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Tianyi frowned as he stood atop the deck on the immortal boat making its way towards the Three Heavens Connection Meeting.

It had already been a few days and the immortal boat had long reached past the edge of the Heaven Continent and entered the endless seas.

Tianyi had felt a sense of discomfort once he saw the endless waters, just that he didn’t know why. It was like a sense of disconnection within him that he couldn’t quite recognize. He had even asked Elder Meng if she noticed anything strange, only to receive a negative reply.

Tianyi sighed as he looked at the “edge” of the world where the water ended and the sky began, but he suddenly frowned. He discovered that he could not locate where the water ended and the sky began.

But that’s impossible, all planets will have an “edge” that you are able to see if you don’t have any obstacles...Suddenly a strange thought occurred to Tianyi. What if I’m not a planet?

It was an absurd thought that went against all conventions that Tianyi had learned in his previous years of life on Earth. But the more Tianyi thought about it, the more Tianyi was sure of his hypothesis.

Why did I think that I was living on a planet? This place might be a “flat earth”. The fact that this world has cultivation already goes against my common sense. Then is this place just a flat “plane”? I don’t have enough information.

What are the sun and moons of this place? Does the plane revolve around the sun or the sun revolve around the plane?

How do the seasons change? Without an axis of rotation how does it all happen?

Tianyi found himself more and more confused and befuddled as questions and conjectures began to flow into his mind.

Then he suddenly spat out a large mouthful of blood.

“Young master!” Elder Meng who stayed behind him all these days cried out in worry but Tianyi waved her concern away.

Tianyi covered his mouth a white handkerchief, but even as blood leaked from his mouth Tianyi’s eyes were flashing unprecedentedly bright, even his pupils seemed to have changed to molten gold. “Hahahaha, the Dao, Heavenly Dao! What governs the laws of this world!? Hahaha!”

Tianyi laughed uncontrollable as if he found something extremely funny, but he had not gone insane. His eyes were perfectly clear and sharp, seemingly too sharp.

First the Huang Realm has three major continents: the Heaven Continent ruled by the Buzhou Immortal Sect, the Earth Continent ruled by the Eight Pillars Sect, and finally the Mortal Continent ruled by the Saintly Scholar School.

It is said that the Huang Realm used to be the Immortal Court ruled by the Jade Emperor and so it was formerly known as the Jade Emperor (Yu Huang) Realm, but after so many years the name became what it is today.

As the one who has inherited the manuals of the Immortal Court of the Jade Emperor, the disciple of the Lord of Primordial Beginnings, Buzhou Immortal Sect can be considered the most orthodox sect of this realm and our gains from the secret realm should be best. But that is besides the point.

The three continents are surrounded by an endless sea and the distance from each continent is said to be immense, with no mortal able to cross. Within the endless seas there are numerous small “islands” where minor powers have established themselves.

But that’s not the important part!

Legend has it if you traveled straight far enough, you will reach a wall, the end of the realm where no livings could pass through.

I used to think it as nothing more than a fairy tale, but now there’s a high possibility that this is true. Thinking logically about it, this world has powerful immortals, if the wall was false then the legend would have been corrected a long time ago by the immortals.

Then the question arises: are there any other planes besides this one, do planets and solar systems exist in this reality?

How does the world work?

Does outer space exist?

Like this Tianyi stood on the deck for seven days and seven nights, unmoving like a stone sculpture. Tianyi had entered a special state that many would term enlightenment.

Enlightenment was varied, even a mortal could gain enlightenment. From earth maybe one could say Sir Isaac Newton gained sudden enlightenment when an apple dropped on his head, and in the Huang Realm, Confucius, the Patriarch and Founder of the Saint Scholar School, gained enlightenment after more of fifty years of study and directly reached the immortal realm in a single leap.

Throughout this time Elder Meng stood by like a guard, not letting anyone come close to Tianyi. It even shocked a few cultivators who suddenly felt the appearance of her aura out of nowhere.

But thanks to Elder Meng’s actions Tianyi was able to comprehend many things during these seven days and nights.

“So the moon is not a celestial object but a star.” Tianyi found himself muttering himself, half in disbelief and half in amazement. During the seven days he gained some enlightenment concerning the sun and the moon, the Solar Star and the Lunar Star.

“Young master, have you solved the issue that has plagued you all these years?” Elder Meng asked, there was a hint of excitement in her eyes.

Tianyi chuckled.

“How could it be that easy, Elder Meng? I’ve just gained some basic insights into the nature of Yin and Yang, not the Yin Yang Cycle.” But even so Tianyi was satisfied. This seven days was worth more than all four years of accumulation he had done back at the Buzhou Immortal Sect.

“But young master, your aura has changed is no longer as chaotic. I must congratulate you on stepping closer to your goal.” Elder Meng said, a slight smile on her aged lips.

“Much appreciated.” Tianyi replied. “Although I look better, the truth of the matter is that I’ve only stabilized a portion of my qi. My control has only increased marginally, but with more time I believe my control will increase to the point that I will no longer puke blood with no warning.”

“This is truly a joyous matter.” Elder Meng said.

But Tianyi smiled bitterly, it was a joyous matter if he no longer puked blood with no warning? He would still puke blood if he was agitated enough. The only way to break free was to create a new cultivation method that allowed him to fully control all nine cores. He hadn't even a good lead on how to reconstruct his martial body either.

And that was the only first step. Of course he had hypothesized many ideas but they were all rejected by his mother. Even his mother was at a loss, unable to find a food idea.

Throughout the four years, Tianyi kept running into a wall when he was designing a martial cultivation manual for himself, and that was space! A Core Formation Martial Body simply didn't have enough space to house the true qi of nine Gold Cores.

Indeed, it was space and not the strength of his body. His body was constantly leaking true qi because it could not contain it all, and if he did not have a treasure on him to absorb his true qi then he would constantly be asserting the pressure of the Core Formation realm to everyone else.

But Tianyi’s mood was quite good.

“Senior brother Xia, I have some Serene Spirit Wine, want to have a drink.” Rather than continue his comprehension, Tianyi decided to have a drink with Xia Yushan.

Logically it would be best for him to consolidate all his gains first, but Tianyi was far too excited. He had the first enlightenment in his life and his gains were massive but he could not calm himself down, even now he had to physically restraining himself from openly grinning and looking like a loon.

Xia Yushan also sensed Tianyi’s good mood and he had also heard about Tianyi’s strange state and immediately connected the two. “Hahaha, since junior brother is offering a rank 7 wine, then I as your senior brother cannot afford to give anything less. Although a Sword Tail Peacock is only a rank 5 magical beast, the meat is still extremely precious, worthy of the Serene Spirit Wine junior brother Xi has.”

Very soon Xia Yushan and Tianyi were seated at a large circular table, but they weren’t the only ones as Heng Huesheng and Ji Shuye were also seated, each of them offering at least a rank 5 material to the miniature banquet.

Tianyi as the only son of Grand Elder Xi, naturally was the richest among these four and despite him being the only Core Formation realm cultivator at the table, the other three Nascent Soul realm cultivators did not find this out of place.

They were all cultivators, no matter what the topic was when they first sat down it would always lead to talks about cultivation.

“Senior brother Xia, your attainments in the Five Element Sword Arts are truly a sight to behold, worthy of being the number one genius in the current generation of disciples.” Tianyi praised. He truly admired Xia Yushan’s skill with the sword.

“You overpraise me. Although I may be the acclaimed number one sword genius of this generation, junior brother Xi is not any worse than me when I first entered the Core Formation realm.” Xia Yushan was happy at Tianyi’s praise and he naturally praised Tianyi back.

“Don’t make fun of me senior brother Xia. I can admit I am a little talented in the sword, but that is only treading through the predecessors’ footstep.” Many of the people seated on the table snorted.

Talented? That was underestimating Tianyi's abilities too much. From their discussion they could already ascertain that Tianyi's techniques were far above the norm of most Core Formation cultivators. If the sword prodigies outside heard Tianyi’s word, how many would cry and scream from Tianyi’s words. There are many who wished they could have Tianyi’s 'little' talent in the sword.

“Junior brother Xi, don’t say such words in the future. You’ll make a lot of people cry.” Ji Shuye said, her voice like her appearance was gentle and soft, making one feel pleased. “I heard that junior brother recently created the Nine Strokes Sword Arts and has many variations and is extremely complex.”

Tianyi sipped the wine and felt the turbulent qi within calm down a bit. “Haha, most sword geniuses comprehend the Sword Dao and then through comprehension created arts that lead to other Daos. I on other hand comprehend other Daos and then infuse it into my sword arts, the process is completely different. In addition my Nine Strokes Sword Arts doesn’t even have nucleus form yet, it hasn’t separated itself from my mother’s Heartless Sword Arts.”

So the conversation continued and many topics were discussed, such as the current situation of the three continents, or how the Eight Pillar Sect was under threat by numerous First Rate powers around them.

The Eight Pillar Sect that existed for aeons might even get replaced, but of course this was just a joke. No matter how weak a hegemonic sect became, it has heavy accumulations and would not fall so easily. Most likely both sides would suffer heavy losses, but the Eight Pillars Sect would come out virtuous.

“Speaking of which, I wonder what genius figures the other three continent have and how they compare to the disciple from our sect.” Tianyi said. He did not pay attention to the geniuses of the Heaven Continent, much less the other two continents and was thus filled with curiosity towards the geniuses of the other continents.

From what Xia Yushan, Heng Huesheng and Ji Shuye said, there were were the two people to be most wary wary of.

First was Li Mu, a cultivator who was skilled in both formations and alchemy. If you gave him enough time to prepare, he may not win against you but defeating him was nearly impossible. He was one of the most outstanding geniuses of the Saint Scholar School. News was that he had formed his Nascent Soul years ago.

Other than Li Mi, all the disciples of the Saint Scholar School were about the same so no one stood out.

From the Earth Continent was San Mirong, the strongest Core Formation realm cultivator from the Earth Continent. Surprisingly she was a female who was skilled in martial cultivation and specializes in thunder arts and able to compete against Nascent Soul Grandmasters. But the most surprising thing was that she did not come from the Eight Pillar Sect, but the Eternal Night Sect, a first rate power on the Earth Continent. But that was old news, there hasn't been any news of her in recent years, she also probably already formed her Nascent Soul.

There was a genius of note from the Eight Pillars Sect. His name was Yang Lanyin and he was said to have high attainments in both Yin and Yang. It was just that he recently rose to prominence and ascended to the Core Formation realm so there was not much information on his skills.

Eventually the topic shifted to a seemingly small matter.

“Senior brother Xia don’t you think it’s a pity to have slaughtered the Sword Tail Peacock for meat. If it reached ranked 6 then you would have a magnificent mount.” At Heng Huesheng’s words, Tianyi stilled for a moment.

“Senior brother Xia, if I recall correctly Sword Tail Peacocks are born at rank 3 and at birth have opened spirituality, right?” Tianyi asked.

When a beast or magical beast opened spirituality, their ability was not lower than a human’s even if their mentality was that of a childs.

“Hahaha, of course. Truthfully I had high hopes for this Sword Tail peacock, but unfortunately when it formed its demon core, the process was imperfect and thus its future road was severed. Had I not killed it earlier, the spiritual qi within its body would have long dissipated.” Xia Yushan calmly said.

That means this Sword Tail Peacock had opened spirituality, right? At this point Tianyi felt a bit green. He looked around the table to see Heng Huesheng nodded his head in agreement, even the gentle looking Ji Shuye did not feel repulsed by this.

So killing beasts, even those who have attained spirituality is no different than killing livestock here, even though they have the same intelligence as average mortals? Tianyi instantly recalled all sorts of delicacy he ate before and felt himself become even more agitated.

Suddenly he started hacking and his face looked green.

“Junior brother!”

The other people called out to Xi Tianyi in concern. Although they knew that Xi Tianyi had some problems but this time his coughs seemed a bit more severe.

“It’s fine. I just got overly excited, no need to worry about me.” Tianyi gave a slight smile. Eating those meat, had the soul inside the beasts been human would senior brother and sister still happily eat the meat? Forget, in this world eating beast meat, even those that have opened spirituality is normal.

But for me, it’s like cannibalism.

Should I try to change other’s thoughts? Forget, this is the accepted norm of this world. Perhaps there might be magical beasts that see human cultivators as delicacies? I should not force my views onto other people, I’ll just become “vegetarian” then.


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