Everyone runs towards the entrance as people were picking up Sara who was fainted

"Was Akio with him?"

Akira quickly asks that question

"No, We were passing by the entrance when we found this Entrance open and Sara on the ground"

The Worker tells Akira

"ok...take her to the machine Lisa"

Akira tells Lisa

"Yes, Senpai"

Lisa runs away from there while Akira asks himself in his mind

"Where are you Akio?"

Sam looks towards Akira and was angry as he tells Anna

"I am going to look for guys stay here"

Sam then runs away as Amy also follows him, Riku looks towards Sam running away and then looks towards Akira and the team as she sighs

"I am going with them"

Riku tells Anna and runs out of the base, Alex looks towards them and then gets a serious face

"Akira something wrong?"

Alex asks Akira

Akira looks towards Alex

"Are you not going to look for Akio?"

Akira asks Alex

"No...I won't leave you alone after what you did for me I will never leave you alone"

Alex tells Akira

"ok...Well, then I want you to go look for Akio"

Akira tells Alex with a depressed sound

Alex hears that and agrees as he runs out of the base, Ino also follows him while Akira looks depressed while Mirai looks towards him

"You should take some rest"

Mirai tells Akira

Akira agrees as he walks towards the left hallway of the entrance while Mirai turns around and was sad as well as she looks outside and says

"I am sorry Akio"

Mirai then walks towards the Right Hallway towards the Lab

Meanwhile, Outside

Sam, Amy, Riku, Alex and Ino separated in a group of two to find Akio while communicating with Anna who was looking at all the Cameras in the city in search of Akio

Alex and Ino's were searching on the west side of Tokyo while Riku, Sam and Amy were searching the East Side

The Westside

Alex and Ino run past a dark alley while looking inside it

"Where could have he gone?"

Alex asks himself

"He should not have gone far...Must be nearby"

Ino tells Alex

"Any clue...Anna-san?"

Alex asks Anna

"No...wait I see something A man dressed in black hoodie and pants is going inside a Dark Alley, You will be able to see him if you take the upcoming right"

Anna tells Alex

Alex agrees as he turns right and sees the man enter the dark alleyway

Alex and Ino follow him and stop in front of the Dark Alleyway to see the man standing facing the wall in front of him as Alex and Ino slowly look towards him


Alex walks up to him and puts his hand on his shoulder when that man grabs Akio's hand, tilts his hand and pushes him on the ground as he turns back and looks towards Ino

Ino looks towards him and recognizes that he is not she quickly tells Anna on the phone

Alex struggles to get free when The Man leaves Alex's hand and quickly moves towards Ino

He was so fast that without even realizing, He was in front of Ino

Alex notices this as he stands up and quickly stands up and grabs his sword on his back as he heads towards that man and was about to hit him with it when suddenly A Dark Vine comes out from Behind that man and grabs Alex, He was shocked by this as the man slams Alex on the walls on the alleyway and then throws him on the ground

Alex slowly stands up and looks towards the man who was really close to Ino, Ino takes this chance to run away as the Man notices it and starts to run after her when Alex grabs his sword with both his hands as he says

"The Sword...of Justice, Zavier"

Zavier starts to shine with bright red light as it gives out a Red Armour on Alex's hands up to his shoulder, he suddenly comes out of the alleyway with a quick speed and starts to run after that Man

That man was surprised as he takes out more vines from his back and sends it towards Alex

Alex cuts all those vines and heads towards him

Meanwhile, at the base, Anna saw all of this through the cameras and reports Sam and Riku and tells one of them to head for backup...Sam agrees to it and starts running towards the direction to where Alex was when he travelled some distance away from Riku and Amy someone suddenly attacked him from the darkness, Sam dodges the attack and looks towards the person who attacked him

The Person walks out of the darkness as he looks towards Sam

Sam's eyes widened with surprise as he says


End of Chapter 113


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