This Young Master is not a Cannon Fodder

by KaiserBlak

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Within the Huang Realm, a world where the era of divinities has ended and the era of immortals is nearing its waning years, exist the Buzhou Immortal Sect. And within the Buzhou Immortal Sect on Jade Peak was a disciple of the sect, Xi Tianyi. He was of noble birth, the only child of the Sword Empress who reigned invincible.

But the truth was that Xi Tianyi, was originally an ordinary mortal from Earth who suddenly woke up one day as in another world filled with immortals and demons. Under heavy pressure knowing that his life is at stake to whoever is strongest, Xi Tianyi quietly cultivates in hopes of one day reigning supreme and fearing no one, but…

“You bastard, you stole my fiance!” Said a former genius who had lost all his cultivation.

“You stole my ancestor’s jade token!” Said a Foundation Establishment cultivator of a fallen clan.

“Bastard, pay with your life for the death of my entire clan!” Said a cultivator with blood leaking from his hatred filled eyes.

“What the hell!? I’ve been cooped up cultivating quietly so why are you guys suddenly finding trouble with me!? Besides, I'm only ten!” Cried out Tianyi in disbelief. “Fine, if you want to make me your cannon fodder, I’ll step on your corpses for my ascension!”

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As a xianxia fan that has read web novels such as Desolate Era and I Shall Seal the Heavens this novel fits my taste. The main character feels like a person who has actually transmigrated into a cultivation world with how he views too much cultivation as tiring and he does not have a double standard like many common MCs and feels prideful but not arrogant. The author knows the common tropes of xianxia and even references them and pokes fun at them


The story so far is pleasurable with us the readers being taken to explore aspects of the world as well as Tinayi's cultivation. The story right seems to be in its preparation phase, almost like an extended prologue with a few actions here and there. Can't wait for the first real adventure.

The MC is in the cannon fodder in the stories and there are already several character with MC templates that have already appeared. Can't wait to see them fight.


There are some minor mistakes suich grammar mistakes and some sentence that looked like the author skipped over something. But this doesn't detract from the pleasurable read.

edit: it seems the author went back and revised the chapters.


Our protagonist seems rather carefree and lackadaisical but recent chapters reveal that deep down he is very prideful and if he wants revenge it seems that it will very satisfying. But so far there haven't been any scenes where the MC abuses his power.

My favorite character is the MC's mother because of one chapter. I won't spoil anything but I found it hilarious.

Looking forward to more!

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It's early yet but as of chapter ten this novel is fulfilling all of my expectations. While so far not majorly pushing any of the tropes of the genre it is distinctly aware of them and not afraid in the slightest of poking fun at them in such a way that truly shows a certain love and apprection for those same tropes. The main character is level headed and far from the self absorbed over confident insufferable protagonists that litter the genre like chewed bubblegum. He is likeable, diligent, and even compassionate in his own way. I've yet to check out the authors other work but if it's even half as good as what's on display here I will be a happy happy man. 

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Somehow really average but really awesome!

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Ruin of the Immortal Court

I can only describe this novel as average on all accounts. But in a good spectrum, so, average-good.

The grammar almost perfect with some minor errors. Only in the early chapters though.

The style is somehow looking safe, here is where I can only think wow because there are absolutely no problems. The author has a wide knowledge of chinese culture it seems, knowing or having researched it. Every thing that happens is building the world and informing us without lowering our interest. Introducing common tropes like trouble at the auction house without making it seem strange or out of place.

I really enjoy the story it isn't getting boring and slowly picking up. We were already introduced to some parts of the world and a goal has also been created.

The characters seem fine, while there hasn't been anyone with bigger talent than the MC. I'm certain we will meet someone, like a rival in another 20 chapters at least. The main characters to date are the mother and (small spoiler)    the second disciple.

To sum this up it is a worthwhile read with a nice world a good story and nice, real looking character.

((This certainly is just me being negative, sorry as this still is a really awesome story.)

But the spark is missing (wtf is the spark?!). It is like the average of most good cultivation stories with a nice MC, a nice world, etc. but there somehow isn't much that makes this different from most cultivation novels. This on the other hand makes it a 'safe' read as previously said combusting many tropes and presenting them on a nice looking plate. Showing, how such cultivation stories look like and most likely also being a nice introduction to the world of chinese novels without being a chinese novel itself. But the reason why this doesn't look different than most cultivation stories is most likely because we haven't gotten to the meat of this story yet. So all there is to do is wait and see where this story will go, as the beginning already looked fantastic.)

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As it said its a cultivation novel

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Living Pill

Its a pretty good one, only part that i dislike is 

(That is a genius among geniuses.”“Speaking of genius, that one is a true genius among genius. A heaven favored genius.”)

Repeating words doesnt make them better, you picked up on that bad google translate style of writing, there are some other instances with different words repeated over and over but if you just skip those parts, story is nice well as nice as overused xianxias go.

It might be that i havent red one in a while, but yea so far i enjoyed it. And yea you inserted parts of popular novels in like BTTH, and made fun of it, i have nothing against it aslong as it isnt overused then it just turns into cringy tropes. 


  • Overall Score

The pacing feels pretty on point, the story's premise is fresh, and the characters feel grounded and realistic (I do like the MCs Meta knowledge).

If it wasn't for the occassional gramatical errors / typos it would be a 5/5, though this could easily be fixed in editting and isn't anything major.

  • Overall Score

it is pretty well done and I look forward to reading more of it

  • Overall Score

I'm sure lots of people will like this, but it's not for me

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Living Pill

Yeah so, it's a little too plot armory  for me and the mc is a little too overpowerd/blessed by opportunities and ass pull mc chosen by the heavens for my liking.

However, I can imagine how this story will progress and the type of tropes that have and will appear during this story, it's perfect for new and young readers just getting into these types of stories. 

If I rated it lower it would be purely based on personal taste and a complete disservice to the story itself even if I'm probably not going to continue reading it, I hope the author continues this story for the people who will appreciate it.