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SMAC - Part III : Take Me (I’m Yours)


Chapter Three – SMAC (continued)

Part III – Take Me (I’m Yours)
I don’t want an ordinary lover. I want a fucking storm, someone who will make my whole body shiver, from tip to toe.

Henry was a very nice guy. Rich, powerful, influential, and yes, overweight. It was mean to nick name him the fat man, but Grif had a nick name for everyone. Over the last few months he’d performed in front of Henry quite a few times. The thing about this guy was he liked to watch, Henry was the epitome of the voyeur, even more than Grif knew.

The side of things he saw was only when Henry asked for Grif’s company, a request which he had no right to refuse. I guess you could say that was the price for working at the BB Club, and everybody who stayed there, worked.

Actually Grif considered Henry to be an easy night’s work. He wanted sex, but not to actually take part, only to watch on a kind of do it yourself basis, another of Grif’s euphemisms, telling them it was his DIY night.

Often Grif had performed a strip tease ending with him jerking off in front of Henry. It would have been nice, he’d thought, if the old guy had given him a blow job, but the closest contact he ever got was Henry running his hands over Grif’s body, never touching his cock though.

Things had changed over time as they became more used to each other, and now Henry wanted to watch Grif having sex with another young guy. Actually, there was a whole lot more to what he wanted than just watching two young guys making out, but Grif, being Grif, hadn’t told the rest of it to Joel.


Henry stood up and came over to Grif, he leaned in close to quietly give his instructions. Joel was naked, standing in the corner of the dark little room. If he’d known what was about to happen he would never have agreed, but to be fair Grif didn’t know everything himself.

“He wants you tied up across the table and...” Grif could tell by Joel’s reaction that he wasn’t taking this very well.

“I agreed to sex with you,” Joel whispered. “Not some kinky bondage thing.”

“It’s nothing, just a little fun,” Grif’s attempt at being reassuring was anything but.

“You’re not the one being tied up,” Joel hissed, but somehow he felt resigned to going through with it.

Grif glanced over at Henry, who smiled, but appeared distinctly impatient.

“Come on,” Grif had a pleading tone in his request.

Joel moved across to the table and positioned himself over it, arms out in front, legs apart.


“I’m never fucking doing that again, never,” Joel was angry with Grif.

“Yeah, alright, alright, calm down,” Grif tried to cool the tension.

“Fuck! You should have told me about that stuff. BEFORE!”

“I thought you enjoyed having me suck your cock,” Grif attempted to inject a little humour.
Joel just glared at him. There was silence, neither one spoke, but you could have cut the air with a knife.

“Sorry, okay?” Grif said finally breaking the silence.

Joel didn’t reply, he just turned and stormed out of the room. In some way Grif was relieved that he’d gone, he never quite knew how Joel would react.


“What happened?” Jack asked being curious about what might have gone on with Henry and the two of them.

“That ain’t none of your business,” Grif told him, pointing a finger.

“Aw, don’t be nasty, just asking,” Jack smiled, trying to get Grif to spill the beans. He knew something different had happened. He knew that by Joel’s storming off, and it was kind of interesting, exciting!

Grif moved in close to Jack and grabbed a fist full of his T-shirt, scrunching up the material around his neck, and pulling him forwards.

“I’ll show you. You might enjoy it.”

Jack wasn’t sure if Grif was playing with him, or if he meant it. Grif let go his grip on the boy’s t-shirt, moved his hands to the front of Jack’s jeans.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked hesitantly.

“Shut the fuck up!” Grif pulled at the front of his jeans, flipped the stud, and his hand went to the zipper. Jack stood there, silent, his heart pounding in his chest.

Grif pulled the zip down, then with both hands took a firm hold on the jeans and slid them down Jack’s legs to the floor. He could see the bulge in the Jack’s underpants, obviously the kid was enjoying this.

Jack stepped out of his jeans, and as if he could hide what was happening, he turned away. Grif half took hold, half pushed, and brought Jack down with him onto the edge of the large bed. Grif had shifted so he was sitting, Jack had ended up face down across his lap, just where he wanted him.

Grif’s hands went to the boy’s underpants and pulled them half off, exposing the taut skin of the kid’s arse. He pressed his left hand firmly into Jack’s back, and before he could do anything, Grif brought his right hand, palm open, firmly down and with a loud echoing smack landing it squarely across his buttocks.

Jack bucked and made a noise, but Grif held him firmly over his knees. In quick succession he landed more smacks across Jack’s arse. His white skin showed the results of Grif’s spanking, turning a rosy pink.

“You wanted to know,” Grif was amused. He thought the kid would get up and walk out after he released his hold.

Jack pushed himself up and stood in front of Grif, his eyes did not make contact, but his exposed cock was hard as a nail, bobbing up and down in the air. Oh wow, Grif thought, he liked it, just as Joel had.

The boy shifted from one foot to the other. Grif was enjoying watching him, and playing. He knew he’d got him, Jack was there for the taking. God that was exciting, the boy wanted it, Grif’s cock was now straining to escape the confines of it’s prison. He stripped off his clothes, throwing them aside. Took hold of Jack’s t-shirt and pulled it off over his head. There were no objections from the kid, who simply raised his arms.

Grif then stopped an instant. Standing behind Jack his eyes took in the scene, coming to rest admiring the rounded form of that cute little arse. An arse that was now rosy pink from Grif smacking it. His cock jumped. He moved in close behind the boy, wrapped both arms around his small chest.

“You liked that,” Grif spoke just behind him. Jack could feel the warmth of his breath behind his ear. He was so turned on he thought he might just shoot there and then.

He half turned his head, tilted upwards, trying to look at Grif. A hand glided down his ribs, slowly. It touched his hips, sliding on towards... It ever so lightly touched the base of Jack’s hard cock, then came underneath him to cup his two tight little balls.

Juice seeped from the tip of Jack's cock which twitched and swayed longing for attention. But the hand, after fondling his balls, ignored his hard cock and came back to rest on his hot arse, squeezing his buttocks.

Jack’s mind was instantly brought back to the spanking he had just received. His cock dribbled more sticky juice, and bounced around in the air. His arms went back to Grif, to feel his skin. Grif brought his hand back around to the boy’s mouth, touched his lips, which parted and allowed the finger inside, sucking on it.

Grif shifted closer behind the boy, moving his other hand over the soft skin, but not touching that hard cock. He was really enjoying Jack squirming. Grif withdrew his finger, brought his arm down behind Jack and slid the now wet finger into the crack between those rosy hot buttocks. Sliding and pushing, gently seeking the secret entrance.

Jack sighed, leaned forward, he thought he would fall onto the bed, but Grif’s arm was around his waist, holding him. The finger entered Jack and he breathed out gasping, this was too much.

“Take me, I’m yours,” Jack managed to whisper.

Grif pushed the boy’s shoulders down, Jack spread his arms out supporting his weight on the bed. Grif took hold of his cock and positioned it, he needed no lubrication, it was copiously moist. He pushed his hips forward, felt the tightness, both hands went to grip the kid’s hips. He pushed his cock into the boy. Stopped. Jack spread his legs further apart, sucked in a breath, trying to accommodate Grif’s super hard penis.

Grif felt a slight relaxing, he pushed forward, his cock slid right into the boy and he almost lifted him off the floor as his balls bounced on the kid’s arse cheeks, his cock buried to the hilt. Neither of them would last very long. Grif knew it, so did Jack.

“Fuck me! fuck me!” Jack pleaded, an urgency in his voice.

Those words brought Grif almost to the edge. He pounded his cock into the boy, in just a few thrusts he felt the contraction. Jack dug his nails into Grif’s skin. Grif cupped his hand under Jack’s balls just as his cock shot his juice across the bed. Grif pulled almost out and ploughed his cock into the kid like a spear, gripped tight, his balls bouncing against Jack’s arse, he exploded, his warm semen filling the boy.

They stayed, frozen together, Grif gripping Jack, arms around his thin waist, his cock still buried inside. Then slowly, as they recovered, Grif pulled out and they collapsed together, side by side on the bed, all sweaty and exhausted.

“I think I’ll have to spank you more often,” Grif told him, brushing a hand over his cheek and then moving it to rest lightly on his arse.

Jack smiled, a sort of coy, boyish grin. They both knew, without speaking.


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