifting behind Gul wherever he went. In truth, the fae has a notable buttery scent.

Name: Lafer. Estranged Daughter of Regent Ferona and Vice Regent Oleus, the Interim Rulers of Kolod Vor.

   Fae: Vigor. A giant with fiery eyes and an enthusiastic voice, adorned in a muscular suit of veiny, molten armor. His body radiates with an aura of life and warmth, rejuvenating any living being it touches; including wounded enemies.

Name: Sap. Commander of the Coastwatch Eyrie. Also known as Spook.

   Fae: Presence: A silhouette of pure darkness whose size and power rises with renown and fear. As of late, he is large enough to drown an entire camp in shade. Presence is also capable of animating the shadows of living beings to halt, hold, hit, or hide them.

Name: Ashet. Wandering Seer and Diviner of Fate.

   Fae: Outlook. A mobile lighthouse with stone limbs and a glass dome for her head. Within, her essence - a bright white search light - flickers and spins. Whoever Outlook shines her light on, she is capable of seeing their perspective and perceiving ongoing thoughts to better understand and predict future actions. Often this information is assisted by tiny shadows of Fate shifting in the background.

Name: Edos. Carrion Traitor, Kinslayer, and Messenger of Death.

   Fae: Nightowl: A giant owl with dark-violet and midnight-blue feathers that can be lowered and raised to reveal her pale, glowing skin. She is able to fly great distances, see across vast landscapes in absolute darkness, as well as carry immense weight in her human-sized talons.

Name: Ebi. Wandering Seer, Defender of the Waistlands, and Patron Lady of Underfall.

   Fae: Flow. A 100-foot-long sea-serpent with translucent scales, filled with a seemingly infinite well of rushing water that can be sprayed from his mouth and controlled by his Seer. Additionally, he is capable of a low, slithering flight, although his leaking scales can only be grasped by Ebi.

Name: Cesca. Adopted Daughter of Ebi and Dír of Underfall.

   Fae: Unnamed. Her nascent fae is a cloud of tiny water droplets that ripple and patter with the sound of rain splashing into a puddle.

Name: Hazen. Groundsmaster of Westwind Academy.

   Fae: Lush. A woman made of tangling branches, roots, and vines, capable of sprouting natural and magical plants from her body. One graze of her fingertips can make flowers bloom and trees grow ripe with fruit and countless seeds.

Name: Ora. Westwind Academy Student, Wingfolk Giantess.

   Fae: Unnamed. Her nascent fae is a small pink glob with the texture of muscle and tongue. Instead of floating, it slides along surfaces, leaving a moist trail in its wake. Edible food and portable, non-edible items can be stored within him.

Name: Lili. Westwind Academy Student, Lidkhin Refugee.

   Fae: Leach. A slimy mass with deep blue flesh and dark maroon veins. On his underbelly, a long mouth fit with needle-like teeth can open wide to absorb life and ambient energy, including heat, light, and magic. Life can be injected back into his Seer, while energy can be spit back in powerful blasts.

Name: Dowen. Westwind Academy Student, Impressionable Orphan.

   Fae: Unnamed. His nascent fae is a complete mystery. Dowen's fae is never seen outside his pockets or backsack, though she can be heard rummaging through them, playing with various trinkets.

Name: Wilm. Westwind Academy Student, Lafer's Bestie.

   Fae: Rugged. A brooding, statuesque man with a chiseled physique, wearing nothing but a loincloth. He is incredibly strong and able to hammer weapons and armor out of stone for both him and his Seer to wield. Typically, they favor massive claymores.

Name: Saiet. Westwind Academy Student, Heir of a Minor Count.

   Fae: Riposte. An intricately designed rapier, immaculate and gold, with a pair of shimmering diamonds for eyes. So long as her Seer wields her, she is capable of predicting and deflecting attacks. Each countered strike on an opponent empowers her further.

Name: Gaj. Westwind Academy Student, Lanky Twin of the Harrowing Mercenaries.

   Fae: Unnamed. Her shell resembles an orb made of spinning, black sand. Despite the shifting texture, she is incredibly hard and heavy.

Name: Rej. Westwind Academy Student, Stocky Twin of the Harrowing Mercenaries.

   Fae: Grit. A thousand independently controlled, razor-sharp particulates, capable of adopting various shapes, including a lithe teenage girl with marble skin. Though not versatile, she is exceptionally deadly and impervious to most forms of damage.

Name: Topek. Armsmaster of Westwind Academy, Former Jade Knight, Soldiery Professor.

   Fae: Excel. A being of pure energy, bright and jade-green. Instead of taking her own form, she courses through her Seer, enabling his mind and body to think and move at lightning-fast speeds. Excel can inhabit other humans as well, although the power they receive is significantly lesser.

Name: Morus. Westwind Academy Student, Resident Bookworm.

   Fae: Unnamed. His nascent fae does not have a shell, instead taking the form of a ghostly veil that is blurry when in motion, and invisible when still. If draped over her Seer, this effect extends over his body, hiding them both from Sight.

Name: Meir, Innovation Professor of Westwind Academy, Wanted Criminal of The Pinnacle, and Predecessor of the Great Inventor, Pardin.

   Faeless: One of the unfortunate handful of humans historically born without a fae. Is prone to getting sick and injured without a magical companion to protect her. Despite that, Meir has made a name for herself among the most powerful Seers in history with her numerous creative technological advancements; including anima-powered crystech weapons, goggles capable of perceiving fae, and the prototype for the first skyship.

Name: Phantom, Immortal Prisoner and Spiritualism Professor of Westwind Academy.

   Sorcerer: On the day he died, Phantom consumed the soul of his fae Mirage to ascend into his new name. He is no longer a man or a human, but a living hallucination composed of violet mist. Anyone who inhales Phantom is subjected to his illusions, which are shaped by his imagination. Though not particularly clever, Phantom's got an eye for scenic vistas, and plenty of horrible memories to draw inspiration from.


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Expect this page to update as more characters are introduced! I may even figure out how to arrange it within those mysterious blue boxes.

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