Soul Flames

Soul Flames

by mogust

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

The demon king has been defeated, and a devastating war averted. The kingdom of Avaraline is on the slow road to recovery with Alysia at the helm.

Velvet sleeps, wrapped in magical crystal, Myne inactive, unwilling to do anything without her lover, the previous cost too high and too raw for them both.

But things are far from over. Ignoring that the demon king's retinue are still at large, and the neighbouring kingdoms are restless because of what had transpired, the world is stirring, the winds of change are blowing, the world on the brink of another evolution, the consequences of which will be more far reaching than anyone realizes.

Destiny however has plans of it's own. Chris, a young man discovering the truth about himself, and Rachael, a young woman hiding who she is, are both about to find themselves intertwined in the fate of the world.

When secrets come to the surface, the results can be far beyond what either party considered. Especially when they hail from an earlier age...

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This story is the sequel to Dawn Weaver, and takes place some years after the first.

However, it can be read independently of the first book (while knowledge of the first book may make some things clearer, it is not needed at all to understand most of what is going on and enjoy the story for what it is). The two main characters are new characters, as is the majority of the cast. 

Note that this story is much heavier on the transgender themes than Dawn Weaver, and it comes in to it from very early in the story. The gender bender element itself don't come into play until much later however.

It is also not an Isekai story, at least not from a technical viewpoint.

Volume 3 cover art by haime22, and pertains to arc 7.

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Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
(Arc 1) Chapter 1 - Campaign ago
Chapter 2 - The Plan ago
Chapter 3 - Secrets Laid Bare ago
Chapter 4 - Pain ago
Chapter 5 - Those things we do ago
Chapter 6 - (changed) Routines ago
Chapter 7 - The Decision ago
Chapter 8 - Destination Old Town ago
Chapter 9 – The Secrets That Lie Within ago
Chapter 10 - Priestess ago
Chapter 11 - Repercussions ago
(Arc 2) Chapter 12 - Awakening ago
Chapter 13 - Buried Past ago
Chapter 14 - Strange Lands ago
Chapter 15 – Ghosts from the Past ago
Chapter 16 - Train & Tale ago
Chapter 17 – Like Old, Like New ago
Chapter 18 – Belonging ago
Chapter 19 – Team effort ago
Chapter 20 – Nightbeast ago
Chapter 21 – Illicit Cargo ago
Chapter 22 – The Other Half ago
Chapter 23 – Wilderness ago
Chapter 24 – Definitely not a Coincidence ago
Chapter 25 - Them ago
Chapter 26 – Brightswater. ago
Chapter 27 – Family Affairs ago
Chapter 28 – Layers ago
Chapter 29 – Into the Teeth ago
Chapter 30 – Pursuit ago
Chapter 31 – The Problems with Mountains ago
Chapter 32 – Nexus ago
Chapter 33 – More than Touched ago
Chapter 34 – Reunion ago
(Arc 3) Chapter 35 - Fronting Up ago
Chapter 36 - Only Human ago
Chapter 37 – Allegiance ago
Chapter 38 – Hidden Aspects ago
Chapter 39 – Changes ago
Chapter 40 – That Again ago
Chapter 41 – Beneath the Surface ago
Chapter 42 – Déjà vu ago
Chapter 43 – A New Page ago
Chapter 44 – Training & Stuff ago
Chapter 45 – Destination B ago
Chapter 46 – Grey Lines ago
Chapter 47 – Stained Hands ago
Chapter 48 – Lair of the Beast ago
(Arc 4) Chapter 49 - Influence ago
Chapter 50 - Departure ago
Chapter 51 - The Other Side ago
Chapter 52 - City: Innerlands Variety ago
Chapter 53 - Delegation ago
Chapter 54 - Summons ago
Chapter 55 - Arrival: Odinsphere ago
Chapter 56 – The Art of Leylines ago
Chapter 57 – The Goliath Complication ago
Chapter 58 – Fate of The Watch ago
Chapter 59 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 60 – Realisations ago
Chapter 61 – Delving the Layers ago
Chapter 62 – Missing Link ago
Chapter 63 – Shifting Tracks ago
Chapter 64 - Stepping on Others Toes ago
Chapter 65 – The Summit ago
Chapter 66 - Take Two ago
Chapter 67 – Engaging Tempest ago
(Arc 4.5) Chapter 68 – Morning After ago
Chapter 69 - Fox ago
Chapter 70 – Side Quest ago
Chapter 71 – Icy Secret ago
Chapter 72 - Fox Redux ago
Chapter 73 – Unveiling ago
Chapter 74 - Undercurrents ago
Chapter 75 – Succession of Will ago
Chapter 76 – Cost of Change ago
Chapter 77 – Schemes ago
Chapter 78 – Trust ago
(Arc 5) Chapter 79 - Choices and Chosen ago
Chapter 80 – Diverging Paths ago
Chapter 81 – Pre-brief ago
Chapter 82 – On Edge ago
Chapter 83 - Darkness Within ago
Chapter 84 - Proof of Power ago
Chapter 85 - Shard ago
Chapter 86 - Temple Viewing ago
Chapter 87 - Audience ago
(Arc 6) Chapter 88 - Behind the Veil ago
Chapter 89 – Xenophobia ago
Chapter 90 – Seeds of Change ago
Chapter 91 - What Lies Ahead ago
Chapter 92 – Otherwise known as a Date ago
Chapter 93 – Soul of the Land ago
Chapter 94 – A Gathering of Riders ago
Chapter 95 – Inauguration ago
Chapter 96 – Deific Inference ago

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there is nothing to hate here, but much to love

Reviewed at: Chapter 17 – Like Old, Like New

Do you remember Robert Jordan ? Well, it feels a bit like his style. It's quite slowpaced, with entire pages spent describing clothing. Very well written.

While the lgbt aspect is core to the book, it isn't aggressive. More like added flavor giving weight to characters. It feels natural, not artificial and never ridicule. as a non-english native speaker, it's a bit confusing having a mc thinking himself as a she being true to herself, but you adapt pretty fast.

It's a postapocalyptic story in a fantasy setting, so no mad-max here, and no supermutants, replaced by magics and nekos ^^
i'm at the point where the mc leave his shelter and explore the new world, and i have to say it's pretty exciting.


Too much mumbling but in 3rd pov

Reviewed at: Chapter 13 - Buried Past

The story is good

The pace is good if a little slow

The narrative is too much mumbling but its not in the first pov, make reader uncomfortable.


I hope the mumbling can be decreased.


Thank you for the hard work.


And please continue the stories

It is really good.