This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder

This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder

by D.C. Haenlien

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

On the surface, Xi Tianyi was the only son of Sword Empress Xi of the Buzhou Immortal Sect, the number one expert in the Huang Realm. His birth was noble, his status exalted. But the truth was that Xi Tianyi was actually a reincarnated man from a world known as Earth.

On Earth, he was no one special, but with his new life, Xi Tianyi aims to reign invincible: past, present, and future. Among his goals was to travel back to Earth and reunite with his family.

However, as Xi Tianyi proceeds further on his Immortal path, he discovers that rather than the protagonist, why does he seem more like the cannon fodder villain?

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D.C. Haenlien

D.C. Haenlien

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Chapter 1: A Good Birth is Important ago
Chapter 2: Fleeting Mist Sect ago
Chapter 3: Tribulation Essence ago
Chapters 1 through 25 ago
Chapter 26: Huang Realm ago
Chapter 27: Heaven Shroud Island ago
Chapter 28: Attracting Weirdos ago
Chapter 67: Once Again Fleeting Mist Sect ago
Chapter 68: Daoyi and Lei Jingye ago
Chapter 69: Who Are You? ago
Chapter 70: Jiang vs Jiang ago
Chapter 71: Before the Duel ago
Chapter 72: Ascending the Mountain ago
Chapter 73: The Duel ago
Chapter 74: Five Poison Sect ago
Chapter 75: Zhou Erlian ago
Chapter 76: Thank You ago
Chapter 77: Departure ago
Chapter 78: Reactions from Three Continents ago
Chapter 79: Immortals Gather ago
Chapter 80: Sovereign Nine Yin Lotus Matures ago
Chapter 81: Dao Debate ago
Chapter 82: Emperor, not Monarch ago
Chapter 83: Emperor Soulfish? ago
Chapter 84: One Person ago
Chapter 84.1: Mengfei SS, Another Life ago
Chapter 84.2: Mengfei SS, Another Life ago
Chapter 85: Dearest Desires ago
Chapter 86: Back at the Sect ago
Chapter 87: Invitation ago
Chapter 88: Just Asking for a Beating ago
Chapter 89: Tianyi's Reverse Scale ago
Chapter 90: Sowing Enmity ago
Chapter 91: Karma Right Around the Corner ago
Chapter 92: Elder Redseal's Reflection ago
Chapter 93: Three Charges ago
Chapter 94: Redseal's Choice ago
Chapter 95: Similarities between the Two ago
Chapter 96: Departing for the Heavenly Connection Gathering ago
Chapter 97: Lady Su Wanyu ago
Chapter 98: Another Reincarnator ago
Chapter 99: Heavenly Dao is a Dick ago
Chapter 100: Juedai Fenghua ago
Chapter 101: Small Fry ago
Chapter 102: Longwei ago
Chapter 103: Challenging the Son of the Sword Empress to a Spar ago
Chapter 104: Fanaticism, not Admiration ago
Chapter 105: True Immortal's Inheritance ago
Chapter 106: Challenging ago
Chapter 107: The Dragon Emperor's Saber Art ago
Chapter 108: Forcing a Draw ago
Chapter 109: Strength ago
Chapter 110: Severing Herself from Longwei ago
Chapter 111: Ironword's Inheritance Grotto ago
Chapter 112: Learning the Eight Strokes Word Art ago
Chapter 113: Unscrupulous Longwei ago
Chapter 114: Leave Your Life Here! ago
Chapter 115: Immortal Redseal’s Hidden Move ago
Chapter 116: A Conspiracy Afoot ago
Chapter 117: Bribery ago
Chapter 118: Daoyi's Spiritual Beast ago
Chapter 119: Nuclear Self-Detonation ago
Chapter 120: Tianyi's First Subordinate ago
Chapter 121: Daoyi's Core Formation Heavenly Tribulation ago
Chapter 122: Three Thousand Immortal Realms System ago
Chapter 123: East Flowing Nether River Scripture ago
Chapter 124: Bing Huoyuan ago
Chapter 125: Vast Heaven Young Master ago
Chapter 126: Daoyi Visits Duke Qi ago
Chapter 127: Today is Not Yesterday ago
Chapter 128: Divine Shard ago
Chapter 129: Donghai Longzi ago
Chapter 130: Bing Tanghulu ago
Chapter 131: Paradise Sand City ago
Chapter 132: Two years ago
Chapter 133: Divine Artifact ago
Chapter 134: Lei Jingye's Shocking Cultivation ago
Chapter 135: Third Times the Charm ago
Chapter 136: Three-Layered Attack ago
Chapter 137: The Deviated Plot ago
Chapter 138: Chaos Refining Formation ago
Chapter 139: Laughable ago
Chapter 140: Crystal Nascent Soul ago
Chapter 141: Lei Clan's Fate ago
Chapter 142: Longevity Oracle Mirror ago
Chapter 143: Humiliation ago
Chapter 144: Three Methods ago
Chapter 145: Demon Slaying Expedition ago
Chapter 146: Embryonic Clone Soul ago
Chapter 147: Paradise Agony Abyss ago
Chapter 148: Thirty-Six Heavenly Constellation Art ago
Chapter 149: Earth's Current State ago
Chapter 150: The Reincarnators' Situation ago
Chapter 151: The Enraged Heavens ago
Chapter 152: Nine-Five Scripture ago
Chapter 153: Ba Shifang ago
Chapter 154: Gathering at the Buzhou Immortal Sect ago
Chapter 155: Fortune Banquet ago
Chapter 156: Reunion of Two Sisters ago
Chapter 157: Bai Sisters ago
Chapter 158: Spirit Stones ago
Chapter 159: Amitabha ago
Chapter 160: It’s Time to Go ago
Chapter 161: Your Mother, your Grandmother, and your Great Grandmother! ago
Chapter 162: Descent into the Demon Cage Realm ago
Chapter 163: Brocade Immortal Thirty-Seven ago
Chapter 164: Mountain King of Flower Fruit Mountain ago
Chapter 165: Azure Leaf City ago
Chapter 166: Pointing at the Wrong Xi ago
Chapter 167: Nine Demons Attack ago
Chapter 168: We Need to Talk ago
Chapter 169: The One at Fault ago
Chapter 170: Demon General Earth Burning Venom Serpent ago
Chapter 171: Poisoning Tianyi ago
Chapter 172: Wealth is Great ago
Chapter 173: The Beach Episode ago
Chapter 174: I Know Where This is Going… ago
Chapter 175: Dragon Palace ago
Chapter 176: Spirit Spring ago
Chapter 177: Leviathan Ancestor’s Fury ago
Chapter 178: Confession ago
Chapter 179: Surprise Attack ago
Chapter 180: Rage at Seeing Her Death a Second Time ago
Chapter 181: End of the Battle + Poll ago
Chapter 182: Golden Crow Clan’s Decision ago
Chapter 183: One Year ago
Chapter 184: Vast Heaven Islands ago
Chapter 185: Numinous Sword Sect’s Bao Ling ago
Chapter 186: Three Years ago
Chapter 187: Saving the Hero instead of the Damsel ago
Chapter 188: The Dragon Egg Begins to Hatch ago
Chapter 189: Pill Qilin ago
This Clone Isn’t Your Golden Finger 1 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger 2 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger 3 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger 4 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger 5 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger 6 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger 7 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger 8 ago
Chapter 190: Grandmaster Xia Takes Interest ago
Chapter 191: Pure Yang Feather Martial Body ago
Chapter 192: Big Brother Heaven’s Will is Watching ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger 9 ago
Chapter 193: Soldiers Armed with Xiyi Talismans ago
Chapter 194: Ashflame Crow Strikes ago
Chapter 195: A Twelfth Unity Realm Level Demon ago
Chapter 196: Leviathan Ancestor's Intention ago
Chapter 197: Hopeless ago
Chapter 198: Realm Merge ago
Chapter 199: Dragging Down the Bright Ascension Sect ago
Chapter 200: End of the Demon Slaying Expedition ago
Chapter 201: Starry Sky Immortal Grotto ago
Chapter 202: Sect Master Xia Seeks Out Tianyi ago
Chapter 203: The Buzhou Immortal Sect’s Forbidden Grounds ago
Chapter 204: Realm Artifact ago
Chapter 205: The Big Bang ago
Chapter 206: Singularity Realm ago
Chapter 207: Boom Boom ago
Chapter 208: Defective Singularity Realm ago
Chapter 209: Daoyi Enters the Nascent Soul Realm ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger Chapter 10 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger Chapter 11 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger Chapter 12 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger Chapter 13 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger Chapter 14 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger Chapter 15 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger Chapter 16 ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger Chapter 17 ago
Chapter 210: Tutorial Videos ago
Chapter 211: Hoodwinking Junior Brothers ago
Chapter 212: Investigating the Xu Clan Massacre ago
Chapter 213: Zi Zun ago
Chapter 214: Heavenblessed ago
Chapter 215: Vast Heaven Young Master at the Fu Dynasty ago
Chapter 216: World Merging Venerable ago
Chapter 217: Do You Know My Master's Name ago
Chapter 218: Peng Yun ago
Chapter 219: Wealth System + Illustration ago
Chapter 220: War Formations ago
Chapter 221: Jiangshi ago
Chapter 222: Blood Sacrifice Ritual + Illustration ago
Chapter 223: Nuclear Detonation Sphere ago
Chapter 224: Great Detacher of Emotions ago
Chapter 225: A Pitiful Person has Hateful Points ago
Happy Lunar New Year! ago
Chapter 226: The Third Eye Opens ago
Chapter 227: Unaffected by External Influences ago
Chapter 228: Learning Concepts as Easy as Drinking Water ago
Chapter 229: Randomly Picking Up a Disciple ago
Chapter 230: I'm a Good Master ago
Chapter 231: Abnormality in the Xi Dynasty ago
Chapter 232: Jiang Ziya ago
Chapter 233: To Cultivate or not to Cultivate ago
Chapter 234: Jiang vs Jiang Two ago
Chapter 235: One Punch ago
Chapter 236: Hello Lightning My Old Friend ago
Chapter 237: Imperial Family Internal Disputes ago
Chapter 238: Your Attack is not Effective ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 239 Inner Devil Infection ago
Chapter 240: The Tripartite Alliance ago
Chapter 241: The Broken Primordial World ago
This Clone isn't your Golden Finger 18 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 19 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 20 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 21 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 22 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 23 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 24 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 25 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 26 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 27 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 28 ago
This Clone isn’t your Golden Finger 29 ago
Chapter 242: Bao Ling ago
Chapter 243: Ink Poem Palace ago
Chapter 244: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind... ago
Chapter 245:Unknowing of the Falcon Descending, Heedless of the Dragon Above, Ignorant of the Immort ago
Chapter 246: Tianyi vs Bao Ling ago
Chapter 247: Grievously Injured ago
Chapter 248: Four Cardinal Souls ago
Chapter 249: The Immortal Slaughtering Sword ago
Chapter 250: Immortal Sovereign ago
Chapter 251: Mengfei's Sermon ago
Chapter 252: Xia Yushan's Determination ago
Chapter 253: Emotion Severance Sutra ago
Chapter 254: Red Halls ago
Chapter 255: The Date ago
Chapter 256: Dao Manifestation ago
Chapter 257: Inner Devil Tribulation ago
Chapter 258: Sword Light? ago
Chapter 259: Planetary Purgatory ago
Chapter 260: Monarch Hexlight ago
Chapter 261: Emperor Soulfish Appears ago
Chapter 262: Sinner ago
Chapter 263: Immortal Monarch ago
Chapter 264: Continental Crush ago
Chapter 265: System Transfer ago
Chapter 266: Miscalculation ago
Chapter 267: Beast Tamer ago
Chapter 268: Descending Thunder ago
Chapter 269: Tribulation Immortal Lord ago
Chapter 270: The Nine Heavens Universe ago
Chapter 271: Monarch Nine Heavens ago
Chapter 272: New Peak Lord ago
Chapter 273: Immortal Ascension Heavenly Tribulation Sale ago
Chapter 274: Three Heavenly Tribulations ago
Chapter 275: Old Habits Die Hard ago
Chapter 276: Probing ago
Chapter 277: Jinshu ago
Chapter 278: Five-Colored Divine Egg ago
Chapter 279: Seeking the Other Halves of the Divine Jewel ago

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Straight up old school xianxia

Reviewed at: Chapter 42: Collapse

This story is a blast from the past. You're getting all of your classic xianxia tropes played 100% stone serious dead straight. You open twelve meridians to move on from the meridian opening realm, but the MC opened 8 secret meridians on top of that to gain special powers. Tribulation lightning largely exists to be refined by the MC for more power. For crying out loud, we even got a multi chapter tournament arc that existed to serve no story purpose but increase word count. This is original flavor 2012 era xianxia.

I give it four stars because I like original flavor xianxia. Compared to unofficial translations of Chinese novels, this is a much better reading experience. Also, having the MC start out on top and have to worry about keeping his position is a nice little twist from the usual MC who starts out in the smallest family in the smallest town in the smallest province of the smallest empire on the smallest continent of the smallest world.

Note that my review of the first few chapters would have been much lower, as I was expecting a parody. This story is not a parody at all, unless you count the transmigrating MC shaking his head and thinking to himself "this is just like all those cliche novels I used to read." If you can set aside the expectations of humor that the blurb creates, the story is  enjoyable for what it is.


Honestly I am still not sure. The synopsis points to a parody. The title points to a parody. The first chapter points to a parody. Parts of chapters point to at least a comedy. So... is it?

But slowly as I read, I wondered. Why does it never actually lean into it? Why does it only have the occasional surface 'haha's'? And at other times seems entirely unaware of what it's doing?

It seems to me that it actually wants to be a serious story, which not only contrasts with the comedic tone of the early parts, but many things that can be overlooked or are even intentional and beneficial in a comedy, suddenly become glaring flaws in a serious story.


It sounded and seemed like the old, and unfortunately dead Arrogant Young Master (RIP Spoon). But it's not.

As a parody, it's not funny. As a straigforward cultivation story, it's bland. Grammar slips up, and it somehow gives the feeling I'm reading a translated work. Stuff is inconsistent, not even across chapters but inside the same chapter, and the earlier ones are painfully bad. 

The story can't go two paragraphs without wanking on how great the MC is, how his stuff is absolutely perfect grade, etc.

Twenty four chapters in, I've to stop ignoring the writing on the wall. It's mediocre. The prose is weak, the dialogue sounds fake. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere, the characters aren't particularly compelling or fleshed out. 

It's back-to-basics straighforward xianxia, and at that, it actually isn't that bad. It's just not that good either. 

Hell, the original title "Emperor of Cultivation World", or something like that, gives the biggest hint as to what kind of story this is.

The AYM-like title drew me in, as did the nice cover art. But I can't see what this has to offer. Matter of fact, I think I've read something nearly identical a few years ago, and it too just uses a few self conscious lines to try and justify the bad old tropes.

I will give you this: if you compare it to the average xianxia story, this has tight pacing, great characters and flowing prose.

It's just that the average xianxia is a barely readable mess.

So, if you simply really love xianxia, with protagonist snowflakery being your drug of choice, then sure, go ahead.

Otherwise, pass. 

Maybe there's some grand revelation that happens in another hundred chapters, given all the rave reviews. Or maybe people just rate against the usual translated generic xianxia stuff. That's the only way to justify those 4s and 5s I'm seeing. In which case, fair enough, but I've given the benefit of the doubt by ignoring the atrocious first few chapters. "It gets really good on Season 13" isn't a great selling point.

@edit: Also, Spoon is back and doubled the lenght of AYM, so go check that out! Now!


I'm sure lots of people will like this, but it's not for me

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Living Pill

Yeah so, it's a little too plot armory  for me and the mc is a little too overpowerd/blessed by opportunities and ass pull mc chosen by the heavens for my liking.

However, I can imagine how this story will progress and the type of tropes that have and will appear during this story, it's perfect for new and young readers just getting into these types of stories. 

If I rated it lower it would be purely based on personal taste and a complete disservice to the story itself even if I'm probably not going to continue reading it, I hope the author continues this story for the people who will appreciate it.


Lampshading Cliches Doesn't Absolve Them

Reviewed at: Chapter 220: War Formations

I should preface this by saying that I do enjoy this novel a fair bit, but there are some things that keep it from being truly great.


This novel tries to parody all the pitfalls of your standard Xianxia novels, but merely pointing out that you are doing the same thing and laughing about it doesn't make it any less irritating. Coupled with the near cartoon level villains who always just manage to escape by incredibly convenient means this novel has no suspense throughout.


I can only describe this novel as average on all accounts. But in a good spectrum, so, average-good.

The grammar almost perfect with some minor errors. Only in the early chapters though.

The style is somehow looking safe, here is where I can only think wow because there are absolutely no problems. The author has a wide knowledge of chinese culture it seems, knowing or having researched it. Every thing that happens is building the world and informing us without lowering our interest. Introducing common tropes like trouble at the auction house without making it seem strange or out of place.

I really enjoy the story it isn't getting boring and slowly picking up. We were already introduced to some parts of the world and a goal has also been created.

The characters seem fine, while there hasn't been anyone with bigger talent than the MC. I'm certain we will meet someone, like a rival in another 20 chapters at least. The main characters to date are the mother and (small spoiler)    the second disciple.

To sum this up it is a worthwhile read with a nice world a good story and nice, real looking character.

((This certainly is just me being negative, sorry as this still is a really awesome story.)

But the spark is missing (wtf is the spark?!). It is like the average of most good cultivation stories with a nice MC, a nice world, etc. but there somehow isn't much that makes this different from most cultivation novels. This on the other hand makes it a 'safe' read as previously said combusting many tropes and presenting them on a nice looking plate. Showing, how such cultivation stories look like and most likely also being a nice introduction to the world of chinese novels without being a chinese novel itself. But the reason why this doesn't look different than most cultivation stories is most likely because we haven't gotten to the meat of this story yet. So all there is to do is wait and see where this story will go, as the beginning already looked fantastic.)

Edit ch55: I stopped reading. To be honest this isn't a bad story, but... there isn't anything exciting here. Comedy isn't truly there, action is lackluster especially the scenes. Otherwise... the progression is pretty slow. All in all in these 50 chapters there wasn't much development if it really WAS a chinese novel this of course would only be half of the beginning, but it isn't. Especially on RR there are many better stories and this one just doesn't cut it anymore.

I kind of tried denying myself about this story. It truly is average, but while average often can be good if there aren't enough areas where a story shines it isn't worth reading anymore for me, it just suddenly became extremely boring. 

This story though would succeed on other sites. My recommendation to the author if he reads this, is to move to another site for example has novels like this. It at least would get better reception I think.

Kent Casandra

I've been enjoying this a lot and I've been reading this for a few months now. I really enjoy the interactions between MC and his mom. My only real gripes with this story are that there's too many characters that I just can't remember who's who if we don't meet them for 10 chapters and I wish Tianyi and his mom got to develop their relationship some more. They've been kinda hands-off-y with each other and they feel kinda distant now.

Myn Adrognese

The style is fine, but aimless even if I had a lot of hope for it. 

A couple of typos but overall it is written well. 

The characters are mostly one dimensional. The author doesn't respect the main character and makes him look very goofy out of nowhere for cheap laughs. He is also way too lucky. If he needs something, he finds it by sheer luck. He can also be quite dense (Wireless? Come on! It's obvious)

Oh and some Yu-Gi-Oh out of nowhere... I think the author was getting bored at that point. 

Read it if you want. It was enjoyable at the beginning. 



Style: Leans into the genre's (bad) tropes

This story is stylistically very much like a translated Chinese novel, so it'll scratch that itch if you have it. That being said, translated novels objectively aren't that impressive stylistally as pieces of English literature, so I settled on a 4.5

Story: Focuses on the wrong stuff

The elevator pitch of this story is that the main character is expected to act like arrogant cannon fodder, then violates that expectation and hilarity ensues. Tianyi just doesn't encounter many such situations, and so hilarity is often absent. Instead, we're left with a fairly big-standard cultivation story that doesn't even have the underdog protagonist angle to pursue.

Grammar: Surprisingly good

I'm a stickler for grammar and I'm keeping up with it. It's not published-book perfect, but it's a sight for sore eyes on this site at least.

Characters: Bland but serviceable

Just like with the style, the characters in this story follow the genre tropes, which are in turn unfortunately subpar writing. They're mostly one-dimensional characters that can be summed up in a single sentence.

Conclusion: Enough promise to keep me reading.

I came into this because I wanted a very specific kind of payoff - the titular young master not being canon fodder. I'm still waiting for more protagonists to try and fight him and realize they made a mistake.

I'm not sure the author plans on fulfilling those hopes. The most recent mini-arc with Elder Redseal was just classic boring wuxia with no twist. But I have time to waste if nothing else, so I can afford to keep up to date with a half-decent story for the potential payoff.

All-in-all, a competently written story which is bland at worst.


I'm new to cultivation novels. But I found this story a nice adventure fantasy novel with OP reincarnated MC. 

The plot is good, with interesting ideas. The flow of the story is okay. The characters, their personality, their relationships and their motives are the strong point. They are believable and attractive. The clichee novel protagonists popping up in multiple places allows the story to introduce many side-characters in a fresh way and I'm very expectant as to how they will be used later in the story.