I Became a [Biologist] in a Fantasy World!

by Innate_Lymphoid_Cell

I loved Biology - always have, and always will. Unfortunately for me, years of fruitless research whittled away what little joy I had left in what I did. Escapism came in the form of reading isekai works, where the stresses of real life seemed so far away.

Luckily, I was summoned to a fantasy world of magic, dragons, and other mythical beasts. I didn't even need to deal with the Demon Lord threat, since it seemed that my summoning was a mistake, and all they needed was the Hero who was coincidentally summoned together with me! There was no revenge subplot, no hidden trap directed against me, and they even paid me compensation for their mistake. At long last, I could finally do what I ever wanted to do - experiment for the fun of it!

With my new class as a [Biologist], none of this fantasy world's mysteries will be left untouched. Even if the Demon Lord himself comes knocking, nothing will stop me from researching every nook and cranny there is to discover of the magical biology of this world!

I write extremely casually, and purely for leisure. Updates will likely be irregular, depending on when inspiration strikes and whether I can spare the time to work on this. Don't expect too much out of this, and certainly not anything close to professional quality!

Inspired by an overconsumption of Japanese light novels, manga, and anime... expect their influence to slowly but surely take hold. 

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Isekai with hard (biological) science FTW!

Reviewed at: Foundational Taxonomy

(as of chapter 4, i.e. very early but the chapters are not short)

Eric, a PhD student in biology/medical science whose thesis doesn't go as planned (I know, that's redundant), is accidentally summoned to a fantasy world together with the real isekai Hero the king originally wanted. As an apology, he is set up with a small scientific lab so he can use his new [Biologist] class and do what he always wanted to do, experiment on helpless vict, er, monster samples. Science happens in a world that only had magic so far, poor world...

We are only 4 chapters into the story so this might still change a lot but until now most of the story consists of the scientific experiments run by Eric. Those and their results are described in a detailed way in real scientific terminology and are following hard scientific facts rather closely (with a bit of magic fantasy thrown in, of course). But don't be afraid of the science. Somebody who doesn't have a basis in biological sciences will not understand every word and detail, as those details are beyond school level knowledge, but according to the comment sections those readers still have fun.

The story is told in first-person internal style and the MC has the curiosity (and slight madness) of every good scientist, we haven't seen too much of the rest of his personality yet. Likewise, how the world around works and what is happening outside of Eric's lab is mostly omitted for now. Grammar is good with few typos. There are a few litRPG elements (class system, skill names) with not many details, because the details are needed for intracellular molecules. (Style, Story and Character subscores are rated generously because it is still too early for a full rating)

This is the first story that I found on RRL which treats biological science seriously and I love it for that. The unusual pet is a cute bonus and adds a humorous element.


I will preface this by saying my field of occupation is in the applied sciences, particularly biology and chemistry.

Four chapters in and I have to say this is probably the best of hard science stories I've seen on RR. There have been a few that I've read with some decent understanding of physics, especially at a high school or early college level, or even nuclear or astrophysics on a basic level, but I have to say, this is the first hard biological sciences story I've seen. (all those pseudo-evolution stories don't count. They're more poke-volition than true evolutionary theory)

For starters, the author has clearly worked in a wet lab at some point in time and knows the pain of waiting on cultures to grow.

Secondly, the demonstrated understanding of cell biology and its applications in the story are refreshing.

What did it for me, though, granting it the rating I have given,
is the use of standard medical history-taking. This is no Gray's Anatomy or Chicago Med, with pseudo-med fanservice. This is the real McCoy.

Rejoice, fellow Bio-Tweeps, for your satisfaction is at hand!


An overworked immunologist and a cannibal-sentient slime creating magical TnT

Reviewed at: Logistic Function (2)

I love the way author- san introduces evnts and the different points of view of supporting characters , and as a student whose specialization is biology this story is extremly satisfying and surprisingly informative while some things go over my head due to lack of knowledge , the rest is pretty methodic and scientific !! 

Thanks for the amzing story , stay safe , and stay thicc ( looking at'chu slime-bro ) !!


The story talks about a summon hero(not exactly the hero), scientific formula, cells, scientific names, and more alien names that unknown to anyone (except if someone studies science itself). Which made it more interesting and unique than other 'scientist MC' out there. 

The grammar is excellent.

And I like the MC's character, aside from him being a little crazy about his stuff. Atleast the MC describe what nonsense he is talking about.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Overall, the story is AMAZING. Highly recommend. 


Isekai and Biology DO mix! In a great way!

Reviewed at: Foundational Taxonomy

And finally a story that uses biology as a main theme of the story!

Basically Biologist MC gets summoned to another world, ends up in a classical Isekai situation as the second unexpected 'hero' and is thus let go to do his own thing, without additional BS, and thus he goes on to praticing his Biology, in another world full of strange yet familiar lifeforms.

I dont expect much with the MC himself, it is just early on in the story, and he hasnt done much beyond being summoned & making a place in the world he is now in and doing all kinds of biology testing in the span of a month. Basically just a scienist with some good ol' craziness mixed in, though i expect him to show more of a personality as the story progresses, if it does heh.

The author certainly knows what he is writing about, and i would not be surprised if he was a biologist himself, with an side hobby of reading Isekai stories, wait a second.....


Dont expect any serious plot progression to come out of thos story, beyond all the biology related stuff, and thats honestly fine to me, given this story is all ABOUT the crazy biology stuff and what the MC could find out about it all! Basically the entire plot so far has been him lamenting his fate on earth, getting summoned and explained what has happened, and then the chain of crazy biology experiments. And honestly beyond all the biology related stuff, dont expect anything special out of the worldbuilding for this story, its a classical Japanese Isekai world, up to the 'Hero' himself!


Good grammar overall, i havent had any problems with reading this story, no current grammar errors or typos spotted during my read, maybe just a couple rough spots i coulnt exactly lay my finger on, but that i am sure will be corrected just like the typos were after being pointed out.


The is written in a first person style, which is done rather well in this case, the pacing is uh, im not sure myself, as it is rather hard to judge for a story with a plot like this, but it felt just right to me.

A reminder, dont be misled by the small amount of chapters, they are actually longer than what you would usually expect.


Im certainly going to enjoy this slow but good ride, even if it descends into Japanese Isekai tropes. As long as it stays true to its core concept of Biology i woulnt mind if other elements come in play for a bit, though i hope the story does not get derailed by them taking over. Just stay true author!


I absolutely recommend this story to anyone interested in Biology, and even for readers who arent particularly interested, this could be still worth a read just because of all the Biology stuff, and dont be afraid about not understanding it all, its still a good story even if you cant follow the Biology stuff going on. So give it a try!


Very enjoyable read so far.

Reading the thoughts of our local [Biologist] is actually quite entertaining and the sciantifical analysis of the slime was very interesting. 11/10, (compared to most stories on RoyalRoad,) would read again.

Please dont go on hiatus, I need my fix man.


Beautiful introduction

Reviewed at: Abiogenesis

I can sense a lot of potential from this story through the beginning chapter alone. Definitely give it a read if you have the time. While a lot of isekai is...well to put it lightly, trash. Essentially reading isekai is mostly searching through the garbage to find a diamond; And this one is giving me diamond vibes


A Breath of Fresh Air for a Tired Genre

Reviewed at: Selective Attention (2)

Full disclosure: I'm a [Biochemist] by training.

There are a lot of isekai novels on this site. Many of their protagonists have unique [Classes] with rare [Skills], think [Sword Knight] or [Slime Mage] or [Necromancer], or [Whatever]. The bad ones degenerate into some weird power fantasy where the only vaguely interesting thing is seeing a blue stat page update. The good ones manage to use the tropes of the genre in at least a little interesting way. 

But this novel is special. Not only do we see a well though out protagonist, it's clear that the author knows his way around a Biology lab. It's got a solid grounding in the real world, with a clear, well thought out application into how science would work out in another.

There's no doubt you'll like this novel better if you have a background in the sciences. But even if you don't have one, the level of writing here is ~3 standard deviations above what you normally see here.

You heard it here first - you can expect to see imitators of this novel in the days to come.


I like this one so much here at the start, I'm really interested in seeing what comes of this. Please keep going! 


Really interesting but I understand less than half

Reviewed at: Foundational Taxonomy

It is a really interesting story. A very in-depth detailed story, sadly I have no clue what half the words mean which does detract from my enjoyment. I hope the story all well in future, but I'll drop it before my mind melts.