Death Cultivator (Cultivator in Another World Vol. I)

by elfshanx

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Low Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Fight for your Death.

When regular high schooler Grady Hake is mistakenly taken by the Angel of Death, he thinks his life is over. Then he wakes up on a prison shuttle bound for Van Diemann’s Planet, a penal colony run by brutal gangs of criminal cultivators. This is his life now, and if he wants to survive it, he’ll have to learn to harness his unique Death Spirit, make friends with alien outcasts, appease a band of ancient hungry ghosts, and fight his way into one of the strongest gangs on the planet.

Death Cultivator is sci-fi / isekai / wuxia / western / whatever, sort of like Borderlands meets Hunter x Hunter. I wanted to write something entertaining and actiony with that shonen vibe, so here's hoping this hits the spot.

Warning: This isn't an isekai where the MC immediately becomes OP and starts revenge-killing everyone once he gets Death powers. Death is coming, but it's a slow burn. If you're looking for an awesome and hilarious story with a dark antihero MC who loves slaughter and revenge, you should check out NH Paxton's Grimm Darkfyre. It rocks. Or if you're looking for an MC with basically no lag time in adjusting to the customs of his new world and gaming its system, you might love Capo: Rise of a Gang Lord by Morgan Cole. The MC is super street smart and cool.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Fight in the Parking Lot ago
Chapter 2 - Freezer Burritos, Westerns, and Kung Fu ago
Chapter 3 - Fight in the Kitchen ago
Chapter 4 - You're Dead ago
Chapter 5 - Transportation ago
Chapter 6 - Van Diemann's Planet ago
Chapter 7 - The Shut-Ins ago
Chapter 8 - River Monsters ago
Chapter 9 - Stealing from the Dead ago
Chapter 10 - Chaos Creatures ago
Chapter 11 - Ghost Town ago
Chapter 12 - Prison Planet Sunup ago
Chapter 13 - Coffee Drank ago
Chapter 14 - Making Enemies ago
Chapter 15 - The Bailiff ago
Chapter 16 - Fight in the Cage ago
Chapter 17 - Rock Bottom ago
Chapter 18 - Welcome to the Gang ago
Chapter 19 - Spirit Surrogate ago
Chapter 20 - Boneyard Cultivation ago
Chapter 21 - Making the Quota ago
Chapter 22 - Training ago
Chapter 23 - Kishotenketsu ago
Chapter 24 - Spirit Jade Mining ago
Chapter 25 - Looting Ferals ago
Chapter 26 - Sneaking into a Mass Grave ago
Chapter 27 - Grave Robbing ago
Chapter 28 - Hungry Ghost ago
Chapter 29 - Mr. Champion and the Martial Devil ago
Chapter 30 - Two-a-Days ago
Chapter 31 - Jade Books ago
Chapter 32 - Dead Reckoning ago
Chapter 33 - Burning the Night Sun ago
Chapter 34 - Gang War ago
Chapter 35 - Fight to the Death ago
Chapter 36 - Moving Target ago
Chapter 37 - Death Wish ago
Chapter 38 - Fight the Reaper ago
Chapter 39 - Inherited Will of the Death Cultivator ago
Chapter 40 - Blocking the Signal ago
Chapter 41 - Sudden Death ago
Chapter 42 - Fight at the Train Station ago
Chapter 43 - Jade City ago
Chapter 44 - The Technol ago
Chapter 45 - Missed Connection at the Ossuary ago
Chapter 46 - Dead Man's Hand ago
Chapter 47 - Number One Seed ago
Chapter 48 - Burning Hatred vs. Glass Hammers ago
Chapter 49 - Narrow Escape ago
Chapter 50 - Restrictions ago

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Great world-building. Frustrating protagonist

Reviewed at: Chapter 36 - Moving Target

So I thought this review was actually really needed to warn some readers about what this story is like. Almost everything in this story is top notch, legitimately. Except the main character is very very frustrating to read about. He seems to give no thought to the consequences of his actions, chapter after chapter mouthing of to and fighting beings who can one shot him with little effort.

Worse then that he's a bad anime protag when it comes to his morals. Refuses to kill people even if someone has a literal gun to his head and the person he's sposed to kill has tried to kill him on multiple occasions.

And then does everything in his power to save that person even though doing so puts him in incredible danger.

He even runs into a massive firefight to save the people who have enslaved him and habitually tortured and starved him.

Beyond that, u have a MC who has the element of death at his command. You would think he would do some cool edgy death stuff as his powers. But no. His first two abilities he works on and develops is a bargain bin spider sense and shadow clone jutsu.

Now if all this was just a part of the characters growth and he would learn from his many many mistakes that could be compelling writing, but the mc's plot armor is consistently taking all the consequences from his choices away. 

Now if none of that seems like it would bother you, you will seriously love this story. But if it does it makes it a very frustrating story to read.

  • Overall Score

Too much christian morality for my teste

Reviewed at: Chapter 36 - Moving Target

I read up to the point where protagonist risking his life and life of his friends save the guy who hate him, tried to kill him and caused him to become a slave. For the reason of...For no reason. And before that protagonist fighting to defend the bunch of criminals who enslaved him. That create conetxt for "God love me" thought of protagonist in the beginning of the story. Turn the other cheek, redeem the sinners - it all make sense if this story is some kind of christian parable.

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Not gonna do a long in depth review but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the characters in this. Sure the world building is interesting and the storie’s got some stakes and shit that’s interesting but I actually care about the characters which is the important part (also the the most frustrating part in most cultivation novels I’ve read).

The MC is a nice guy, and for good reason. He doesn't want to end up like his dad or disappoint his grandpa, oh did I forget to mention? This kid actually has a past and it influences his actions in a strange and scary world. And yes I mean kid, not edgelord supreme faceslap murder hobo.

Tldr: I like it, and if you get you panties in a twist over MC’s having morals and shit maybe you won't but like, tough shit?

Blind Snot Dragon
  • Overall Score

Twenty chapters in and things went from bad to pitiable to bad to even worse to a ray of sunshine to bad all over. I don't enjoy stories were predominantly bad things happen but if there's one thing I know it's that were there's cultivation there is sweet sweet revenge coming soon. I hope to hold out till then 

In other news it is VERY well written, the author is doing a Great Job! I loathe the bad guys and absolutely love the good ones!

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It's still pretty early in the story, but from what I've seen it's looking pretty good! The style and grammar are fantastic, characters are pretty good too but again it's too early to tell, however, I'm hopeful that there is some good character growth in store for our MC.

Morgan Cole
  • Overall Score
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Borderlands and cultivation with fantastic characters

Reviewed at: Chapter 18 - Welcome to the Gang

Elfshanx is so good at this it's humbling. Her characters banter and talk naturally. Her world feels alive and lived in.  The other reviewer is right, the hand to hand combat is intense and well described. 

Style: Borderlands-esque, but there's cultivation and litrpg stat screens. 

Story: So far so great. Ornery down on his luck protagonist dies and goes to Pandora as a prisoner. 

Grammar: With the exception of one (1!) misspelled word, perfect as far as I can tell. I'm an author, not an editor though so take that with a grain of salt.

Character: Amazing. This is obviously the author's forte. They feel alive and natural. I'm attached to seeing what happens to our MC. I want to see him grow his powers and somehow keep the gang from taking all his cultivated spirit. 

Hooked! Read it, you won't regret it.


  • Overall Score

I rather like this story, and even better the author has definitely been in a fight before, because they sure as hell can convey a realistic action scene.