Author's Note: This is a brief fake story set vaguely in ‎Mushoku Tensei for my amusement. If you don't like Nilla feel free to skip past since it doesn't affect the story. It's just something I wrote between my two shifts today.


King Melquin sat upon his throne and looked past the summoning circle to the crowd of trash filling his throne room. The humid air was rank with perfumed oils the various nobles used instead of bathing.

At the edge of the summoning circle stood the magician the King had lured to his kingdom with far too much treasure. Every time he thought of how much he'd given the strange old pervert to come serve his kingdom his headache and rage spiked high.

Today was the day it would all pay off though. He had secured a great treasure that would bind the heroine they were summoning to sexual and martial slavery. The magician had painstakingly crafted the circle to only summon a beautiful female hero.

With a powerful hero devoted to himself the King would be able to get rid of some of the more uselessly uptight nobles and conquer the neighboring kingdoms.

"Begin the summoning," commanded the King when the magician was finished his preparations.

The hired Sword King and his Saints apprentices surrounded the circle to prevent any disruptions of the ceremony as the Magician began his long chant.

The circle filled with light as the Magician continued to chant. 10 seconds, 20, 30, almost a minute passed by before the circle was too bright to look directly at.

With a flash from the circle that blinded everyone the chant finished.

As the King's eyes adjusted back to normal lighting he saw a small white and brown dog in the center of the circle.

"You damn pervert," he yelled at the waste of a Magician who was looking happily at the dog.

"Someone kill that damn thing," was the next yell from the King as his was rage unleashed on the cute dog.

The Sword King pulled his sword and before the Magician could protest swung it down on the small dog who was staring up at them with a seemingly puzzled look.

The sword slashed down in a blur...only to bounce off the touki the dog had raised as armor around itself.

The small dog gave a last puzzled look around, jumped up and bit the balls of the Sword King through his touki and pants, and swiftly escaped from the throne room to begin her adventures.

Excerpt from Rise of the Bite Empress Nilla.

For those who don't like Nilla, the next serious Chapter, likely on Monday?, will be the last for a bit that she gets more than brief mentions.

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