Author's Note:
Since the newest chapter has been a bit delayed by me being a dumbass and extra hours at work I figured I'd put a slightly updated map out. I mentioned it in the comments in Chapter 22, then went back and edited in links in Chapter 1 for new readers. But for regular readers who missed it here you go. I've hopes to get the next chapter out Wednesday night or more likely Thursday afternoon...but we'll see sorry.

This is slightly updated with the Police Station and Hardware store marked on it. If there's any other markings people would like for the story let me know in comments.

Spoiler :

While I'm not exactly keeping where I live a deep secret I'd still prefer not to name it. But here's a map of the areas used in the story for those interested. If you do recognize the city please don't name it.

Edit: Even though I'm broke I don't particularly need donations at the moment. It's more of a milestone for passing 50k and for the future.

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