A note from D.C. Haenlien

So a reader brought up a good point in the previous chapter's comments. If the Dragon Emperor exterminated Lovespot's soul, the sect would know since Lovespot has a soul lamp. So I altered it and made it that the Dragon Emperor sealed his soul, and that the soul is just a hair's breadth from collapsing. You can just consider him dead, though.

I also added an explanation as to why everyone else couldn't sense him as much. Long story short, he has numerous inheritances, some of which are from divinities. Looking at all the comments, I realized this is pretty much how all the MC's enemies must have felt when they discovered that he isn't dead. Lol.

Upon hearing that Lovespot finally left the Redseal estate, Tianyi impatiently made a trip. He wanted to how terrible Lovespot's condition was. And when he arrived, he saw Lovespot being tormented by over a hundred disciples. Most of them had some backing, but not to the point of being a direct descendant or disciple of a true immortal. As such, most of them were core disciples, but Tianyi even spotted a few inner disciples.

But what surprised Tianyi the most was that Lovespot only closed his eyes and ignored the torment. No matter what was done to him, he simply gritted his teeth and silently endured it.

Lovespot's greatest support was the treasures given by Redseal and the guards. Unlike Mengfei, Redseal couldn't bear for Lovespot to harmed even the slightest bit, so his willpower was feeble. He would necessarily be able to endure the pain a foundation establishment disciple could endure despite his former higher cultivation.

Just like when Tianyi brought out the Jade Peak Seal against Lovespot, he immediately sent out a call for aid for Redseal once he saw that his immortal artifacts were far weaker and the pressure began to affect him. He couldn't bear to take any risks either. Perhaps it was because if he were in Tianyi's shoes, he would undoubtedly attempt to deal a fatal blow. He thought everyone had no morals like him. They just didn't expose it because they weren't powerful enough.

Tianyi grabbed a Core Formation Realm inner disciple and asked him what happened.

"Hmpf, it seems like the pain of failing his tribulation has strengthened his will. The first time, he was screaming every time we did something. He would scream like a little girl. Hmpf, at last, he can understand a hundredth of the pain the people he tormented felt. Don't you think so- S-Se-Senior Brother Xi!" The Core Formation Realm disciple yelled out in surprise when he saw who it was that asked him.

But Tianyi wasn't paying attention to him because he was looking at Lovespot, who had opened his eyes and was glaring daggers at him. Tianyi smiled slightly and waved mockingly at him. He felt elated at Lovespot's further infuriated glare.

"I heard that Lovespot castrated a few men before. Why aren't you castrating him?" Tianyi lightly asked.

The Core Formation Realm disciple shivered as his legs buckled as if he could already feel the pain. He looked at the calm Tianyi and stuttered. "H-a-aha, Senior Brother Xi, you must be kidding. Lovespot is still Immortal Redseal's only grandson. These little tricks, we can still do, but if we go too far, none of us can escape punishment."

Tianyi didn't say anything and handed the Core Formation Realm disciple a pill bottle carved from jade. Seeing the uncomprehending expression, Tianyi said, "Inside, there are twenty Concealed Vitality Pills. Even a single pill can regrow his "pride" tens of times."

"S-Senior Brother must really hate that Lovespot." The Core Formation Realm disciple said, shocked. How much must Tianyi hate Lovespot for him to give twenty Concealed Vitality Pills just to torment Lovespot? It must be known that a single pill wasn't cheap, even for a Unity Venerable.

Tianyi showed a confused expression. "What are you talking about, Junior Brother? I simply saw that you had talent and needed some help, so I gave you some pills. As for my comment about Disciple Lovespot, it's just a comparison for you to understand how impressive the pills are."

The Core Formation Realm disciple was stunned for a moment before an understanding expression dawned on him. He gave a sly smile and cupped his fist to Tianyi. "Thank you, Senior Brother Xi, for your aid. I will cultivate diligently."

The Core Formation Realm disciple pushed through the crowd of disciples and brought up the proposition of castrating Lovespot. When they showed hesitation, the Core Formation Realm disciple revealed three Concealed Vitality Pills. The disciples immediately thought of the people who wanted to take revenge but didn't want to act personally.

But so what? They were willing to be the knife in someone's hand. Hell, they were willing to be the knife and the hand! Especially the females, whose's eyes shone at the pills. They had long had the thought of castrating Lovespot, but they were too afraid of causing irreparable damage and causing the situation to blow out of hand. But now that they had the Concealed Vitality Pill, that was no longer an issue.

The Dragon Emperor's eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets when he was force-fed a Concealed Vitality Pill. The Core Formation Realm disciple didn't hide his voice at all, so the Dragon Emperor knew what was going to occur to him. Even at his lowest, he had never experienced such humiliation!

The most hateful part was that the Dragon Emperor knew that Tianyi was the cause of all this. He had been glaring dagger at Tianyi since he heard his voice, so he saw how Tianyi gave the pill bottle to the disciple who propositioned the idea.

A beautiful female disciple glared hatefully at the Dragon Emperor. "Lovespot, Lovespot, you probably never imagined karma would bite you back, didn't you?"

The Dragon Emperor didn't have a chance to answer as he howled in pain for the first time as the female stomped on his family jewels. He could feel two things bursting between his legs as his howl turned incredibly high-pitched. But she wasn't done after a few stomps, she made sure to twisted her heel and grind the crushed meat even more.

The men who heard and saw this couldn't help but clench their legs together as they saw this. They were gleeful at Lovespot's pain, but they couldn't help but sympathize as a fellow man. But their hate was greater than their sympathy, so although they wouldn't personally stomp on a man's manhood, they would coldly watch from the side, no matter how the discomfort they felt.

Once the female disciple was finished, the Dragon Emperor's genital was practically turned to mush. The worst part was that he could feel a cool and gentle energy moved towards his crotch and heal his genitals. The healing process made the pain even worse as he felt the nerves of his genital reconstruct themselves.

The shame and pain caused his face to go red as he glared hatefully at Tianyi's disappearing back. Just when he felt that he couldn't be humiliated any further, Tianyi sent him even deeper into the abyss. Buzhou Immortal Sect prides itself as the number one orthodox sect, but look at how these disciples acts. Even the child of the Grand Elder has such gall! The Buzhou Immortal Sect will eventually fall because of its shameful conduct! And I will be the one to brings its downfall!!!

Tianyi didn't know that he dealt another blow to the Dragon Emperor without knowing it. Although he proposed the idea and even pushed it up, but he had no interest in seeing a man's genital being crushed. Just hearing Lovespot's high-pitched howls of pain was enough.

He felt the corner of his lips curl upward in satisfaction. Even the tension from almost dying to the Dragon Emperor that accompanied him loosened. He was a person whose mood would lift at the pain of his enemies, but so what? That was just his personality. When he returned, he should ask Daoyi's opinion on how to torment Lovespot. She should also want to torment that asshole too. But when he asked, he got a surprise.

"You don't want to?" Tianyi asked, surprised.

Daoyi nodded. "That day, I was unharmed. The thing I hate the most is Lovespot's character. Since other people will torment him, why should I dirty my own hands for that trash."

Hearing his junior sister's words, Tianyi felt embarrassed about how he personally manipulated the crowd to castrate Lovespot.

"But Senior Brother is different. Lovespot's grandfather was the reason for your injuries, so getting revenge is natural. Although I don't approve of going after innocent family members of the perpetrator, but Lovespot is hardly innocent." Daoyi added, easily seeing through Tianyi's thoughts.

Tianyi felt joy well up at how understanding his junior sister was. He patted Daoyi on the shoulder. "You are the best junior sister I've ever had."

Daoyi giggled. "I'm the only junior sister you've had."

Tianyi chuckled. But he couldn't maintain it for long as he felt a prickly sensation on his hand. He looked, and he saw Daoyi's spiritual beast beginning to step onto his hand. With the greatest speed he ever exhibited in his life, Tianyi pulled his hand away and appeared tens of meters away, causing Daoyi's giggle to turn into full-blown laughter.

"I'll be leaving now, I still have matters to attend to," Tianyi said as he used one hand to cover his face in shame. He totally wasn't fleeing, not at all!

When Tianyi returned to his newly constructed estate, the smile left his face as his eyes darkened. Seeing Lovespot suffered did indeed lift his spirits, but that was only temporary. If it weren't for Redseal, Tianyi wouldn't even have considered Lovesopt a threat. Right now, his main focus was to become stronger. His cultivation still increased without him having to do much, so he had to think of other ways to get stronger.

He was too careless. The thought of someone in the same realm or even a realm above him being a threat never struck Tianyi much. The battle almost made Tianyi clear of his weakness. His willpower was too weak! If his willpower was stronger, would he have been paralyzed by the pain, would he be unable to retaliate? Thankfully he had made some measures and that the immortal pill had its own spirituality, allowing it to attack while he was incapacitated.

After some deliberations, Tianyi thought of three ways to increase his strength quickly.

The first method was to increase his power so that when he attacked, his opponent would be dealt with as soon as possible. Tianyi already had a method, and it was inspired by his creation of the Nuclear Self Detonation Technique, or rather, the three states of matter: gas, water, and solid. He could condense lighting into solid, despite how illogical it was. Why couldn't he condense qi into a liquid state? And then into a solid state?

Tianyi's greatest strength was his inexhaustible source of true qi. His learning ability was high, but none of them were extreme like the sheer inexhaustible qi he possessed. Rather, he was a more all-rounded type of character, easily learning many techniques but needing more effort to master them fully. That's why his highest mastery was only advanced. None of the techniques have reached the master level. If the power of the energy fueling him became stronger, then he would increase his strength severalfold.

The second method was to perfect his cultivation method. Strictly speaking, his spiritual and soul cultivation method had merged with each other, but his martial cultivation method hadn't.

The Body Transformation Realm of the martial cultivation correlated to the Qi Gathering and Foundation Establishment Realm of spiritual cultivation, and the Acupoint Opening Realm correlated to the Core Formation Realm. And for the Nascent Soul Realm equivalent, it was the Soul Nourishing Realm. As the name implied, reaching this realm would, the cultivator would use their martial body to nourish their soul. Although a martial cultivator's soul wouldn't be as strong as a spiritual or soul cultivator's, it was enough.

Tianyi's martial cultivation hadn't reached this point yet. Strictly speaking, even though it had the power greater than most soul nourishing grandmasters, it was ultimately flawed. Without Tianyi's Sole Yin, Eight Trigram Yang Nine Core Revolution Formation, anyone cultivating it was just asking for death. But if Tianyi upgraded it, then it should increase the strength of his soul, which would increase his defense against soul methods in turn.

But it wasn't as simple as creating the Soul Nourishing Realm portion of the cultivation method. Tianyi wanted to perfectly merge all three systems of cultivation into a single method. As could be expected, such a thing was easier said than done. At the very least, he had to discover a method that would allow all three of his cultivation method to perfectly merge. Otherwise, his ambition would be a pipe dream.

As for the third method, it was the one Tianyi didn't want to attempt at all, and that was to temper his willpower. To temper his willpower, the most effective method was to suffer! In the Buzhou Immortal Sect, there was a special location known as the Paradise Agony Abyss. As the name suggested, it was a hole in the ground that would continuously bring the people inside to illusions of pleasure and pain. Only by resisting the effects could they temper their will. And a firm will would be able to resist soul methods even without a defensive soul techniques.

Tianyi shuddered as he recalled the Dragon Emperor's soul attack. The Dragon Emperor wasn't even a soul cultivator, but Tianyi was still almost killed! He finally understood why soul cultivators were so feared. Their means were mysterious and unblockable, bringing terror to their foes. If the Dragon Emperor could unleash such an attack without being a pure soul cultivator, what about pure soul cultivators?

What Tianyi didn't consider was that the Dragon Emperor was a former immortal emperor and possessed numerous inheritances such as the Lunar Goddess Chang'e's inheritance from the previous era, so he had numerous means. And his soul was special due to having been downgraded from an immortal's soul, so his soul attacks would actually be more terrifying than most soul cultivators.

Really, not understanding till personally experiencing it yourself. Tianyi thought to himself.

Tianyi planned on trying the second method first. The first method could be considered a shortcut. Although it would raise his strength temporarily, it wasn't helping him in anything else. In contrast, both the second and third methods would raise his foundation. He chose the second method first because he really didn't want to experience the third method. But it was something he eventually had to face.

Just as he was about to begin ruminating the Soul Nourishing Realm segment for his martial cultivation, Su Bojing came in. "What is it?"

"Young Master, this was sent over from Justice Hall." Su Bojing handed Tianyi a spatial ring. Upon seeing Tianyi's confused look, he elaborated. "It's that Lei Jingye's spatial ring."

Tianyi slapped his face. He was a terrible cultivator. One of the first things you had to do when defeating another cultivator was to loot their treasures! Although he disdained many of the things in most cultivator's possession -he was, after all, filthy rich thanks to his mother. Hell, a true immortal's eyes might go green if they knew the good stuff in his possession-, but Lei Jingye was different. As someone who had regressed back in time, he had heaven-defying luck. Not to mention that he was possessed by the Dragon Emperor, and how could ordinary treasures enter the Dragon Emperor's eyes?

Excitement colored Tianyi's eyes. I'll take this as compensation for almost killing me. I'll settle the rest of the debt when we meet again.

With each treasure brought out, Tianyi felt his disappointment grow. Sure, the immortal artifacts such as Red Dragon Lotus were good, and the golden armor as well, but with Mengfei's care towards Tianyi, it wasn't something irreplaceable. Not to mention, they were damaged as well. Tianyi shivered when he saw numerous familiar black stones. Although his body no longer longed for the Dragon Emperor's blood essence, but Tianyi could never forget the pain that came from absorbing the Dragon Emperor's blood essence.

Thinking back, all of Tianyi's greatest suffering seemed to have originated from the Dragon Emperor.

But when Tianyi brought out the miniature tower covered in silver light, his eyes shone. This was precisely the Temporal Void Domain! After inspecting it, Tianyi became more and more satisfied as he discovered its uses. It was like sending coals in winter, and the sender was Tianyi's most hated enemy.

If the Dragon Emperor knew that Tianyi benefited so much from his suffering, he would probably vomit blood constantly like when Tianyi was still in the Core Formation Realm. Had to say, the Dragon Emperor was pretty pitiful. Both times he met Tianyi, he suffered significant losses.

The first time, not only did his women die, but he was chased by a true immortal with deep grudges against him. The second time was even worse. Although he nearly killed Tianyi, his losses were even more severe. Forced back into the Qi Gathering Realm and possessing the most hated disciple's body and bearing all his karma.

A note from D.C. Haenlien

Also, I'm still in the process of publishing the first volume. There has been some...delays

On another matter, any of you artists open to commissions? I'm thinking of just commissioning you to draw any scene you want, so if you're interested, pm me. Or contact me on discord. Naturally, I will need to see examples of your work and know your prices. 

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Johgral ago

Don’t he need to have the three kind of cultivation technique at the peak of the nascent grade to go through tribulation and become a three way cultivator in unity realm? Why is his body lagging behind?

And by the way I’m disappointed I thought lovespot and Lei jingye would be some kind of mc persona with a mc luck. While Lei still have a chance of come back lovespot don’t and never had his moment. Making the dragon emperor the sole enemy and great villain of the book.( Still need to see the insect eye’s girl.)

It make me not really understand where the story want to go. Is it a satire about a young master who don’t act like one, where he is not the bad one, where he won at the end, a battle royal of mc personality against each other?

    Johgral ago

    By the way the soul lamp reason still don't work as what you said before of it's definition we can see when a soul is hurt and redseal being the worrywart he should have a soul lamp on himsself. And the fact no one try yet to help lovespot while it would. grant them in the good grace of a immortal emperor is strange, hope its the plan of redseal to make his grandson experiance hardship.

    ''Elder Meng shook her head. "I could still perceive the inside of the formation for time, but when that Lei Jingye appeared, I could no longer sense the inside. I didn't act because I felt that Young Master was still fine. But that all changed at the last few moments before the formation collapsed. But now, there is no danger to Young Master's life."

    Daoyi heaved a sigh of relief, but then a question popped into her mind. "How can you sense Senior Brother's safety?" Daoyi asked. She hadn't seen Elder Meng use any techniques while they were outside.

    Elder Meng held up a jade plate with the character of Xi engraved on it. "It's a jade pendant linked to Young Master's soul lamp. As long as anything occurs to Young Master's soul, the pendant will react."

    Tilting her head slightly, Daoyi asked. "Did Senior Brother light his soul lamp? I don't remember him mentioning it."

    "Young Master already had his soul lamp lit the moment he was born. He was still an infant at the time, so he may not remember it." Elder Meng said.''

Lon ago

Thanks for the chapter. Ohh I didn't notice that problem of the Soul Lamp, it does makes sense though. I found it a tad strange that Tianyi didn't thought it was strange that Lovespot after one beating and failing a tribulation would be ok with being beaten by others, but it is something that indeed could happen.

Juli Freixi ago

Thanks a lot for the chapter KaiserBlak

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That's why his highest mastery was only advanced. None of the techniques have reached the master level.

I kept reading for a bit before i realized the reference! this... does put a smile on my face!

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