Jian Fengyi no matter how he looks at it, he just couldn't believe the reality right in front of him!

Across from him, the girl that left a distinct distaste in his mouth yesterday from her Spirit Power is now showing off this insane prowess in Martial Cultivation!

Under her black lightning aura, Lingxi looked even more beautiful.

Her black hair imbued with the black lightning was like a natural essence, and the occasional shocks of blue electricity only further serve to her dazzling image.

However, Jian Fengyi had no time to pay attention to that as he finally fully unleashed his Spiritual Xiantian prowess!


Xiantian Essence energy spewed out of him, and he grabbed the black iron sword strapped to his back. This would've been more shocking...if his aura wasn't still majorly suppressed by Lingxi's aura.

And even now, Jian Fengyi was still struggling to keep himself up despite going all out.

" this some sort of sick dream?!"

"Jian Fengyi is at the Spiritual Xiantian realm, yet it means absolutely nothing in front of that girl..."

"You got to be fucking kidding me!" Throughout all the uproar of chatter, Xiao Luocheng was silently cursing to himself.

There was no way he could ever predict that girl has this kind of power!

Both Palace Elder, Elder Linyun, and even Xiao Tiannan got rocked from this sudden power of Lingxi.

And Xiao Tiannan specifically had a strange gaze in his eyes as he stared at the brilliant Lingxi.

Only a few seconds passed, yet Lingxi didn't make any move, causing immense ire in Jian Fengyi. She only had her cute smile as she was waiting for Jian Fengyi to come.

Fengyi, on the other hand, knew he was outclassed, but he couldn't accept this kind of disrespect!

"Tch, let's see if your power is so great!!"

He fruitlessly shouted and began to gather up immense Xiantian Essence energy in his sword.

The rate he could charge up was monstrously quick, and in a couple of seconds, his sword was spewing out potent red gases.

"Ah! A rank five Martial Skill!"

Although, despite everyone recognizing the power, this skill could wield, nobodies opinion change on whether or not Jian Fengyi can win this battle.

Even now, his red sword gases was continually suppressed by Lingxi's black lightning.

However, Jian Fengyi's rage was only fueled further.

Where did this, no-name girl, even come from?

Why did she have to show up specifically here? And why is she so damn strong despite her weaker realm?!

Thoughts like this ranged in his mind as Fengyi sword gases finished forming into meteor-like shapes!

"Meteor Swo-"

Fegnyi stopped himself short once Lingxi casually lifted a finger and,


Like they were nothing, Lingxi flexed her finger, making a strand of black lightning annihilate his attack!

"You see, it doesn't feel so good when someone humiliates your attack, right?"

Like a sweet angel, Lingxi slowly explained it to the crumbling Jian Fengyi. She wouldn't consider herself a violent or cruel person, but she simply can't stand for unjust bullying!

However, it all fell on death ears for Jian Fengyi, and his mind fueled with...overflowing anger!

With one swift motion, he erupted all of Xiantian Essence energy in his dantian and rushed Lingxi at blitzing speed!

As he took off, the part of the stage under him broke apart, and his eyes carried immense hatred while he stared at Lingxi.

"I WIL-"


However, in the middle of his rush, a black lightning palm appeared right beside him, and merciless slapped him!

The painful sound of the soul-shaking slap reverberated in everyone's ears!

Jian Fengyi, though, was thrown off stage, similarly crashing vigorously into the ground like Gong Linyun. And as well, Fengyi made a crater where he had crash and pain wracked his body.

His face felt like it was on fire, and his body burned from the occasional shocks of lightning on him.

It was an utterly crushing defeat.

Once again, a medical Elder came to get Jian Fengyi, but even he had his eyes on Lingxi.

This time instead of a tense cutting silence, it was an awing dazzling silence.

Lingxi could only shake her head as Jian Fengyi brought it on himself for being so unruly. She turned off her black lightning and was going to walk off stage until she heard,

"Wait, young girl, don't you want a chance to meet with me?"

Elder Linyun had suddenly asked since if she were to agree, he would be saved a lot of time.

"Ehh?? Just like that?? That girl gets personally invited?!"

"It's too, be expected...I mean, who else can even touch her?!"

Their Spirit Elder proposal caused massive waves throughout the disciples since he never did this before!

Then again, never before they had a Spiritual Xiantian youth or someone with insane Heaven-defying prowess...

"Sorry, Spirit Elder, but I only wanted to teach Jian Fengyi a lesson on behalf of Sister Xureuo. I hope now we can have a good competition."

In front of everyone, Lingxi politely rejected Elder Linyun's offer!

Surely they would've thought with her talent, she would've quickly taken the offer and maybe even learn Spirit Power.

Yet Lingxi just seems so unconcerned with this thought.

"I see, if those are your wishes, then we can still continue with today's events." Even more shocking was Elder Linyun accepting the rejection rather humbly.

Lingxi got next to Cang Yue brightly smiling at her, and the two exchanged a nod.

"Well then, who wants to be next!"

Palace Elder Wuyou called out to the disciples. While he did found Lingxi as extraordinary, since she was with Cang Yue, he didn't dare get too involved with her.

And with Elder Wuyou called attention, the fighting spirits of all the disciples were reignited!

Now officially, they could have real matches without freaks interrupting them.

Luke and Andrea, after Lingxi was walking off stage was watching Xiao Tiannan and Luocheng. And in those two eyes, they could see an ominous glint brewing there.

"Do you think their honestly planning something here?" Qingyue asked him as she notices Luke staring at Xiao Tiannan and Luocheng. From Luke's expression, she could tell he suspect the both of them.

"Most likely, they are, especially with the fluctuating emotions of Xiao Luocheng. But whatever they won't be enough to stop us." Luke confidently said to assure Qingyue.

It wasn't an idle boast either as at full power with his soul Spirit Power. He was sure he could even smoothly run away from Xiao Tiannan if he and Andrea couldn't beat him.

"Little Luke is right. As long we're alert, we will be able to leave scott free." Andrea also added her comment. She truly believes along with Luke they wouldn't face any significant trouble they couldn't handle.

"Are you three discussing something without us, hm?"

The soft teasing voice of Cang Yue came to them as she and Lingxi sneakily walked back to their private area.

Both girls sat back down in their original seats as Luke said

"Oh, nothing important, just waiting for you two to come back. And hey, looks like the real competition is about start now..."

Now, with no odd interruptions, the Azure Soul Event passed smoothly, and Luke's group was able to enjoy their time there. Admittedly there was some exciting fight Luke had took notice of, but he was a bit distracted during the event.

Mainly because the five of them began talking among themselves, sometimes even outright ignoring a whole match.

Although Luke would still say it was time well spent and now as the youths were walking back to the Palace's central area through Cang Yue's hidden route, Luke sensed someone coming close to them.

"Look alive, seems like the Spirit Elder couldn't wait to meet us."

"You mean?" Cang Yue was puzzled since she didn't know why Elder Linyun would personally seek them out.

"Yes, Miss Xureuo, I'm right here. And it seems like again, Luke, your senses are impeccable."

Elder Linyun voice ranged out from behind them, and Cang Yue widen her eyes a bit. The five of them turned around, but only Cang Yue looked shocked at the Elder appearance.

"Elder Linyun, I wasn't expecting...wait, you four already met before this event, haven't you?"

Cang Yue questioningly asked since Luke knowing smile already spoke volumes to her.

"I suppose we did. We were going to tell you, but you were quite quick to rush us in here." Luke explained, and Cang Yue gain a teasing smirk.

"Hoh? Really? I didn't expect for you five to already be making moves on your own." Cang Yue jokingly jested though before Luke or any of the girls speak up, Elder Linyun said,

"I don't mean to rudely interrupt. But, before I tell you why I'm here, there has been something bothering ever since our last meeting...are you two truly blue cloak World Spiritists?"

In Elder Linyun's mind, he kept replaying the Asura gas scene over and again. And every time he remembers that sensation, the cousins' Spirit Power particularly felt immensely stronger than before.

It wasn't only because of their Asura Power; he could sense their natural Spirit Power went above into a legendary realm...

"Blue Cloak World Spiritists?!"

However, Cang Yue was shocked at the mere thought at even one of them being Blue Cloak World Spiritists!

"Heh, you caught us. We're certainly not at the Blue Cloak level because..." Andrea spoke up first, and the cousins shared a glance.

Holding their hands out, Luke and Andrea created a pure purple soul Spirit Power ball!

"So it really is as I guessed..." Elder Linyun said in awe as he stared at the hypnotic Spirit Powers.

"Ah! So you two actually are Purple Cloak World Spiritists?! two were just waiting to make me shock with this..." Cang Yue was in awe but had a small pout.

With her reasoning, she quickly assumed Luke and Andrea were simply holding back during their first battle just for fun. Since it didn't matter at all if they did use Purple Cloak Spirit Power or not.

"Hehehe~! It did make for a pleasant surprise, didn't it Sister Xueruo?" Lingxi was giggling at the cute pouting face of Cang Yue.

"You will get used to surprises around us." Qingyue serenely said, but she also did find amusement at her reaction.

"If I could see such a cute face from you, then it was worth the wait. Now then, what did you want to tell us Elder Linyun."

Luke teased and took the attention off from Cang Yue as she blushed up at the off guard compliment of Luke.

In Elder Linyun's head, a completely different story was going on.

From the slight pressure he was feeling and the powerful sensations that invaded his mind by their Spirit Powers, he knew it would work well to tell them.

"You, have you heard of the Ten thousand Mountain Beast range?"

Luke faked a confused reaction. Lingxi genuinely didn't know of this place. And Qingyue seemed to be recalling a memory.

Andrea also didn't honestly know, and Cang Yue was the only one that was shocked.

On the inside, Luke remembered that place and recall a vital figure live there, but he still asked anyways,

"No, I haven't. Why? Is there something related to us there?"

"Perhaps. You mention you wanted a World Spirit, right? Then would you like to take a small journey to gain a source soul oddity?"

Now Luke got even more curious. He recalled oddity from Martial God Asura, all being great treasures, at least for Chu Feng to rapidly advanced.

And he was sure because of Spooky he could easily absorb an oddity too.

Although he did have to ask,

"What is a source soul oddity, and how will it help me?"

"Ah, you see, this is an accumulated treasure of powerful leftover source soul energy. With it, you can use it to call out to a World Spirit since they would be more likely to respond then. Furthermore, I can say there's enough source soul energy to benefit all five you so choose to go."

"Wait, how did you find this treasure in the first place Elder Linyun? And why didn't you just take it for your World Spirit?" Cang Yue asked this time while feeling a bit intrigued at this oddity.

"When I was out exploring for Spirit materials, I came across in that range. Unfortunately, my Spirit Power is far too weak and lack the natural control to make good use of the oddity. However, if it's you two, I can confidently say you would be able to make the most out of it."

"I see...thanks for informing us, Elder Linyun. We'll be sure to think upon it before going."

Even with the power he sensed from the cousin, Elder Linyun still knows the unknown dangers that lied in the range and didn't fault them for being cautious.

With a nod he said,

"I shall take my leave now. I have important duties to tend to."

Swiftly he left, and Luke turned to the girls, asking,

"So, should we go?"


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