This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder

by KaiserBlak

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

On the surface, Xi Tianyi was the only son of Sword Empress Xi of the Buzhou Immortal Sect, the number one expert in the Huang Realm. His birth was noble, his status exalted. But the truth was that Xi Tianyi was actually a reincarnated man from a world known as Earth.

On Earth, he was no one special, but with his new life, Xi Tianyi aims to reign invincible: past, present, and future. Among his goals was to travel back to Earth and reunite with his family.

However, as Xi Tianyi proceeds further on his Immortal path, he discovers that rather than the protagonist, why does he seem more like the cannon fodder villain?

Currently in the process of revising old chapters.



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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Illustration ago
Chapter 1: A Good Birth is Important ago
Chapter 2: Fleeting Mist Sect ago
Chapter 3: Tribulation Essence ago
Chapter 4: Breaking the Engagement ago
Chapter 5: Assassination! ago
Chapter 6: Smashing a Nascent Soul Cultivator to Death with Wealth ago
Chapter 7: Return ago
Chapter 8: Xi Mengfei ago
Chapter 9: The Dragon Emperor ago
Chapter 10: Absorbing the Blood Essence + Poll ago
Chapter 11: Immortal Scripture Repository ago
Chapter 12: Great Xi Dynasty ago
Chapter 13: Tribulation Lightning Spiritual Vein ago
Chapter 14: Heavenly Tribulation ago
Chapter 15: Jiang Daoyi ago
Chapter 16: Living Pill ago
Chapter 17: Shopping ago
Chapter 18: Disciple Acceptance Ceremony ago
Chapter 19: Junior Sister Daoyi + New Cover ago
Chapter 20: Ruin of the Immortal Court ago
Chapter 21: Tianyi's Method ago
Chapter 22: Preparation for the Core Formation Heavenly Tribulation ago
Chapter 23: Nine Heavenly Tribulations ago
Chapter 24: Imperfect Cultivation Method ago
Chapter 25: Towards the Three Heavens Connection Meeting ago
Chapter 26: Huang Realm ago
Chapter 27: Heaven Shroud Island ago
Chapter 28: Attracting Weirdos ago
Chapter 29: Rank Results ago
Chapter 30: Nascent Soul Rankings ago
Chapter 31: Entering the Secret Realm ago
Chapter 32: Xi Longyi ago
Chapter 33: Origin of Hatred ago
Chapter 34: The Murals in the Immortal Court ago
Chapter 35: Another Meeting ago
Chapter 36: I Don't Want This Powerup! ago
Chapter 37: Escape ago
Chapter 38: A Literal Living Pill ago
Chapter 39: Those at the Trial Land ago
Chapter 40: Reversal ago
Chapter 41: Taiji vs Five Elements ago
Chapter 42: Collapse ago
Chapter 43: Lost ago
Chapter 44: Bliss Earth Sect ago
Chapter 45: Bai Tiezi ago
Chapter 46: Becoming an Unfathomable Senior ago
Chapter 47: Too Lazy to Even Sneak ago
Chapter 48: Immortal Riverrat's Legacy ago
chapter 49: My Body as the Cosmos ago
Chapter 50: Nine Strokes Sword Art ago
Chapter 51: Wrath ago
Chapter 52: Departure ago
Chapter 53: Monarch Soulfish ago
Chapter 54: Home ago
Chapter 55: Talented in Spacetime ago
Chapter 56: Lotus Ascension Soul Art ago
Chapter 57: Coincidence? ago
Chapter 58: Daoist Lu ago
Chapter 59: Xiyi Talismans ago
Chapter 60: Inner Disciple Tournament ago
Chapter 61: Violet Gold Tribulation Lighting ago
Chapter 62: Indiscernible Changes ago
Chapter 63: Pill Debate ago
Chapter 64: Lotus Soul ago
Chapter 65: Nine Spiritual Cores, Five Nascent Souls ago
Chapter 66: Celebration ago
Chapter 67: Once Again Fleeting Mist Sect ago
Chapter 68: Daoyi and Lei Jingye ago
Chapter 69: Who Are You? ago
Chapter 70: Jiang vs Jiang ago
Chapter 71: Before the Duel ago
Chapter 72: Ascending the Mountain ago
Chapter 73: The Duel ago
Chapter 74: Five Poison Sect ago
Chapter 75: Zhou Erlian ago
Chapter 76: Thank You ago
Chapter 77: Departure ago
Chapter 78: Reactions from Three Continents ago
Chapter 79: Immortals Gather ago
Chapter 80: Sovereign Nine Yin Lotus Matures ago
Chapter 81: Dao Debate ago
Chapter 82: Emperor, not Monarch ago
Chapter 83: Emperor Soulfish? ago
Chapter 84: One Person ago
Chapter 84.1: Mengfei SS, Another Life ago
Chapter 84.2: Mengfei SS, Another Life ago
Chapter 85: Dearest Desires ago
Chapter 86: Back at the Sect ago
Chapter 87: Invitation ago
Chapter 88: Just Asking for a Beating ago
Chapter 89: Tianyi's Reverse Scale ago
Chapter 90: Sowing Enmity ago
Chapter 91: Karma Right Around the Corner ago
Chapter 92: Elder Redseal's Reflection ago
Chapter 93: Three Charges ago
Chapter 94: Redseal's Choice ago
Chapter 95: Similarities between the Two ago
Chapter 96: Departing for the Heavenly Connection Gathering ago
Chapter 97: Lady Su Wanyu ago
Chapter 98: Another Reincarnator ago
Chapter 99: Heavenly Dao is a Dick ago
Chapter 100: Juedai Fenghua ago
Chapter 101: Small Fry ago
Chapter 102: Longwei ago
Chapter 103: Challenging the Son of the Sword Empress to a Spar ago
Chapter 104: Fanaticism, not Admiration ago
Chapter 105: True Immortal's Inheritance ago
Chapter 106: Challenging ago
Chapter 107: The Dragon Emperor's Saber Art ago
Chapter 108: Forcing a Draw ago
Chapter 109: Strength ago
Chapter 110: Severing Herself from Longwei ago
Chapter 111: Ironword's Inheritance Grotto ago
Chapter 112: Learning the Eight Strokes Word Art ago
Chapter 113: Unscrupulous Longwei ago
Chapter 114: Leave Your Life Here! ago
Chapter 115: Immortal Redseal’s Hidden Move ago
Chapter 116: A Conspiracy Afoot ago
Chapter 117: Bribery ago
Chapter 118: Daoyi's Spiritual Beast ago
Chapter 119: Nuclear Self-Detonation ago
Chapter 120: Tianyi's First Subordinate ago
Chapter 121: Daoyi's Core Formation Heavenly Tribulation ago
Chapter 122: Three Thousand Immortal Realms System ago
Chapter 123: East Flowing Nether River Scripture ago
Chapter 124: Bing Huoyuan ago
Chapter 125: Vast Heaven Young Master ago
Chapter 126: Daoyi Visits Duke Qi ago
Chapter 127: Today is Not Yesterday ago
Chapter 128: Divine Shard ago
Chapter 129: Donghai Longzi ago
Chapter 130: Bing Tanghulu ago
Chapter 131: Paradise Sand City ago
Chapter 132: Two years ago
Chapter 133: Divine Artifact ago
Chapter 134: Lei Jingye's Shocking Cultivation ago
Chapter 135: Third Times the Charm ago
Chapter 136: Three-Layered Attack ago
Chapter 137: The Deviated Plot ago
Chapter 138: Chaos Refining Formation ago
Chapter 139: Laughable ago
Chapter 140: Crystal Nascent Soul ago
Chapter 141: Lei Clan's Fate ago

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Honestly I am still not sure. The synopsis points to a parody. The title points to a parody. The first chapter points to a parody. Parts of chapters point to at least a comedy. So... is it?

But slowly as I read, I wondered. Why does it never actually lean into it? Why does it only have the occasional surface 'haha's'? And at other times seems entirely unaware of what it's doing?

It seems to me that it actually wants to be a serious story, which not only contrasts with the comedic tone of the early parts, but many things that can be overlooked or are even intentional and beneficial in a comedy, suddenly become glaring flaws in a serious story.


Straight up old school xianxia

Reviewed at: Chapter 42: Collapse

This story is a blast from the past. You're getting all of your classic xianxia tropes played 100% stone serious dead straight. You open twelve meridians to move on from the meridian opening realm, but the MC opened 8 secret meridians on top of that to gain special powers. Tribulation lightning largely exists to be refined by the MC for more power. For crying out loud, we even got a multi chapter tournament arc that existed to serve no story purpose but increase word count. This is original flavor 2012 era xianxia.

I give it four stars because I like original flavor xianxia. Compared to unofficial translations of Chinese novels, this is a much better reading experience. Also, having the MC start out on top and have to worry about keeping his position is a nice little twist from the usual MC who starts out in the smallest family in the smallest town in the smallest province of the smallest empire on the smallest continent of the smallest world.

Note that my review of the first few chapters would have been much lower, as I was expecting a parody. This story is not a parody at all, unless you count the transmigrating MC shaking his head and thinking to himself "this is just like all those cliche novels I used to read." If you can set aside the expectations of humor that the blurb creates, the story is  enjoyable for what it is.


I'm sure lots of people will like this, but it's not for me

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Living Pill

Yeah so, it's a little too plot armory  for me and the mc is a little too overpowerd/blessed by opportunities and ass pull mc chosen by the heavens for my liking.

However, I can imagine how this story will progress and the type of tropes that have and will appear during this story, it's perfect for new and young readers just getting into these types of stories. 

If I rated it lower it would be purely based on personal taste and a complete disservice to the story itself even if I'm probably not going to continue reading it, I hope the author continues this story for the people who will appreciate it.

Kent Casandra

I've been enjoying this a lot and I've been reading this for a few months now. I really enjoy the interactions between MC and his mom. My only real gripes with this story are that there's too many characters that I just can't remember who's who if we don't meet them for 10 chapters and I wish Tianyi and his mom got to develop their relationship some more. They've been kinda hands-off-y with each other and they feel kinda distant now.

Dreadnought Simion

I am no good at writing reveiws, so I'll keep this short.

The story so far is good, with almost none of the usual tropes of Wuxia, which can be good or bad, depending how you implement them. I have to say he did it well.

Grammar is 4.5 because even if he is taking suggestions from the comments (I think) there are a few here and there. still a good job though.

All I'm going to say is that I love the style.

And the character is well written, with a few tropes, the good ones in my opinion, but a little too arrogant in my opinion. that he chooses not to remember poeple if they don't seem important makes him seem like a douche, even if he is polite. even so, that is a flaw, so well written.

the frequency of the chapters is nice too.

If you read this review, I would say if you like some of the cultivation tropes like I do, this is a good read.


I'm new to cultivation novels. But I found this story a nice adventure fantasy novel with OP reincarnated MC. 

The plot is good, with interesting ideas. The flow of the story is okay. The characters, their personality, their relationships and their motives are the strong point. They are believable and attractive. The clichee novel protagonists popping up in multiple places allows the story to introduce many side-characters in a fresh way and I'm very expectant as to how they will be used later in the story. 


It's a decent Xianxia novel, but it's fairly generic other than the trope-filled 'MC' side characters. The writing mostly follows the standard Xianxia style and there's some grammatical stumbles, but overall it's quite readable. However, you'll get the overly flowery, borderline nonsensical descriptions of spiritual roots, martial arts, cultivation, etc. Basically, the standard Xianxia powerleveling stuff; don't really expect any cleverness in fights or logic in the magic system (cultivation is basically a magic system, right?). There seems to be some more explanation about the politics of the various sects, but that's about it as far as worldbuilding is concerned. The characters are pretty bland and generally lack depth, and I don't really expect much growth or character development moving forward.

If this was fashioned into a parody where the MC uses his trope knowledge to avoid problems and gain power, I could see this being far more enjoyable to read. But so far, it's just a standard Xianxia with an OP MC. Maybe something to binge if you're particularly bored, but overall there's nothing new here.


Tldt: MC is overpowdered but not abusive with this power. Well written classic Xianxia.

Classic xianxia with solid story and characters. A little slow but well written and interesting but the plot is pretty good. Most xianxia are action to action to action to action which this is not. This has more story and world building. The author is taking their time and seems to be enjoying the process. Updates frequently which is always good. Worth a read if you like the genre.


I've been looking at the other reviews and noticed that this book is often called out for following the general tropes of the genre. However I don't think this is that bad honestly. I think the author does a good job of character development even with the 'slightly' over powered protagonist. Conflict can come in many forms and in my opinion the internal conflicts that we see in the novel are well done. Enjoyable read!


Significantly better than the reviews suggest

Reviewed at: Chapter 85: Dearest Desires

I had been putting this story off for months because the top reviews at the time really painted it in a bad light. After picking this story up yesterday I've already read 800 pages and only put it down to write this review because I wanted to check to see how many more chapters I'd get to read(40). 

This is very much a xianxia story but it is so far above the typical generic/cliche ridden trash that pollutes translation sites that I almost want to dive back into more of them(almost).

The characters are unique and engaging, the mc is mostly not an idiot(he ignores a few too many obvious clues regarding other peoples origins), the supporting characters grow, and the enemies all make sense within the context of the setting.


The style is fantastic directly ripping off all the lore from myths to successful webnovels through parody characters. It's a world filled with oppertunity and countless novel protagonists with unending lucky encounters. The mc has quite a few but so does everyone else. The cultivation system feels super polished as well as the combat/tribulation/dao seeking. The world setting is also very enjoyable and intersting.

The story is great, and has a bit of everything, all of which was done quite well, even the tournament arc which I wish was skipped only lasted a couple chapters. The story really focuses on the mc but that focus also branches out and really fleshed out the world.

My only real criticsm is the grammar, this story could really use an editor, every once in a while there is a typo or missed word or sentence that should be rephrased but luckily it didnt affect the flow or my enjoyment of the story.

6/5, I hope there are 1000s more pages.