"Here, we are! Floating Cloud City!" Xiao Lingxi dramatically introduced for the cousins. Staring at the city and its surrounding area, Luke and Andrea took in the calming sight. Lushes bright green spread all around with intervenes of brilliant blue with streams of water interspersing the path towards the city.

It was a pleasant view; they both remarked in their minds.

"Despite being small, it's a nice place to relax in honestly. So what do you two have in mind? Andy and I don't have any particular plan in mind." Luke asked while he felt his fused soul stir. Perhaps it felt his anticipation, but here he is soon to meet a main character in this universe!

Even when he skims most of these novels, he did quite like most of the characters. So how could he not get a bit excited? Though what he didn't know was Spooky sensing upon two intriguing signatures.

"Hmm, we have to check back in with my father back at the clan, do you two want to come with us? Or we can show you a place to stay first temporarily?" Xiao Lingxi proposed, and Andrea spoke up this time with,

"You sure your clan would let us visit in?"

"It won't be a problem. Ling'er father, who's also my grandfather, is a very kind and gentle person that values friendship. Plus he's also the strongest not only in our clan but throughout the whole city!" Xiao Yun informed the two, and Luke came up with an idea.

"Alright, we'll go with you. Afterward, you are you going to deliver the herbs to Yuanba? I actually have a question to ask about to him about World Spiritists." He confirmed over with Spooky the previous night before about this profession of cultivation.

And as expected, Spooky was fully confident he and Andrea could achieve this profession quite easily if they had a guide for it. World Spiritists in their own universe were widely demanded and respected, and Luke becoming one would elevate his status and enhance his strength!

After all, Yuanba, who originally didn't have an excellent reputation compared to his sister, is now famous because of being a World Spiritists.

"Great! Let's go now, I'm sure my father is eagerly expecting us." The team of four took it casual walking through the entrance of Floating Cloud City until Spooky suddenly called out to Luke.

'Those pairs of Xia's that Lingxi mentions have an incredible source of powers not fully awaken. And the female signature I picked up on is probably comparable to Lingxi's tremendous hidden soul. It would be great for the future if you could...make friends with her like this one.'

Spooky news didn't shock him much as he was aware of Yuanba's tyrannical veins and Qingyue's two god legacies. His main question came more of, how would becoming a World Spiritists affect the veins? Because he was listening to Spooky, his ears caught Xiao Lingxi speaking out to him again but didn't know what she said.

"Say that again Lingxi, I was thinking about some stuff." He offered her a broad smile that causes Xiao Lingxi to scrunch up her nose and pout a bit towards him.

"Geez! I was asking how long you and Andrea are planning to stay here."

"Hm? Not too long, but not too short. It'll be just enough time for what we need." Andrea said, rather cryptically. Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Yun didn't know what she meant, giving her confused glances. Even Luke was puzzled about what she meant, but her eyes to him told him she'll discuss it later.

"Right, don't worry we're not planning on up and leaving in the middle of the night or whatever. However, I am a bit curious about your Xiao Clan; you wouldn't mind some questions, right?" Luke gave Xiao Lingxi the silent reassurance she didn't even know she needed.

Letting out a breath she happily said,

"Ask away!"

While the four youths were merrily chatting, Spooky wickedly smiles as she liked more and more from what she sense of this Xia Qingyue girl. Everything is falling in place, and Spooky wasn't worried in the slightest.

Upon arriving at the Xiao clan, the cousins remarked on beautifully ancient it looked. Buildings got designed in this bright red, blue color, and several Chinese ornaments hanged of the building in an artistic way.

It was expansive akin to large manors, and from far away, Luke could spot a mountain range area in the clan. The team of four were making their way to the southern courtyard after easily being let in. Xiao Lingxi and Yun were right; besides a few questions, the four weren't stop on their way.

Xiao Lingxi vouches for them as being their friends, and what also helps was Spooky curse giving Luke a likable charm. And in a way, Yurei's curse helped as well since the slight intimidation radiating from Andrea's presence made the guards slightly shrink in their presence.

Spooky remark none of the guards here were at a level he should worry about anyways.

"Really nice place you got here. These courtyards especially look peaceful to rest in." Luke commented as they slowly made their way towards Xiao Lie residency.

"Mn, Father place at least for us is the nicest one here. I'm sure you two will love it!"

"Ah, if it isn't sister Lingxi and brother Yun. What a pleasant surprise, and you brought guests?" When Xiao Lingxi was talking from adjacent to them came two young men walking towards them. The group stopped as Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Yun looked displease at the two appearances.

One of them leaned more on the thin side, having a more frail presence. He did wear a good looking purple, dark robe that fit him. And next to him, the one that spoke was a handsome, elegant young man. His face held a vibrant look, and his eyes were crystal clear.

These two...weren't these the guy that plotted against Yun Che?

Luke didn't care enough to remember their names, but he could tell their eyes held hidden malice for Xiao Lingxi and Xiao Yun.

'Only a third level Nascent and ninth level Elementary nothing for you to care about.' Spooky informed Luke though he wasn't concern with such low-level enemies, to begin with.

"Yes, we did Yulong, you can inform clan master if you like, but we need to see father now!" Briskly as Xiao Lingxi said it, she took Luke's hand and quickly walked off with others in tow.

However, Xiao Yulong and Xiao Chang were a bit shocked by the two cousins once they got close to them and how quickly Xiao Lingxi walked off. Innately they felt drawn into Luke's blue, glowing eyes and were put off from Andrea's intimidating presence.

"Brother Yulong, those two kids I've never seen them around the city before, yet Xiao Lingxi looks surprisingly close with them. What's up with them?" Xiao Chang question since only a couple of days ago Xiao Lingxi was gone but now suddenly turned up like this.

Xiao Yulong held a calculating gaze watching their backs.

"It doesn't matter much; those two are only in the eighth-level Elementary realm. Although both of them give of this...weird vibe, anyways, let's return to tell my father about those two returns. We need to win this upcoming examination." His eyes held a cold, spiteful gaze that went in contrast with his elegant face.

Swiftly the two walked in a different direction, unaware of the future troubles they would bring upon themselves.

After walking a fair distance away and nearly making it to Xiao Lie residence, Xiao Lingxi suddenly stop. In her hand, she held onto one that brought warmth and peace to her soul. Although she had soon realized it was Luke's hand!

"A-Ah!! S-sorry for suddenly grabbing you!" She blushed and hastily let go of his hand. Before she made a haste exit as she didn't like Xiao Yulong nor Xiao Chang at all. There was always something about the two that rubbed her the wrong way, and ever since she surpassed Yulong, she swears she could feel hidden resentment towards her and Xiao Yun.

It's why she preferably to if ever talk to those two at all.

"Why say sorry? I didn't mind it in the least! Although I can understand your haste to leave, I didn't like those two presences at all." Luke stated, remembering the hateful, jealous nature of those two youths.

Even if they don't show it outwardly, Luke could sense from Xiao Yulong tone and body language all the resentment he had towards Yun Che was now on these Xiao's siblings. Albeit this time for different reasons.

"Haah, well don't worry about those two, they wouldn't dare cause any trouble. And we have arrived!" Xiao Yun assured the cousin, reaching an elegant entrance that leads out to a gorgeous calm courtyard.

Inside the four, observe an older man that appeared to be in his sixties reading various scrolls at a desk. This man carried a kind, gentle presence, but his face bore the stress of past hardships.

The powerful older man knows as Xiao Lie.

"Father! We're back! We've got the herbs for brother Yuanba and met some great friends." Xiao Lingxi announced herself, getting Xiao Lie to shift his gave over at the youths.

A warm smile blossom on his face seeing his talented daughter and nephew come back safe and sound. And when his eyes crossed Luke and Andrea's he instantly felt enamored by them.

The mix combination blue and black glow, charm, and intimidation made anyone's eyes draw into the cousins. Shaking his head slightly to focus back on his daughter he said,

"As excellent as ever Ling'er, Yun'er. I'm sure Yuanba will be very please with your results. So who are your two little friends?" Compared to most other youths Xiao Lie gazed upon, Luke and Andrea was undoubtedly a cut above the rest.

Barring their curse just the way Luke stood confidently while Andrea had a slight hunching threatening stance showed a stark contrast.

"Greetings, Elder, I'm Luke." Luke introduced himself using a pleasant tone. Even in the original, he did found Xiao Lie respectable, so this much was good.

"Andrea, Elder," Andrea stated with a hint of a wicked tone. She held no connection nor information about this guy, so she cared little for making a favorable impression.

"We've met them at Cyan Forest Town, and they helped us even get these herbs. Without them, we wouldn't be nearly as successful as we are now." Xiao Yun had taken upon to explain their relations. Moreover, since he guesses the slight fluctuation, his grandfather would have over Andrea.

"Is that right? Although I'm not doubting your words, but they are only in the Elementary realm?" Xiao Lie knew what kind of environment these two went too. The Dragon Mountain range was home to all sorts of Nascent beasts, so how could Elementary realm youths possibly help?

"In your ring, I can sense you have exactly twenty red crystal bead along with purple lantern flowers and numerous strong pellets."

"Also, you're two realms above the Nascent realm edging at the peak of the realm." Luke and Andrea causally used their ghost girls' senses to prove they look like they have incredible senses.

Luke connected the name of the energy Spooky informed him, and Yurei could sense the quality of essence energy Xiao Lie possessed. To say Xiao Lie was surprised was an understatement as his eyes widen in shock.

"You see it, father? Luke and Andrea's senses are out of this world! Far beyond what we can do, it's how we got those herbs and made it so safely out the mountain range." Xiao Lingxi also vouches up for the cousin getting Xiao Lie to take sigh out.

"Never would I ever believe this kind of spirit sense would come from two young people in the Elementary realm! Thank you both for helping my children."

"It was no problem, Elder, at least I quite like these two." Luke smiling told him only speaking for himself since he knew Andrea held different thoughts. Suddenly Xiao Lingxi perked up as if remembering something and ask Xiao Lie,

"Ah! Father, I just remember how long it is until the Xiao clan examination?"


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