Dungeon Crawler Darryl

by Mammonn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

In a flash, every human-erected construction on Earth--from Buckingham Palace to the tiniest of sheds to all the trucks and cars--collapses in a heap, sinking into the ground. The fruits of millenia of human progress, atomized and transformed into the dungeon: an 18-level labyrinth filled with traps, monsters, and loot. A dungeon so enormous, it circles the entire globe.

Presented with impossible situations, dire straits, an empty promise of regaining their planet or the fame of intergalactical stardom, thirteen million of the remaining humans entered this dungeon. This death trap with glamorous gore and way too many bugs. Only a few of them truly matter, the top most popular crawlers such as the ill-pantsed Carl and his elegant mistress Princess Donut.

This story isn't about such glorious people, however. This story focusses on one of the dregs overlooked by the masses as they try to cling on to their life. This is the story of Darryl and friends.

Note: This is a Dungeon Crawler Carl fanfic. Please support and read the original, it's really good!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Another challenger appears ago
Chapter 2: A mellow start ago
Chapter 3: Easy starter mobs are a breeze! ago
Chapter 4: Toilet humour ago
Chapter 5: GPS not yet unlocked ago
Chapter 6: A completely fair and balanced fight ago
Chapter 7: A completely balanced and fair fight, part 2 ago
Chapter 8: A player becomes a party ago
Chapter 9: Tutorial stuff ago
Chapter 10: Loot! ago
Chapter 11: Crafting and Exploits ago
Chapter 12: The roast of Darryl D ago
Chapter 13: Allies of Circumstance ago
Chapter 14: Exchange ago
Chapter 15: Crimes worse than PvP ago
Chapter 16: A completely balanced and fair fight 2: Electric Baaaahgaloo. ago
Chapter 17: Plight or Flight ago
Chapter 18: Tea time ago
Chapter 19: You never split the party ago
Chapter 20: It’s never that simple ago
Chapter 21: 3 ago
Chapter 22: Battle Scars ago
Chapter 23: Misunderstanding ago
Chapter 24: *Cute German Noises* ago
Chapter 25: Catching up ago
Chapter 26: Elise ago
Chapter 27: Spread ago
Chapter 28: Growth ago
Chapter 29: Tipping point ago
Chapter 30: Plague ago
Chapter 31: Let's be rational about this ago
Chapter 32: Death Watch EXTREME!!! ago
Chapter 33: Glurp Glurp! ago
Chapter 34: Live or Die!? ago
Chapter 35: Forced Reunions ago
Chapter 36: Hi there neighbour, might I borough a cup of sugar? ago
Chapter 37: Wanna bet? ago
Chapter 38: The second floor ago
Chapter 39: First contact ago
Chapter 40: Adjusting ago
Chapter 41: New friends and new burdens ago
Chapter 42: Reparations ago
Chapter 43: Highs and Lows ago
Chapter 44: Pet Peeve ago
Chapter 45: To catch a confession ago
Chapter 46: Confession ago
Chapter 47: Debate ago
Chapter 48: Calm before the ago
Chapter 49: More calm before the ago
Interlude: Ben ago
Interlude: Elise ago
Interlude: Martin ago
Interlude: Corey ago
Chapter 50: Shitstorm ago
Chapter 51: Heat Front ago
Chapter 52: Rage Hurricane ago
Chapter 53: Weathering ago
Chapter 54: Enduring ago
Chapter 55: Sidequest ago
Chapter 56: Against the Tide ago
Interlude: Martin (redux) ago
Chapter 57: Eye of the Storm ago
Chapter 58: That poor wall ago
Chapter 59: Escalation ago
Chapter 60: Premeditated Crash and Burn ago
Chapter 61: Regrouping ago
Chapter 62: Recess ago
Chapter 63: Sssssmokey! ago
Chapter 64: Somebody call Gargamel! ago
Chapter 65: Last few things ago
Chapter 66: 40/1 odds ago
Chapter 67: The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly ago
Chapter 68: Too many cooks spoil the brat ago
Chapter 69: Haggard and Ravenous ago
Chapter 70: Last Stretch ago
Chapter 71: Final Sprint ago
Chapter 72: The Third Floor ago
Chapter 73: Choices a galore, because that’s what choices are for! ago
Chapter 74: The choices are four, no more because more is a bore and makes Ben-chan go snore. ago
Chapter 75: Balancing gains and losses ago
Chapter 76: Punching Bag ago
Chapter 77: Big, Sturdy and Shiny ago
Chapter 78: Transformation ago
Chapter 79: Transformed ago
Chapter 80: The Third Floor, but for real this time. ago
Chapter 81: Chatting ago
Chapter 82: First Quest ago
Chapter 83: Old acquaintances, big reunions ago
Chapter 84: Deep Diving ago
Chapter 85: Something’s a-rumbling beneath ago
Chapter 86: Hive Five! ago
Chapter 87: Power Jump ago
Chapter 88: Rescue ago
Chapter 89: Hit and Run ago
Chapter 90: Quest completed with only a little bit of collateral ago
Chapter 91: Middle Management ago
Chapter 92: Beauty and the Beast ago
Chapter 93: Level up! ago
Chapter 94: Yoink! ago
Chapter 95: Grinding ago
Chapter 96: Boaring Back Alleys ago
Chapter 97: The Grind ago
Chapter 98: PR ago
Chapter 99: That one quest you already completed before meeting the NPC. ago
Chapter 100: Death by a hundred chapters ago
Chapter 101: Elementary Procrastination ago
Chapter 102: Down the Rabbit Hole ago
Interlude: Thomas ago

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The author matches the tone of Dungeon Crawler Carl pretty well, shows no grammatical or spelling errors, and gives an interesting view into a Crawler who really isn't doing so well.


It's a little sillier (I know, right?) but all in all I'd recommend it if you like DCC.

Carl Antuar

Writing an ongoing story about the underdogs and also-rans, in a World Dungeon that tends to kill off characters like that, is challenging. Mammonn has risen to the challenge. Whether it's finding a camp full of newbies who barely know how to swing a stick and trying to help them survive (with only partial success), recovering slowly from 

losing the use of a limb,

or just seeing the people around him progress faster and become more popular than himself, Darryl definitely has a hard road. But he's a likeable character, out to help people even though he's no shining star. Definitely worth a bookmark.


This story is well written and probably the best executed fanfic that I've encountered.  The plot works within the greater world and helps develop that world in an entertaining manner.  The author has only gotten stronger in his story-telling capabilities and creativity as the plot progresses.  I also appreciate the lack of spoilers in regards to the original work.

In terms of downsides, I can't really point to much.  The MC is a bit less interesting than the supporting party, but he is likeable enough.  I'd also like the AI villain to have an even stronger voice in the story, because he's awesome.


As good as the original.. high praise.

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Exchange

This piece about is a beautiful homage to Carl.  Same style, same humor, it makes you think that Dinniman has a second account. I follow this as keenly as I follow the original. You should read this.

Darryl is sometimes smarter in the later chapters that he is written to be in the first chapters, but not in an obvious way.



Paul Boyle

I am a big DCC fan but as usual, there aren't as many updates as youd wish for.

DCD is not as good as DCC - it wouldn't hold up as its own story, and the early parts feel pretty rough, and it leans on DCC knowledge, as it should, it's a fanfic.  Though the grammar and spelling are good, the characters feel a bit flimsy and silly.   

But around chapter 60-70 I feel like the story really hits it's stride.  Unlike many RR novels, this work seems to be improving as the author finds thier voice, and becomes a really good companion for DCC.  

Looking forward to more chapters!